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Our Protective Ancestors on 2016-06-01

Last week my younger sister went for a trip along with her friends to the place called Chikmangalur, Karnataka. And they stayed in the place called the THE EAGLES EYE RESORT. She showed me the pics before going there and the place is heaven. It is located on top of the mountain and actually it is a ...

Did I See My Dead Friend? on 2016-04-07

Am really overwhelmed by the response which I got from my previous post. The incident which happened 2 days back made me to post this story. If you have read my previous post you knew that I live in an apartment. Three years back we have moved to different apartment where we have spacious rooms....

Reborn on 2016-03-24

This is my first article ever so please forgive me if there is anything wrong. The incident which am going to tell you guys is a real experience happened in the year 2006. Basically am from Chennai, India. During 2006, we lived in a apartment at the ground floor which has 1 hall, 2 bedrooms, kitc...

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hi allesgute154
I partially agree to you because they both died on same day and by hanging themselves.
Few days back cops found out that the reason for my friends death it is not because of her boyfriend its due to her own uncle who was blackmailing her. With the help of her mobile they were able to find it out. And she tried to speak with me through dreams she is happy that culprit has caught but she is not happy for the way how her life has ended.

And it is very much different from the Pratyusha story.
hi otteer
Am very sure that her soul is not in peace... Because am getting nightmare were she is asking me to be with her... I don't know whether is it because am stressed about the whole situation. Felicia mom knows about the marriage so does the guys parents. Her mom told me that the guys parents are really good people... Am not sure what problem she was facing but I hope that she communicate with me to tell about it...
Hi rynne
Itz really hard for me to think that she is no more. I visited her mom last week and asked about the post mortem result and they confirmed it s a suicide and she was not pregnant... Her boy friend call her mom every day just to ask if she is OK and also guys parents met her mom too... Her cell is used for investigation process... In the autopsy report it has mentioned as strangulation
Hi lady glow
She committed suicide on April 1st morning and she has taken for post mortem during noon time... After the examination her body (itz hard to team her as body now) reached home the next day April 2rd between 11am-12pm...and funeral has done on d same day during evening time...
Date: 2016-04-18
i really liked your stories...
But I don't Agree to this one because we do hav nataraja idol in our pooja room fr ages and we do pooja every day... And he doesn't create any prob like you hav mentioned... And I strongly believe he is not the reason for the death in your stories too
Date: 2016-04-07
Thank you soo much for the responses guys.
First I will answer the lady-glow question: First marriage was love marriage. She loved him so much but later he started to have feelings for her sister-in-law.
After the baby girl born the dogs didn't bark in that way nor the shadow appears loneybone
RedWolf the girl's family clearly knows that guy was not good initially the girls father informed the neighbour that this guy was the culprit later he agreed to marry his second daughter to that same culprit... No sure what family drama has happd