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30+ year veteran of mortuary service. I hold both national and Texas funeral director and embalming licenses as well as crematory, tissue harvest and eye enucleation certifications. I currently live in Corpus Christi, TX with my bride of 37 years, who also works along side me at the same funeral home. My interest are forensics and REAL supernatural occurrences, not vampire, zombie or werewolf junk. I love the old "A Haunting" and "The Haunted" television series. In fact, I like just about anything dealing with the spiritual realm. I also enjoy NDE and Death bed accounts.
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Unusual And Impossible Movements on 2017-12-06

I have been really busy the past few months taking photos for requests from, and haven't had an opportunity to write more of my experiences from my role as a funeral director and embalmer, particularly in the latter role. Those who are familiar with my previous stories know that I hav...

Odd Voices on 2016-05-30

In my early days working in the funeral industry we were not allowed to go home on our call nights at the funeral home, but then again this was before cell phones and pagers. We had to be there to make death calls and embalm cases as soon as they were brought into the funeral home's care. As you...

The Lady In The Cemetery on 2016-04-28

I have been a mortician for over 30 years and have seen and heard all sorts of things in funeral homes and cemeteries of a supernatural nature. One such event occurred when I was managing a funeral home in North Alabama in the late 1990's. In that part of the state there are many country, as wel...

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Maggie, I will not address the issue of abortion or whether it is right or wrong, as that is not what happened in your case. The fact that you had your baby and loved him with an unconditional love is what matters. There is the old adage, "If you love something you let it go..." I can tell from your post that it was literal soul wrenching to make the decision to remove him from life support. You stated several times that you could see the pain and fatigue in his eyes. Your decision to let him find peace, even as your grief was incomprehensible to anyone in your family is heroic to me. A mother's love is unconditional, and for that I fail to see where you would stand in any judgement. Love also transcends the grave my friend, maybe that is why you still see and smell him occasionally. God bless.

Meldel, Thanks for reading. Actually my daughters kind of thought I was weird because as one stated many years ago, "Only with my dad will I go wandering through a cemetery at 2 in the morning!". I think I would have had a kindred relationship with your mom. LOL. She was certainly correct about the living harming you faster than the deceased. I have shared a table many times with a decedent (sat on it with them) in the cooler just to get cooled off from the incessant south Texas summer heat after a couple hours at the crematory. They certainly did not mind being asked to share. Merry Christmas.
Date: 2017-12-23
Katiebug, interesting reading. Manafon has a very good point to his argument that it may very well be poltergeist activity given your age and the tension of the argument, it is after all known to occur in the teenage years, especially among females. However as he also mentioned it could possibly be paranormal in nature. Consider this, I am a 55 year old male and shared an experience in a recent post very similar to yours, where a pack of unopened plastic trays used for surgical instruments were literally thrown from the top of a metal storage locker. You can read the post here: If other odd events continue to occur I would suggest keeping a journal to record what is happening at the time, so as to help you better understand what is actually transpiring.

Thanks for sharing

MrRiggs, I am sorry if my story brought back long suppressed memories. As I was reading your message I also was reminded of those old black and white movies around Halloween. Some of those were really good as a child, kind of silly when I grew up. Even still those were great times and fond memories. Thanks for reading.

Jubeele, Thank you for your kind words and please accept my sincerest condolences on the loss of your father. I am so glad that you had such a pleasant experience with the funeral home. That is why we are here and makes it all worthwhile.

Tweed, thanks for reading. Most anyone who has been around funeral homes for some time have a story or two to tell. I have to say that the story of decedents setting up is one that I have heard on many occasions. In 32 years I have never seen that happen. They will however quiver or move to some extent if they are embalmed before the oxygen has been completely depleted from the bloodstream. This is because the muscle cells are primitive and hang on until the very end. If someone were to sit up on me I would probably call 911 after a good punch to the noodle. LOL. No telling how one may act when surprised.

I find the story of the cell phone call very believable as the exact same thing happened when my paternal grandfather died. He and my mother were not the closest, and I remember about 2 weeks after his death in 1970, she was giving my dad a hard time about his father when the phone rang. I will never forget the look on her face or the fear in her voice when she stated that is was my grandfather asking for my dad. The ribbing ended that very day. Thanks for a good read.
Date: 2017-12-11
MsTeek. I also do not understand your rationale. You claim to be an atheist yet you believe in and have witnessed "evil and demonic entities" or at least make or have made and effort to avert their presence and or influence? How can they exist in the absence of good? Just curious.

ajonverge, you certainly have one up on me. I could not imagine having to embalm my mother or dad, that's just too close. I did have to embalm my maternal grandmother at my mother's request, she would have it no other way. That was a very difficult task, and I do not think she understood the emotional endeavor she was asking of me. My wife assisted me in dressing her and doing he hair and cosmetics, she wept the entire time. Her and my grandmother were very close. I have lost both parents but I had a choice of which embalmer I trusted with such a task when you have lost someone so loved. Heck, I could not even embalm the funeral home owner when he passed away, just to painful, but I do understand (when we know the process so well) that need to know that someone so dear is in good and experienced hands. Thanks for reading my friend.
lady-glow, I am not really sure how the hands switched but it did cause a little tachycardia! LOL. I had a sense of malevolence at the time rather than benevolence, it certainly wasn't benign. I would assume that in rigid you are referring to rigor mortis. That is a post mortem change that happens within the first few hours, but I have never had one relax on request, in fact, it has to be manually broken up before the embalming process. Elderly, sick and the weak are not as fixed as the young, healthy and strong. Rigor in these cases is very hard to remove and requires a lot of strength. However it must be done to pose the decedent properly. Thanks for reading.
L_Melb, sometimes something will happen that will almost make your heart skip a few beats, but most time we just ignore it. For instance, when I left yesterday evening I was sure to turn off all the lights in and lock the prep room door. I was the last one out. Upon arrival this morning the first thing I noticed was the prep room door unlocked and standing wide open. I was also the first to arrive this morning. No big deal, I just walked in, checked everything out and re-secured the door. I do not know how it got open and there were no new arrivals last night. Other times I too feel the hair stand on end. Thanks for reading.
The8Ms, Thanks for you kind words. It is also a great feeling when the family comes up and hugs you after the service. Being able to make this difficult time in someones life easier is the reward itself. Thanks for reading.
Date: 2017-12-06
Yes, I have indeed witnessed what appeared to be a decedent entering a storage area, and in broad daylight. But when you do the same job for over 30 years, you just kind of get numb to these events, they really do not have much effect on you. Kind of like the commercial about going nose blind. They actually happen frequently. Perhaps so frequently that the majority are simply ignored, such as many many times I have been alone in a funeral home and had doors slowly open, or see movement under a door on the opposite side and such. You just get to the point of like "Oh well, just go about your business and I will go about mine." Thanks for the comments and insights.
Date: 2016-07-24
Biblio, I'm not really sure what to think about why anyone would want to haunt a funeral home, or even a cemetery for that matter, but I can tell you that sometimes malevolent events do occur in both. I recall one incident in particular that was witnessed by both myself and two other staff members. 24 hours after being embalmed, all parties involved witnessed what appeared to be a decedent in the funeral home's care walking down a hallway that led to the funeral home kitchenette and family break area, and making a sharp turn into a storage area. Upon inspection the storage area was empty and the decedent still in the embalming room at the opposite end of the funeral home. May be that it is not actually the spirit of a decedent but rather demonic in nature. Either way you get to the point that you do not really pay much attention to these events, not enough to make you run anyway.

Date: 2016-07-22
Thanks for the comments and read guys, I have really never considered it but there could be some logic to the idea that the scream could have been someone realizing what was happening as Bibliothecarius, Tweed and Lady Glow pointed out.
I have many true stories of happenings in funeral homes and cemeteries that I look forward to sharing with this site. Stay tuned.
Date: 2016-05-30
Actually spiritwaiting, I now live in South Texas, Corpus Christi to be exact, and have numerous stories that have happened to me over the past 30 years. I never had the opportunity to return to that cemetery again, but I do look forward to posting more odd events that have happened to me over the years. Thank for reading.