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Do Spirits Visit Us In Our Dreams? on 2016-04-25

My family and I were very close with my grandpa. Like them, I was really close with him, as well. I spent 21 years of going to his house every Saturday and Sunday and spending all birthdays and holidays with him, as well. He became quite ill when I was 21 (now 28) and actively was dying over a 2...

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Yes, these were different. I can remember almost every detail of every dream I've ever had of my grandpa. Most were very pleasant. However, I did have one where we were at a different hospital (we had him transferred to another hospital, which is where he passed) and I went to visit him and he was crying hysterically. That dream in particular was difficult because before his passing; my family had disagreements about what was best for him even though he kept verbalizing he was tired and wanted to die (he had Rheumatoid Arthritis that destroyed his lungs). I feel like this dream was significant because I think it was his way of showing us how much he was suffering.

Like I said he never really talks; he usually has this big glow around him with a huge smile.

I haven't had a dream about him in a while and I do enjoy them very much!