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Roy E. Lynx
Hello, this is Roy Enowaki Lynx from Brazil. Friends call me E-Wacky, but I don't really like being called that way.

My granny is from the Ryukyu Islands (now Okinawa, Japan), a Nipo-Brasileiro since the world war. My father is born in a Põuđaŕ Family due to my grandma's background (she was a Tapirapé). He moved to Rio de Janeiro for his business where he met my mother, a wonderful city girl and got married.

I was raised in Rio and had moved to Liberdade, São Paulo, September of 1994, at the age of 10. That is probably the period when I first encountered paranormal activity and became a believer.

I waited for years and kept the experience with me. I started to do researches on the internet and had learnt that there were groups of people whom claim that they are experts of such contents. That was when the time I had learnt that supernatural and ghosts cannot be proven by science, it is like asking them the existence of god, they will not answer, either they do not know or they are afraid to know.

Now that I am ready, and I would want to visit locations where such things can be seen, I am ready to visit/investigate the dark side of the world.

I hope I can learn from this website and I wish that one day I can form a team to visit the most mysterious spots around Asian countries like haunted temples of Thailand, the famous Japanese suicide forest and the creepy ghost houses in Taiwan. (inspired by Japanese TV shows and DVDs that my friends shown me)

I am willing to learn more and explore more new things! Cheers to all!

Love from São Paulo

Ghost Stories from roylynx

Spooky Room In Thailand on 2017-10-24

Weeks ago I was off with my very close friend to Thailand. It was the first time for us to travel that far away from Brazil, the first night was always the hardest... We both suffered jetlag and could not sleep... We have both checked-in to our room and I went and took a shower. I found that ther...

Jeff Jeffedy Jeff! on 2017-10-03

I suddenly remembered long ago, when I was still a little child I used to have an imaginary friend called Jeff. I imagined him as a person whom looked like the alien, "grey man" (pale grey skin, big eyes, oval shaped head, small body, long fingers and very intelligent). I would talk to Jeff whene...

Second Story Of A Ghostly A$$ Kicker? on 2017-09-27

Last night I was shopping alone at the mall where I had parked my car nearby the "legendary" fountain (you can read the previous story if you are interested). Well just like any other super hero movies out, when you least expect something interesting will happen. I thought of sharing this story to y...

Something Smelt Sweet on 2017-09-18

As you can see from my stories and my comments my grandmother really meant a lot for me. Even though she has passed away for more than 10 years now, I still share my daily problems and thoughts with her in my prayers. I remember that when I was still a small child, Avó (that's grandmother in Port...

Train Horn From No Where on 2017-09-06

Another simple, yet strange story from these past months. I was taking Henrique to the vet to do his body check routine. I had to use public transportation since my car was also doing a "body check" (takes a few days since it is an old car). We got off the taxi nearby where the animal hospital is...

The Dead's Account on 2017-08-28

This story actually happened to my sister. I was not involved this matter, but I heard comments from people around and was questioned by my sister herself about it. My sister is using the famous "apple mark smart phone", recently she got the "version 7" and had downloaded an application called "W...

Be Aware, Pray For... Who? on 2017-08-18

I do not know if any of you will know anything about meanings each flowers will have but the following is kind of related to it and it is a little eerie. I was walking home after going to the GYM. My instructor told me to walk as much as I can since it is good for my back (I suffer back pain). It...

You Cheater! on 2017-08-14

Another interesting story that I wanted to share, I was having an afternoon tea with a few of my friends. One of them, let us address her as B, is sensitive to spirits. She does not have knowledge on how to communicate with them and touch them but from stories by people around her, would say that sh...

A Ghostly A$$ Kicker on 2017-08-09

My sister and I went shopping last weekend in a mall. I parked my car, away from the mall to save some money; it was about eight night time when we walked out of the mall. We walked down a long slope where there were no street-lights (a few but it was very dark). My sister was telling me she kept ...

A Friend Whom Had Lost His Mind on 2017-06-12

I have a friend whom had lost his mind after going to one of the famous haunted beach in Brazil. He was one of the investigators working with my other friend's uncle. He was sent to the hospital injured from the exploded phone; he kept on writing strange letters on scrapped notes during the time he ...

Something Spoke on 2017-06-05

My friend had adopted a yellow parakeet. For years the parakeet had been squeaking and talking simple words, it will address itself "Passarinho", little bird. Every time my friend comes home it will go "passarinho com fome" (hungry little bird). Weeks ago my friend's parakeet died, it caught dece...

The Studio And The Old Well on 2017-04-24

Same as a usual Friday night hobby, my friends and I went to the studio to practice our very unprofessional acoustic music. I played a Cajón (wooden box drum), my friends played guitars (Spanish flamenco guitar and low toned folk guitar, they used to perform on the street when they are still in ...

Aurora Came Home on 2017-03-30

It was just the night before, I was cuddling my black fluff (Henrique my cat), patting him so that he is comfortable enough that he fell asleep on my lap. I and my sister were sitting on the living room sofa watching our favorite movie on DVD as you can guess from the title, E.T. (the famous phrase ...

Statue From The Far East on 2017-01-30

Just to warn readers, the story that I am going to share might not be suitable for everyone, I do not mean to religious or against any religion, all information that I have here is what I know and what I have heard of. I apologize if any of the information is wrong or would be "sickening". To start...

The Spirit Of An Overdosed Man on 2016-12-20

I have another story to share just before New Year. It was a summer night during August around evening time. I came back home and my sister was watching television with Henrique on her lap. I went in the kitchen and prepared for dinner as usual. Oh, by the way my sister cooks as her job and so I ...

Grandmother Had Come Back During The Shaman Ritual? on 2016-11-24

It is nearly thanksgiving the time I write this, but by the time this story is published I bet it is going to be the holiday season, so... Feliz Ano Novo! (Happy New Year) Considering that I was experiencing too many paranormal activities (or not) this year, my relatives from my grandmother's si...

Was I Too Tired Or Was It An Unknow Force? on 2016-10-03

I do not know if I can call this a Haunt or a trick. We went to an Asian festival last month during the last week of the summer holiday. We went to a location where they had what they call "Kimodameshi", translated as to test your courage. Basically, it was a "man-made" haunted place, where there wi...

Knocker-upper on 2016-07-21

Before I start this strange story, I will explain what a knocker-upper is. A knocker-upper was a profession in Britain and Ireland that started during and lasted well into the Industrial Revolution and at least as late as the 1920s before alarm clocks were affordable or reliable. A knocker-up's job ...

Strange Sensation on 2016-06-20

I finally got what I think is my second encounter of a spirit. As in a few of my comments, I have a cat which is a mix of a Turkish Angora cat (white coated, with yellow and blue eyes) and a Bombay cat (black short fur, with yellow eyes). This little fluff is basically a black version of a Turkish ...

Hair Tinkled By An Orb on 2016-04-18

It happened during a summer during the time when I was Primary Five. I used to live in an apartment with my family near Liberdade. I joined a local swimming team and had a long practice. I went home late that day since the coach asked me for a part time job to clean the swimming pool. I came home...

Last 20 posts from roylynx
Wow! Senhora! Thank you for sharing such a great story again!

Not an incubus, from my knowledge.
My grandmother used to say that a living person's spirit is stronger than a dead one. If a person has a strong thought, but cannot move on to doing action due to like rules and physical problem, the person's spirit could do the action mindlessly during his ore her deep sleep.

There were some more tribal believes like the spirit of a macaw will lead a living soul and so on... Well for me, those are just too religious to be explained as an answer so I will stop here.

Love from São Paulo
Date: 2017-11-15
Hmm... About this story...
I mean not to insult or to be prejudice against Incubus and Succubus believes, I just want to ask the OP if you really know the cultural background of them... Spiritual sexuality could happen! But if I am not misjudging, the OP is just trying to make things bigger and bigger like a piled up snowball...

What made you do that or think that way? Fear? Or did you really need someone just to comment on your story? No, really. Just get with it.

Hmm... Interesting experience!
My aunt once told me something similar during her childhood.
She lived in a tin shack house with my mother and my grandfather from my mother's side.

She thought she saw her only doll which was placed at her bedside table shaking its head hard, and then fell off the table. She woke up to try to pick it up but then the walls of the house rattled as if someone was outside shaking it hard. Spooky indeed, but yes, just like you nothing else had happened.

I too have had encountered an orb touching my hair, then on, nothing obvious had happened to me, yes, you could say that nothing else had happened to me too so far.

Reports of such to my knowledge is either a spirit going pass or just a psychokinesis that was performed mindlessly, no, no science proof or actual explanations just some stuff my friend's uncle had scrapped together from his long carrier as an investigator. Sometime I find them logical and so I am sharing them to you.

Date: 2017-11-02
Oops! It seemed that I offended someone here, oh well. 😕

Jubeele, Now that you have said, I sure do understand how serious things like that could be not just Thailand, even the US there are spooky cases from the reports of NYPD too. There are more dead than the one alive the world was formed by the passed one to let the living live, that's what my grandmother used to say.

Phuket... Got to do lots of researches... Not of ghosts I mean for my next trip lol

Date: 2017-11-01
Lady-glow, You are always welcome senhora! I have to thank you to for always being "our torch in a foggy day", I mean you always will clarify everything that most people will find confusing.

Sheetal, Why? Just think that it is just part of nature, eventually the energy will weaken and will be gone forever, it is just a sign that the dead once were living, nothing to be fearful of.

Jubeele, Phuket! Another paradise island! Well, I will ask if my friend would want to go to haunted spots first before banging into those interesting places, I would also need to find a reason for going to such place, like reasons I go, and what I will do... You know just banging in those place meaninglessly is rude for the victims. Thank you for the information anyway!

Date: 2017-10-30
Jubeele, Wow! What an information!😲
So, do you mean that it is somewhat like a South East Asian thing around?
I know that Taoism is though I am not really sure how their traditions or customs are, they seemed very mysterious... Well, thank you for the information I will do a research regarding on Taoism.

Date: 2017-10-30
Lady-glow, Understood! LOL
We both live in the same community where there are lots of Asian costumes and things... We both hear lots of "ghostly things" and lots of rumors. She seemed to have had hear the amulet rumor before going to Bangkok with me that's why I said that.

The Amulet is like a piece of thin paper yellowish in color and it was folded in a triangle shape and I guess there are something written in red on the paper as well and it is stuck behind the right corner downward of the picture or frame if you wish so. The picture was staged inside a glass frame and the position of the amulet was right behind the picture so you will have to lift the picture a bit to see the amulet.

Sorry for the confusion.

Cloudy, Wow! You shall be our tour guide during our next trip! We are planning to go again during Christmas time! It was Awesome! Yes, and for me haunted places, to do my own things! (Basically research, taking pictures and perhaps videos and EVPs)

So the amulet thingy is not a Thai custom? I notice there are lots of cultures around! Many Vietnamese and Chinese (Southern China I guess) cultures around, it maybe someone doing something weird in that room then...

The picture is an old view of Saigon River, where there are market boats and fishermen, water painted, I guess or it may just be a printed picture. It was staged with a glass frame.

Oh by the way, the wine was offered by the hotel manager for what had happened, but we decided we had to pay for that and so we got a cheap price? Not sure, we don't drink a lot and that was the only wine we had out of Brazil, I really thought we are in heaven lol

Date: 2017-10-28
jubilee, I don't know about any complaints...
Well, perhaps not only that room... Some other room where you know something else had happened? You know since it's an old hotel so there is lots of rumors bad ones and good ones... But most bad rumors 🙄
Date: 2017-10-28
lady-glow, Well she is a curious person... Really lol

I think she will do that in every room she go once she hear any rumors. Rumor about this amulet thingy made her became curious and so she found this picture in our room and looked behind...

Well I actually asked why she thought of looking at the picture from behind... Well she says because she knew something was wrong... But I think it is only curiousity... No, really she is that kind of person.
Date: 2017-10-28
Sushantkar, Huah? To me obviously! Did you think I saw a female? Lol

Melda, 13 reasons!? I am afraid I cannot do a research for each victims... I tried to look for the old news articles as well pretty famous it was since one of the victims was an American pilot! Well I am not going to be detailed for a certain reason, but well, the hotel was a famous haunted hotel around Thailand.

You might notice it if you are curious enough to search it on the internet but please don't name it.
Date: 2017-10-27
Wow...What a confusing story!? Or should I say more information please?
The one you guys were out the balcony until 7am... How is it related to the other encounter with the strange scream? What time was it again? Is it afternoon or midnight?

Please clear the fog for us, it is a very interesting one.

Date: 2017-10-26
Wow! Fascinating story!
So do you know how the post master looked like? Did he have any lantern?
Short stories like this needs many details so I am sorry that some of my comments maybe off the topic. I also want to know that if you knew about the "rumors" before the night you use the road?

Fear can give you hallucinations you know, sometime you will need to have a very clear mind. I know that some encounters a real, but most of these real encounters are just "fear", you know how people talk about demons and angels or bad spirits and good spirits? I know your case is different, but like judging a person, who are we to judge a stranger if they are good or bad without knowing anything about that person? Same goes with spirits, who are we to judge an unknown spirit who they are, without knowing them? Try not to fear them, believe most spirits do no harm just do not tease them in any way or make them angry, they are a "person" after all.

Date: 2017-10-17
Mona777, Even if it is scary please do not let fear conquer you:-)

Date: 2017-10-17
Mona777, No problem! You can call me anything as long as I know that you are talking to me lol

Hmm... Eerie... The dream part is scary for me...

Date: 2017-10-16
RedWolf, How informative! Yes! That is something that I found in some of the reports and things that I heard from people! We human beings naturally have the ability to interact with spirits but had somehow stopped in some point. That is very helpful!

I am not sure if there is a "third eye" but I do have a feeling that in nature animals do communicate with spirits, somewhat like how they show animals talking to some pixie in some fairytales. Got lots to talk about but I don't think it is about ghosts so I stop here.

Aaru275, Wow! Thanks for reading my stories! Till today I still feel presents of something around the fountain, maybe it is just me being a little sensitive since I hear about the rumor? Not sure but yes, I do believe that something fishy is going on and the spirit is still there.

Date: 2017-10-12
Interesting story! I thought Santa lived in Finland, no? So his real place is in Mexico? Just joking LOL

One of my coworker is also very sensitive; I think I have written a story about her seeing his boyfriend with his already gone ex-girlfriend, she said she had seen her just like a real person but had gone when she realizes. Maybe that is how most apparitions are supposed to be? I really have no idea... Not only her; I have heard many other reports saying that when they saw a spirit it was just like a real person.

Also, I know of that some people are "gifted" when they were born because of their family background. For example, like one of my friends, his grandfather was a "gifted person" and had known to be one of the first media whom had worked with a "real" paranormal science team in Soviet (USSR), now he is the one in his family to have the same "gift" or should I say ability like his grandfather.

True or not about the above statement, some people get their ability from their DNA, I believe, so there might be a possibility that you and your mother shared the same "gift".

Oh, yea, before just assuming on that, did any other else saw the same red hat guy?

Date: 2017-10-12
Lady-glow, Ah... I understand about the tiny keyboard of iPhone lol
Please feel free to ask me anything from the story:-)

Date: 2017-10-11
Lilwolf, Wow! I am sure Vomit could be a spirit so what like linked to your past life, I mean IF you believe in that sort of things, interesting and neither do I think that imaginary friend/friends are paranormal at all.

L_Melb, Oh it's a TV show? Like "Friends" and "Fool House" etc?
I kind of could imagine it as a show like "Adams Family", not the movie series, I mean the old mono-tone comedy show lol

Date: 2017-10-10
Lady-glow, It has been awhile to see your comments! How are you doing?

You are free to imagine anything senhora lol

That part I did not think before I write lol Sorry for the misleading writing style.

I meant there, besides being caught on bed, he was once caught (probably some picture taken) by the detective sent by his ex-wife. That woman, I still have her contact since she is one of the manger of my sister's old working place, now is that too much info?;-)