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Somewhere around a decade ago, I was home alone, in the basement, talking with my girlfriend over the phone one afternoon. As we talked, I heard what sounded like claws on the concrete floor. A medium-sized black and tan dog walked into the room with me, sat down and stared at me. Its eyes were entirely red, no whites, no pupils, just red. I didn't notice if they were glowing or not, since the lights were on, but I was immediately filled with dread, and began crying. I felt utterly helpless, terrified senseless, and entirely confused. The next thing I knew, it was just gone. I was out of the house as quickly as I could manage, and I stayed with my girlfriend that night. Since then, I haven't ever seen that dog again, which, while a relief in some ways, only serves to further confuse me. Why did it appear to me in the first place? What was it? If anyone has any information, anecdotes, links, or the like, please, feel free to share.
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Red-eyed Dog on 2016-03-31

It was somewhere around a decade ago, though I can't recall the exact year anymore. If I had to guess, I'd say somewhere between 2004-2006, but I couldn't say for certain anymore. It was cold, I remember, though whether it was fall or winter escapes me. I was home alone, in the basement of my pa...

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Date: 2016-04-19
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still a bit afraid, but more than that, it made me intensely curious. I've always been a believer in the paranormal, and this only made that more intense.

Specifically, I'd like to hear any similar stories people could direct me to, or anything from folklore that might pertain to this creature. After years of searching, I've found things that come close - hell hounds, and black dogs, primarily, but there are things that don't quite match my experience. So, I'm always seeking new articles, stories and the like, trying to figure out as much as I can. While still a horrifying, traumatic event, all these years later, it's become my personal mystery.