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Updates And Dream Recollection on 2016-06-21

Thank you so much for the positive feedback and helpful comments on my previous post! It means a lot that strangers are willing to listen and help. At the moment, I'm staying at my partner's house quite a bit because I feel more comfortable when he's around. However, when I'm not with him, my nig...

Are There Ghosts? Is It Me? Childhood House Experiences on 2016-04-11

Please note, I am not an expert on the paranormal and have no idea whether my experiences are connected/explainable, etc. I hardly know where to begin with my experiences. I'll start by saying that just before I was born, my parents added an extension to the house so there were enough rooms for t...

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Thank you everyone for you kind comments and help, I'd first like to apologise and say I'm not sure how to tag other users or directly respond to their comments 😢

Rammy is the only being (cat or otherwise) woth a name beginning in "R". My Grandparents are Louis-Xavier and Valerie.

Rammy has a strange meow, he sort of purrs and meows at the same time a bit like -prr-aow- and it tends to be an inquisitive noise. He is also a scaredy-cat (quite literally!) And isn't usually present when j have friend over because he is cautious of them!

I have kept a journal of my dreams from quite a young age (10/11) and, although I usually suffer with nightmares, these are something else!

Thankyou again,
Many regards
Thankyou so much to eveyone who has responded! I was actually unaware that my story had been published until I accidentally clicked on it today and thought... "Hmm... This is familiar"!
I appreciate everyone's advice so much and also the compliments on my writing, I'm truly flattered!
I am about to post an update so if anyone is interested, that should be up soon.
Thanks again ❤