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Sleep Paralysis Or Something Else Maybe? on 2016-04-28

The title speaks for itself. My first story was about my girlfriend and her white spirit stalker. This one is about me and my bouts with what I believe to be sleep paralysis, and I'd like to have a second opinion. This all began one sunny weekend afternoon. I was feeling sleepy, so I took a nap i...

Faceless Suitor on 2016-04-06

This is a first time post, and it concerns my girlfriend. I'm an easily-spooked person, and I dread the day I have to face any malevolent entities. To start, my girlfriend's family is full of people who can see entities; and, consequently, these entities like to seek them out. However, there are mem...

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Ahoy Brady,

I like Valkri's explanation, and I can attest that it happens to me an uncomfortable number of times as well - usually coupled with sleep paralysis. Just the other night, I dreamt I was being held down by a killer mannequin that thought it'd be nice to rub my knee. I woke up in bed, ruffled, scared, and with the lingering sensation that someone had been rubbing my knee.

Ahoy Lady,

Honestly, I never really thought about why nobody's ever donated any of those things to science. However, I can only guess and those guesses open up whole new avenues that'd give way to even more avenues to truths best left unseen lest I go mad from the revelations.

Folklore-wise, aswang are ghouls who would steal into a fresh grave and dig up the corpse to eat.

Now, if we go with hard science, shooting one dead and presenting it to a scientist to dissect might lead to messy, uncomfortable truths. That there are families and villages sometimes suspected of being aswang makes this even more uncomfortable... And goes right into conspiracy theory territory. How could a bunch of cannibals exist in this country without anyone finding out?

Going with pure mysticism, the aswang would revert to its "normal" skin when dead so the poor mortician would still be wondering why you shot up a perfectly healthy person. This, then, makes one wonder if the dude sitting in the nearby cubicle during the nightshift is one of them with a day job... Which leads one to wonder why people haven't been disappearing en masse during their days off, or why there're lots of homeless people still about.

Going with the even divide between the two... The physics just don't add up.

Personally, I think the myths and folklore in the Philippines are there to justify the unexplainable and to instill a necessary fear for the younger generations to survive. That's not to say that I don't believe in them (I read up on this stuff for a reason); but sometimes, when faced with the unknown, the only thing we can all rely on is faith that things will be alright in the end if we're willing to work on it.

That being said, death by having your liver ripped out by a ghoul is not a nice way to go, so I'm hoping the OP was spinning yarns and is in perfectly good health.

In a Lovecraft mood,
Ahoy Miracles,

Taking into consideration the law of relativity, it's entirely possible that time is different for the dead than it is for the living.

Smooth sailing,
Date: 2017-03-28
Ahoy Adina,

First things first. Holly friggin' schnitzel! That's one creepy, freaky story you've got.

Now, onto the nitty-gritty. I'm assuming that you've already considered old hag syndrome, and I commend you for not panicking. What can you tell us about the house you're in right now? What have you done other than what you've described? What's the feel of the room right now?

Date: 2017-03-06
Ahoy Enlightened,

After I read what your mom told you, I immediately thought of the possible conversation those two apparitions could've had:

A1: Dude, that's her, right?
A2: Totally. Think we should spook them? 😉
A1: If it gets her home, I'm all for it, man.

Seriously, though, I like this one. Maybe you should drop a flower or two by that levee someday.

Smooth sailing,
Date: 2017-03-02
Ahoy Kya,

Here're my two cents before I sit on the fence: you sound like you're addicted to the feeling these spirits give you. If you are, you have to acknowledge that you're addicted to them and that you want that to change. You sound like a girl who wants to turn her life around, and I applaud you for that. You've taken your first step, and now you have to take a few more - some more painful than others.

Go with God,
Date: 2017-02-27
Ahoy Kyle,

Do not go back there. This feeling of wanting to go back could be natural human curiosity, or wanting some closure; but I highly recommend you do not go back there - not alone, at least. That thing could've been paranormal, or it could've been some dude with Wendigo psychosis.

I'm glad you're okay, and I presume the dogs are, too.

Smooth sailing,
Ahoy Sarsem,

I agree that you lot have to do something about that little girl - her description gave me the heebie-jeebies. I know that as a lowly muggle I don't really have much credibility when it comes to these things, but I reckon some superstitions have merit; superstition in question: salt over the shoulder. What's the likelihood of you getting your brother to toss some rock salt over his shoulder?

Another thing of more import: has he been to see a therapist or has he counseled with a priest?

Go with God,
Date: 2017-02-13

This looks like it came out of Google Translate. From what I gathered, he wanted to do his business late at night, when he saw a dog staring at him. He then decided to hold his bladder and get out of there; when something tried to get into the restroom, he started praying because he believed that aswang are fallen angels. This thing then leapt onto the roof and left never to be heard from again.

This sounds like a mixture of natural phenomena and fear with a bit of embellishment, but that's just me (an aswang on the hunt is reported to sound like this). I'd be very inclined to believe this story if one or both of the following were true: there was a wake next door, or there was a pregnant woman in the vicinity.

On the fence,
Date: 2017-01-27
Ahoy Mabel,

I don't like how this thing is getting more defined with the passage of time. What prayers does your son know? Is he the only who sees this thing? Is this the only thing that he can see? Have there been strange goings on in your house around religious icons?

I agree with RC about the medal. Saintly or not, I'd feel more comfortable knowing that it came from somebody of flesh and blood who just happened to be the right person at the right time (that's how He usually works). What I find even more uncomfortable is... This sounds like an oppression without the invitation. If your son is a baptized Christian, there has to be an invitation before anything like this can start happening.

Have you also gone to a demonologist?

Go with God,
Ahoy Mike,

I believe everyone here's beaten me to it, but I'll say it anyway: this sounds like sleep paralysis. It's perfectly normal, and there's science behind it, too. I must admit that your last experience would've scared the crap out of me, but I think it was more benign than malignant. Hopefully, now that you know about this, you're less frightened and more inconvenienced by it.

A more personal question: Is the lack of breath common among you folks who've had sleep paralysis? That was the one consistently frightening part of my bouts back in my college years.

Smooth sailing,

KiKi, I've never heard of clairaudience. Looks like I've got something to read about now. 😊

Ynass, it sounds to me like your house might've been a place where djinn stopped over before going someplace else; but seeing as I know next to nothing about djinn, that's only what I see in the narrative.

Smooth sailing.
Date: 2017-01-20
To add: Upon reviewing the things that they experienced, this thing moves a lot like the Hidebehind.
Date: 2017-01-19

That mound of rocks you mentioned got me thinking of a cairn, but the one you described seems to be huge. I, too, am interested in what those two will turn up. If they're taking GoPros, maybe they can point them backwards while they're walking. Speaking of GoPros, has anyone ever sent a drone in there?

Awaiting your reply.

Rook, I believe you mean syntax: how words are strung together to make sentences. I'm nowhere near the US, but the wording and syntax on this doesn't feel American - it actually feels a little Asian with the use of "the upstairs" and the layout of the house as described. To elaborate on the latter part of my comment: in the Philippines, the ground floor is the first floor.

I'm sitting on the fence here.
I'm calling it a "collector" because it sounds like it likes to keep things. I can't say I've heard of something like that before outside of Hollywood, though, so it's just a hypothesis.

Herbs exploding? Maybe they mixed a rather slow-burning and volatile leaf in there somewhere, like eucalyptus.
Ahoy Kiki,

The last bit of your narrative sounds a lot like my bouts of sleep paralysis when I was in college (the "soul yanking" happened, and I had the misfortune of seeing the possible culprit). I hope you don't get them anymore, because they can be terrifying. The girls or apparitions you see when in the world of sleep paralysis could be old hag syndrome; I saw her only once, and it jolted me awake.

Have you ever had the house blessed, or tried using Rook's cleansing ritual? I don't know about you, but it seems to me like there's something "eldritch" (no better word for it) about that house... Like it's possessed by a collector or something... And that creeps me out.

Go with God,
Date: 2017-01-06
Ahoy, Wish-Not.

Maybe you saw her for a reason. Have you ever asked the owners if they've held a service for the girl? It feels, to me, like she was taken before her time and nobody acknowledged that.

Smooth sailing,
Date: 2017-01-06

Sounds like you went through quite the rough patch, and I'm glad you're in a better place now. You are who you are - and if you know this, you will not need an explanation.

Take it from somebody who's had to see words being used like rocks against other people: take power from a word, and the word will be your prison. You've got a talent and such is your fate; but what you do with it will determine your destination. Be who you are - not who you say yourself to be, but who you are (mystic mumbo-jumbo, but I can't elaborate).

I don't know if this will be helpful to you, but this is all I can contribute.

Smooth sailing,
Date: 2017-01-05
Ahoy, Miracles. I see it now... I think (I'm seeing three things now, LOL). At first it looks like a combination of fabric folds and shadows, but I do see a face if I look into it intently... And he looks angry. 😨