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The Approaching Footsteps on 2016-05-10

I'd never had a firsthand experience of the supernatural until then. To be honest, you won't probably find it scary at all since it lacks originality of imagination and chills of the movies. It is simply a hand-me-down kind of horror experience of many others that I got to experience at one point of...

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Thanks a ton Wish-Not, I really appreciate it. 😁 Hopefully, I don't have to post new firsthand experiences since I am kind of a chicken about paranormal stuffs. But a few things happened to my near and dear ones first hand. I will try to pen them down soon.

Hey Tweed,

Thanks for your comment. Yeah, people from Indian sub-continent have been living in the area for generations. The sound of the shes sounded kind of noisy flip-flops to me or something similar. I also think there might be more than one (donno why lol).

Btw, English aint my first language,so, there is a possibility of my mucking it up at times 😜
Date: 2016-05-19
well, this is my first comment in this website, so drum rolls: 😜, anyway, there could be 2 explanations of this in my opinion...1. The lady had an overactive imagination... 2. The following thing was right... However in this case, you should be able to feel its presence at some point which doesn't seem to be the case here. Anyway stay safe... Cheers