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A Real Face To Face Ghost on 2008-09-01

About three years ago when I was twelve years old, my mother couldn't pay the rent of our big family house anymore. We had to move into this new house, which belonged to my mom's friend's mother before. The thing about it was, when I first entered my room, everything seemed great, until I looked out...

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Thanks but honestly that was the only thing that has happened to me in that house nothing before or after just that night lol
It was a peaceful silent place:D
Date: 2009-04-15
heyy Kevan I watched the "ghost adventures" today. It's every week they've got some great footage 😁 well this week the sloss furnace episode was on. And I've seen you saying you've got a slap in the face first I thought it was only a joke:P but when I decidet to go onto the internet to find out more I've seen your actual article, and I'm glad I did! Good work! But why didn't you mention you've recorded down there? 😉
lol:D Thanks for all the comments!
First of all I haven't imagined the story,
I've written all I could remember from that day 😁 and Tonith I researched "sleep paralysis" could be true that it was my imagination but I know I was able to move I just didn't dare until I just jumped up 😕 And the grave yard was more like a peaceful silent place really...
Well...were you able to see his face? Or only the suit...? Maybe it was your father and possibly he tried to tell you something.
Or he just wanted to see if you're alright... It must be hard loosing a close person and sometimes a connection still remains 😁
Date: 2008-08-30
wooow respect ^-^ 😜
Could you hear anything they were talking about? And what do you think was their age?