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Roy E. Lynx
Hello, this is Roy Enowaki Lynx from Brazil. Friends call me E-Wacky, but I don't really like being called that way.

My granny is from the Ryukyu Islands (now Okinawa, Japan), a Nipo-Brasileiro since the world war. My father is born in a Põuđaŕ Family due to my grandma's background (she was a Tapirapé). He moved to Rio de Janeiro for his business where he met my mother, a wonderful city girl and got married.

I was raised in Rio and had moved to Liberdade, São Paulo, September of 1994, at the age of 10. That is probably the period when I first encountered paranormal activity and became a believer.

I waited for years and kept the experience with me. I started to do researches on the internet and had learnt that there were groups of people whom claim that they are experts of such contents. That was when the time I had learnt that supernatural and ghosts cannot be proven by science, it is like asking them the existence of god, they will not answer, either they do not know or they are afraid to know.

Now that I am ready, and I would want to visit locations where such things can be seen, I am ready to visit/investigate the dark side of the world.

I hope I can learn from this website and I wish that one day I can form a team to visit the most mysterious spots around Asian countries like haunted temples of Thailand, the famous Japanese suicide forest and the creepy ghost houses in Taiwan. (inspired by Japanese TV shows and DVDs that my friends shown me)

I am willing to learn more and explore more new things! Cheers to all!

Love from São Paulo

Ghost Stories from roylynx

Time Traveling Clown on 2017-12-19

I was preparing for another trip to the dream land, Thailand, with my friend. The last trip we had was joyful though we both still remember that something spooky happened. We shop for some cheap seasonal clothing and sandals to wear on the beach. (No, this time is not the shopping mall that I used t...

You Better Respect Him on 2017-12-13

I and my sister went to an event held nearby a catholic church. The event finished quite later in the evening, since we had to wait for our bus, we went inside the church and rested a little. (The church was opened until 8pm and it was nearly 7:40ish) My sister suddenly said that she felt a touc...

Was It A Man-Beast Spirit? on 2017-11-19

I was tired last week working until late. I met up with my close friend and had a drink or 2 of gin lime and went straight home. We parted after walking awhile together, me to my flat and my friend to her home. I was really tired that I literally just dropped asleep on my bed with all my dirty cl...

Investigation Done In Old Style on 2017-11-15

I has with my friend's uncle and his team of "old" investigators, my friend's uncle wanted to show me how they used to investigate during old days and so he have gathered his "old friends" whom used to work with him as a team of local investigators. My friend told me not to bring any electrical d...

Spooky Room In Thailand on 2017-10-24

Weeks ago I was off with my very close friend to Thailand. It was the first time for us to travel that far away from Brazil, the first night was always the hardest... We both suffered jetlag and could not sleep... We have both checked-in to our room and I went and took a shower. I found that ther...

Jeff Jeffedy Jeff! on 2017-10-03

I suddenly remembered long ago, when I was still a little child I used to have an imaginary friend called Jeff. I imagined him as a person whom looked like the alien, "grey man" (pale grey skin, big eyes, oval shaped head, small body, long fingers and very intelligent). I would talk to Jeff whene...

Second Story Of A Ghostly A$$ Kicker? on 2017-09-27

Last night I was shopping alone at the mall where I had parked my car nearby the "legendary" fountain (you can read the previous story if you are interested). Well just like any other super hero movies out, when you least expect something interesting will happen. I thought of sharing this story to y...

Something Smelt Sweet on 2017-09-18

As you can see from my stories and my comments my grandmother really meant a lot for me. Even though she has passed away for more than 10 years now, I still share my daily problems and thoughts with her in my prayers. I remember that when I was still a small child, Avó (that's grandmother in Port...

Train Horn From No Where on 2017-09-06

Another simple, yet strange story from these past months. I was taking Henrique to the vet to do his body check routine. I had to use public transportation since my car was also doing a "body check" (takes a few days since it is an old car). We got off the taxi nearby where the animal hospital is...

The Dead's Account on 2017-08-28

This story actually happened to my sister. I was not involved this matter, but I heard comments from people around and was questioned by my sister herself about it. My sister is using the famous "apple mark smart phone", recently she got the "version 7" and had downloaded an application called "W...

Be Aware, Pray For... Who? on 2017-08-18

I do not know if any of you will know anything about meanings each flowers will have but the following is kind of related to it and it is a little eerie. I was walking home after going to the GYM. My instructor told me to walk as much as I can since it is good for my back (I suffer back pain). It...

You Cheater! on 2017-08-14

Another interesting story that I wanted to share, I was having an afternoon tea with a few of my friends. One of them, let us address her as B, is sensitive to spirits. She does not have knowledge on how to communicate with them and touch them but from stories by people around her, would say that sh...

A Ghostly A$$ Kicker on 2017-08-09

My sister and I went shopping last weekend in a mall. I parked my car, away from the mall to save some money; it was about eight night time when we walked out of the mall. We walked down a long slope where there were no street-lights (a few but it was very dark). My sister was telling me she kept ...

A Friend Whom Had Lost His Mind on 2017-06-12

I have a friend whom had lost his mind after going to one of the famous haunted beach in Brazil. He was one of the investigators working with my other friend's uncle. He was sent to the hospital injured from the exploded phone; he kept on writing strange letters on scrapped notes during the time he ...

Something Spoke on 2017-06-05

My friend had adopted a yellow parakeet. For years the parakeet had been squeaking and talking simple words, it will address itself "Passarinho", little bird. Every time my friend comes home it will go "passarinho com fome" (hungry little bird). Weeks ago my friend's parakeet died, it caught dece...

The Studio And The Old Well on 2017-04-24

Same as a usual Friday night hobby, my friends and I went to the studio to practice our very unprofessional acoustic music. I played a Cajón (wooden box drum), my friends played guitars (Spanish flamenco guitar and low toned folk guitar, they used to perform on the street when they are still in ...

Aurora Came Home on 2017-03-30

It was just the night before, I was cuddling my black fluff (Henrique my cat), patting him so that he is comfortable enough that he fell asleep on my lap. I and my sister were sitting on the living room sofa watching our favorite movie on DVD as you can guess from the title, E.T. (the famous phrase ...

Statue From The Far East on 2017-01-30

Just to warn readers, the story that I am going to share might not be suitable for everyone, I do not mean to religious or against any religion, all information that I have here is what I know and what I have heard of. I apologize if any of the information is wrong or would be "sickening". To start...

The Spirit Of An Overdosed Man on 2016-12-20

I have another story to share just before New Year. It was a summer night during August around evening time. I came back home and my sister was watching television with Henrique on her lap. I went in the kitchen and prepared for dinner as usual. Oh, by the way my sister cooks as her job and so I ...

Grandmother Had Come Back During The Shaman Ritual? on 2016-11-24

It is nearly thanksgiving the time I write this, but by the time this story is published I bet it is going to be the holiday season, so... Feliz Ano Novo! (Happy New Year) Considering that I was experiencing too many paranormal activities (or not) this year, my relatives from my grandmother's si...

Was I Too Tired Or Was It An Unknow Force? on 2016-10-03

I do not know if I can call this a Haunt or a trick. We went to an Asian festival last month during the last week of the summer holiday. We went to a location where they had what they call "Kimodameshi", translated as to test your courage. Basically, it was a "man-made" haunted place, where there wi...

Knocker-upper on 2016-07-21

Before I start this strange story, I will explain what a knocker-upper is. A knocker-upper was a profession in Britain and Ireland that started during and lasted well into the Industrial Revolution and at least as late as the 1920s before alarm clocks were affordable or reliable. A knocker-up's job ...

Strange Sensation on 2016-06-20

I finally got what I think is my second encounter of a spirit. As in a few of my comments, I have a cat which is a mix of a Turkish Angora cat (white coated, with yellow and blue eyes) and a Bombay cat (black short fur, with yellow eyes). This little fluff is basically a black version of a Turkish ...

Hair Tinkled By An Orb on 2016-04-18

It happened during a summer during the time when I was Primary Five. I used to live in an apartment with my family near Liberdade. I joined a local swimming team and had a long practice. I went home late that day since the coach asked me for a part time job to clean the swimming pool. I came home...

Last 20 posts from roylynx
Date: 2018-01-14
Late night here can I share something? Lol


Date: 2018-01-09
Catleyablu, No, no, don't get us wrong we tried to follow him up but things is just not working right. So THIS is what would happen.

Date: 2018-01-09
Geez, I am finally hearing some "hop" upon this OP's stories...
Lady-glow, I was waiting for this bus for a month lol

One more GREAT incident guys and gals...
Witch-hunt in Texas in 1800's!? Hmm, that's new or did they wait for centuries to build just 2 graves for 1 "witch" and her baby? Totally odd...

Let's BUST on people.

Date: 2018-01-08
Wow, this I would need to stop and think a lot my friend...
First of all, back 1800's no one really gave a burial ground for people executed doing witchcrafts, there are mass graves for them but never a proper burial ground unless they were found misjudged, but it is quite rare, they would just find another reason for the execution, the judge was always right, though they are very wrong. Was it a grave of a famous person around?

Well... Considering whether or not the spirit is trying to trick you or "trap" anyone of you, "smell" is the main key. According to rare but some information that I have, in some suicide sites, people will smell something "sweet", kind of flowery honey type of sweetness, that's when a spirit is trying to trick people in to their trap of death (like falling off a building, ending up being hit by a train, etc). Ever heard people will say to go with your best health? If you have blocked nose, probably if the team is advance they will just tell you to rest at home. Am I right?

Also, there are other warning signals too, I think you will be hearing this more often. During an investigation in such area (haunted places), if people would smell something odd (burnt hair, rotten meat, etc) which is obviously getting stronger, that is the sign that you need to leave the area, stronger the smell the more powerful the spirits are, they are gaining power either from people around or the device they have in hand, danger for even the strongest person since the spirits maybe draining energy from living (sometime people feel sick and wanting to puke, guess what? That is the sign when your body needs a rest too, coincidence?).

I don't know what to say, I just felt a little strange of you to find a grave... No, 2 graves for witches, just that really... Correct me please since I may have wrong information too.

Why do I see more stories probably related to the "gate opening" time, when I give up researching them and conclude that time is not really important? Lol

Hmm... Now, light bulb exploding... Most of the time it is the problem on the humidity and electronic current especially when it is up high, we are talking about an old house here, see? Voices and growling... Did you hear them too? Or was it only your son?

A house with such a background sure carries a lot of problems, not spiritual ones though, old houses like such are sometime highly radio-active and the electric currents might go crazy if it was not reformed for such a long period. No, surprise to see people having problem living in one of them.

Hey welcome!
Hmm... Interesting one. Did you talk to spirits? Or can you talk to the spirits? Thank you for sharing such a relieving ending of your story, but I got to ask, that is a belief and there is no evidence, am I right? Please do let us know if you still sense any presents. Nice ending but I felt a little misleaded...

Publicways, Hey there, I completely agree on you and you have very good points. Yes, most of the time things just happen to be "just something explainable and our mind is making us think that it is not".

Indeed, most stories might not be real spirits, (oh, by the way I don't like using the term "ghost" since 80% of people will misunderstand the "fact" behind their encounters when the word "ghost" is involved, difference of "ghost" and "spirit"? To just explain, there is no difference really, just the way we use words), there is a reason behind and we here sometimes will have to "debunk" things that the OP tell us, but at the same time we need to let them know what they are missing and try to understand them, just kicking them off, vowing them wrong would not help at all, that's is what I have concluded reading stories in this website. No, don't get me wrong I still respect your thoughts, really, that is very true.

Find a way to enjoy the stories here, it might change your thought just a little or just read them when you need to kill time, sometimes you need to read all the comments to understand the story more, most of those are interesting!

Sorry for being a little "pointy" this time... I just don't want stories like this to be misleading.
Date: 2018-01-07
KatelynC, Thanks for your comment! Sorry for the late reply.
I think I kind of missed it during my trip.

You do "hang out" with spirits? Are they always around? Hmm...

Date: 2018-01-04
Senhora Tweed, Oh I think I know which kind of spider you are talking about! I don't hate, but the only spider I used to be afraid of is the skull backed spider, very spooky in appearance and please don't try to google it many fake pictures and they are quite disgusting.

What's this story about? Ah! Moving Shadows... It could be cost by spiders too, that's what I was going to say O:-)

Date: 2018-01-04
Senhora Tweed, I personally love spiders poisonous or not they are like luck charms for me, I don't know if it is related but I use to collect dream catchers, they look like spider webs!:-D

We have geckos all around every houses, even in cities! We often see those skin colored ugly geckos not those lovely colorful ones sold in the pet shops, Henrique my cat love to chase them around and we would always see fallen tails around our house...yuck! X- (

I never heard of the Show, maybe just in Australia?

Date: 2018-01-03
Oh, how did I miss this story!?

Well, as always, I do have a similar experience, but veeery different and has got some bordom.
When I was small I came back from school quite late (9-ish) since I was in a junior swimming team. I needed to do my homework under my bedside lamp just not to wake my still a little baby sister. I had to go to the toilet and at my old house the toilet was outside of the house. I left my lamp on and its night time and so my curtains are closed, from the outside I could see the light from the lamp shining through the curtain.
On my way back to the house I saw from the light of my lamp there is a huge unknown mouth of some sort of creature going "chump, chump", I thought my sister was in trouble and so I rushed up my room shouting for help.
My parents woke up and thought there was a robber, they open the door of my room, everything was peaceful and my sister was sleeping sweet... I told my parents that from the outside I saw a shadow of a huge creature. My father went close to my lamp and pointed at a tiny gecko and asked if that is the huge creature that I saw. LOL

That was my little story, but I do know of and have information about shadow person, spiritual ones of course, most have no harm, and so I think you don't have to worry too much, it could be a case like mine here lol

Happy New Year Tweed!

Date: 2018-01-03
Hmm... This sure is very unusual. I still think that you should not fear the situation and just need to face it, eventually you will find a solution, time does help. Just be aware not to let the entity take control of your life, be strong and eventually it will understand that it does not belong to where it is. Spirits in my opinion is like little children seeking for some attention. But don't try to make a "deal" with it in any way, this can lead to bigger trouble. Clean the house, change the atmosphere by rearranging your furnitures, do a cleansing of any form, if still nothing will change, find a trusted media, they can at least give you an advice. 😊

Who're we going to call? (turns the microphone to the crowd) Just joking.

Great report! I personally like the way you are specific on your experience!
It very detailed indeed!

Date: 2018-01-02
Jubeele, Ah no... It was long ago and not even my father had evidenced it lol
You know one of those war time legends that almost every grandparent will tell you, it's just that.

Coconut-Cola... Oh, you all shall try it! Drain the coconut and add the famous "red ribbon" coke, not the "blue brand" coke, the "red ribbon"! It's a rule!:-D Oh! Please safe the coconut-water and freeze them. Blend the ice in a mixer and add a few dash of lime or lemon juice and you will have instant delicious Asian Shaved ice for desert;-)

Enjoy the party everyone!

Date: 2018-01-02
Jubeele, Oh, missed to say that I am not licensed for bartending, but I can make you guys and gals non-alcoholic drinks instead. Coconut-Cola! Anyone? It's seasonal?;-)

Date: 2018-01-02
Happy New Year!

Have had a hard time even trying to click on this story since I have equine phobia lol

This, I felt very very close. My father used to say during the war my grandfather kept hearing a voice in his mind. Once my grandfather was doing a duty, tidying and cleaning the runway for the planes on mission. He heard the voice and it told him to duck down, he did not think and just did what it says, the next moment he saw a plane landing just quite close to him. Oh yes, he was injured seriously, but at least he was not "crushed" to death.

Till today my father will talk about it, and I too believe that there will be an entity protecting each of us!:-)

Great one!
It is nice to know that people is learning from each other!
Good going and wish you the best!

Date: 2018-01-01
Happy New Year!
Am I late for commenting in this story already?
Do you have any information of the house? Background, histories, etc.

It is quite scary to have strange entities around...

Oh no... So sad...
Yes, just like most of the comment made, I felt a special bond too... Really reminds me of my own grandmother too... I suddenly remembered the night before my grandmother passed away, it was breezy and dried. I felt a very calm warm wind and it is that moment that my father received a call from the hospital that it is our last chance to speak to her... Oops... Tear alert

Senhora, your grandmother sure have a special bong with you, be strong and stay strong for her, most important you shall smile for her and have more happy time for her, that is the way we show love to our beloved ones.

Hope my words can calm you

Date: 2017-12-24
Thank you for sharing!
I have the same opinion for the possibility of having a muscular spasm, same goes to your boyfriend, maybe tiredness? Sometimes it really feels like if someone is poking your body parts. I walked up a long stairs the day before and my legs start to have the poke-poke sensation, definitely not spiritual.

Well, there are lots of possibilities in your case really, just do not fear the result, think of the reason, do a research of the house or ask someone whom might be helpful.

Do not let fear conquer you.

Date: 2017-12-24
Merry Christmas guys and gals! Best wish for all!

Jubeele and Rex-T, Sure clowns are creepy and had deep meaning, that's why Stephen King has made "It" a clown.

Well, in the world of Tarot, the Clown have 2 meanings, the ending and the starting, other thoughts are death and alive, people then cut short the meaning and they had a thought of giving it the meaning of the end and changed the Clown into the Grim Ripper.

Yup, Grim Ripper was actually is an evolution of the meaning of the tarot card, and so the Clown, sometime will represent "death" as well. Strange hey?

Well, think of the "Jokers" in our stacks of playing cards, there are 2 jokers right? Red and black, see any coincidence now? Just like Ying and Yang, that is Death and Live, you realize the similarities now?;-)

Err... But speaking of the clown in my "dream?" I have no idea at all, it was meaningless and nothing really happened relating to the clown. Hmm... At least nothing bad happened so... I don't know, maybe something will be ending or something is starting?

Rex-T, Psst, thanks for the tip but we shall whisper next time, "they" are reading our comments (worrying)

Lady-glow, Well as a kid back then I seldom will go to that mall, I remember there were street performers outside the mall, not clowns. Inside the shopping mall there were always lots to tourists, I don't remember any clowns really.