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The Girl At The Foot Of My Bed on 2016-03-28

A couple nights ago I woke up and saw this young girl standing at the foot of my bed, it scared the hell out of me. Her clothes seemed a little dated, but not. It was all quite confusing and caught me totally off guard. She appeared to me to be around 8-9 years old, maybe a little more. She seemed f...

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Red, nothing moved on the board and yeah I did ask the question. Lol nothing happened other than me laughing at myself and smh lol. I haven't seen or felt any other presence since then.
Honestly, it was nothing more than a hasbro game to me. Didn't actually think anything would happen and still not completely convinced it did. I'm a sceptic lol But the night after it happened, I felt her presence again but not since. I'm still trying to convince myself I dreamt it.