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The Angry Lady That Oppressed Me on 2016-04-14

Good day YGS! Long time reader, I found this site when my experience below happened and have been reading ever since. Recently, I felt I was finally able to write it down and share it. My experience may seem not so hectic, when compared to others. However, it left me shaken for quite some time. ...

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Hi AugustaM, I like your theory! Makes lots of sense to me.

I find water energises me, so maybe for me personally, water may bring on more experiences, simply because I'm more balanced and aware 😕

Thanks ❤
Hi Spiritwaiting,
Sounds hectic over by your place at the moment, a lot of goings on 😆

First thing I thought when you mentioned the migraines, I've been told that if a spirit is trying to communicate with you and doesn't really know how, it often manifests as a head ache. If you have several spirits, all trying to chit chat with you at the same time... Could very well turn into a migraine, just a thought.

The being pushed out your body part, I had something similar happen. Its horrible and exhausting! You wake up feeling like you've just fought a heavy battle, I liken it to what I think medieval knights must have felt, lugging all that armour around.

Sounds to me like the little girl was jealous of your daughter. As she was getting snuggle time with you. I agree with Punkysmamma, ground rules required asap! If she gets strong and nasty, she may get more aggressive with your children, fighting for your attention.

I suggest shielding, for you, your home and your children. Rook's one is simple and effective, well it works for me and others on the site. You can find it on his profile.

Stay true to you and keep your boundaries up, is the best advice I can give. You may be unwillingly dropping your shield, while attempting to communicate/understand?

Hope it works out, sending peace, light and love your way ❤
Hi Redwolf, have to take the opportunity to say I'm a fan of yours. I love your stories and comments 😊

I did not know that quartz attracts or energises spirits?! I use them for cleansing, recharging and protection. LOL, I just realised while typing... Recharging. I think I got it.

Unfortunately, another general side affect of the area I live in. You dig a small hole for planting and BAM, you hit quartz. Almost every time.
Starting to think this area should become a psychic, medium go to town 😆

Take care ❤
Hi Mhannerism, thank you, that makes sense. In that situation, it was all I could think of. Which may very well have led to me jolting out my own body, as some arbitrary sense of escape. Which in turn, would leave my physical and psychological self vulnerable.

I know we all jump on sleep paralysis, but I really feel that sometimes the cause and effect aren't always the same. From reading a lot of the experiences on here, I have come to wonder, is sleep paralysis sometimes a side affect of an entity? Not necessarily, that they control us in any way, but that it may be some sort of flight or fright reaction we have? Our primal, hard wired reaction to something menacing and unknown for our survival. When I almost stand on a snake, my body freezes, the fright response. I can't move, no matter how hard I try. Which feels very much like sleep paralysis, when totally awake and strolling through a field or my back yard, as of late. I then feel my body release adrenaline, so I can be ready if the snakes moves towards me. Just a theory in progress:)

Thank you, also soooooo glad she's gone from my life! ❤
Hi Mazz, thank you and yes, dreams are much better now. Still some creepy ones now and then, but normal creepy 😆

No apology required, this site is for all opinions and they all valid and welcome:) The movie you mentioned rings a bell, but I don't believe I've seen it. I used to be a Horror movie fan, but when all this started happening... I kind of stopped watching them. I don't like the images they leave in my imagination. Older movies looked more fake. Nowadays they just too real for me!

I really learned a lot from M. Learned how important and powerful standing your ground is and keeping your Faith in the Light is, even when all seems lost. I'm so very thankful to her!

I have contemplated sleep paralysis. I had only experienced it once before and it didn't freak me out, was more interesting than scary. It felt more like astral traveling, like I had been jolted out of my body and my astral form was squirming around on the floor. Having no real practice, in using that form.

Thanks again for your perspective and info ❤
Hi PunkysMamma, thank you, I hadn't thought of that. Makes sense though. The area I live in is full of dams, lakes, marshes, streams and loads of underground water. From what I remember, the area was a large marsh/wetland and when they found minerals (not sure which), they drained the land and concentrated all the water for mining purposes. You always a stones throw from water round here. Which is very revitalising, but there's that other thing too 😆

Wow on your new home! Yay, that its awesome and nothing funny in it and creepy knowing someone died of non-natural causes in the front yard! But hey, when you're drawn to something, its always for a reason;)

I still have my sensitivities, but they kind of turn on and off. I too miss them, when they not there and then creep out when they are. Just got to get a handle and stop being fearful I suppose ❤
Hi PunkysMama, thank you for comment and I'm glad you enjoyed my story, was worried it was soo long ❤
Researching in RSA is difficult, we don't have easy access to records (and most itmes, there simply just aren't any) I would love to find out if something did happen on the land! The whole neighbourhood has stories, I think the whole area is charged, perhaps because of the proximity to water...?
Hmm she wasn't actually wearing anything. She was very pale, big eyes and dark hair. She looked a bit like she was wet, from her look I thought she may have drowned *shrug*
I also wondered, why me? The only thing I have come up with, is that I was the most energetically weak in the home. I've always been curious about the paranormal, but fearful. At the time my sister was shielding herself and her room. My mother is a no nonsense kind of lady, with a 'don't mess with me and I won't mess with you', energy about her. I honestly have no idea about my father, he may have seen or felt something, he wouldn't have said anything about it to anyone. And then again, maybe she just liked me better 😕
Thankfully, the house I stay in now is free of negative spirits! Sometimes when I go to the fridge or bathroom at night, I get so thankful that I don't need to put every single light on, along the way 😆
Found it! The Baby, The Large Lady, and The Bad Feeling
By RedRaven5

There's similarities to your experiences with the children voices and prayer. Also those comments may help with your situation
❤ ❤
Hi Jazzy, I actually understand how you feel. I think you're sensitive and have gifts that are trying to develope, in terms of seeing, hearing and feeling through the veil.

Check this website,
Or just do a search on 'star children', that's how I got some more info to help me understand my feelings of 'not belonging here' and an undeniable sense of unknown purpose. It helped that I have people to talk to about this, sister, friends and open minded parents!
There more of us out here than you may think. Check it out and I can really only suggest you go with your intuition/feelings on the info you find. It will iether feel right or it won't, trust that 'feel'. I would also suggest you post your story on the sister website,

Hope I've helped a little ❤
Hi there, fellow SAfer here 😁. Children, like animals tend to be more open/sensitive to... Let's say the other realm. So I think this may be why your grandson is seeing these things and having these experiences. It may even be because he sees them, that they antagonise him, sort of like feed off his emotions, as I believe low level beings do this. Like a bully will keep bullying you, if you play up to it.
The part in your story about the hole in the mirror, this made me nervous. Now I'm no expert, but I immediately got the image of a portal. Don't freak out, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. There are natural ones and man made ones, however its maybe a good thing to be aware of it and keep it closed to any negative entities. From your story I assume you're Christian, so I would recommend asking God and his Angles (I like Arch Angle Michael for these type things), to keep the door sealed to anything negative or dark trying to get into your home. As a child I lived in a house with a portal, wasn't fun😨 You may want to try this approach with the crying child too, at your grandsons home. There was a story recently of someone who did this and it worked. I'll search for it and post you the link so you can read her story if you like.
If your Daughter-in-law is open to it, have the same person who blessed your house bless hers and your grandson. Its difficult with kids, but you could try teaching him how to shield by making it an imagination game. Example, ask him to imagine that he is in a white bubble and that the bubble gets brighter and brighter. Now no baddies can get through his shield or coat of armour 😉 He can imagine that he has a magical coat of armour, that is indestructible and if anything scares him, he simply has to put his armour on.
I would suggest researching the history of the house, but that's difficult in SA.
I'm sorry for your loss, with the suicide and that your little grandson has to go through this. Stay strong in your faith of goodness and love!
Peace be with you