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Kids Say The Darndest Things on 2016-04-04

I'm a firm believer that children and animals can see or sense more than your average adult. Dogs growling at nothing, cats staring at something in empty space, etc. One of my memorable creepy moments was with a child. My sister's house had something in it, there was no doubt about that. Often, ...

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Hi 2nd1st,
I remember being very sensitive to energy when I was younger as well (mostly in my teens, from what I recall). I could almost immediately tell if there was 'something' in a place. Along with that, I've had a number of premonitions, or whatever you call it - dreams, knowing things before they happen, etc. Whenever something like that happened, though, it would frighten me or disturb me deeply, (I will still write about one of those). Anyway, in the time that I was so sensitive, I prayed that I would not see anything, because I didn't want to - I was sure I'd lose my mind if I did. Maybe that's why I don't feel anything so strongly or regularly anymore?
Or it could be linked to what you said last. Yes, I can believe that our ancestors were more connected, in a lot of ways. And that we've become very distanced in many ways. Definitely.
Hey Heart-of-Fire-Soul-of-Ice, thanks for reading and leaving a comment! Yes, I agree, it could have been the child's imagination. I would love to just tell myself that:) Anyway, I know the reddit post you're talking about. Haha, very creepy indeed:)
Hi, I've had similar experiences - so many times. I would be fast asleep and wake up from someone either shouting or speaking very loud, and it sounds like it's coming from right beside me. It's so 'loud' that it wakes me up and I can feel my ears ringing. Freaks me out. It's not just that there are loud voices, it's what they're saying too. Once, a man's voice yelled out, 'Oh, she's fast asleep now!' another time it was lots of voices laughing.