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A Compilation Of My Experiences When I Was In Puerto Rico on 2017-01-05

Everything started when a Lechuza (small owl) decided to sing very close to my window, deafening the songs of the CoquΓ­es (small endemic frog). In Puerto Rico there's a silly superstition that when you hear the Lechuza is a bad omen. Or did it all started when one night I enter my room around midnig...

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Date: 2017-03-18
Hi there Zaruje!
This story reminds me of 2 things, but the 1st one I'm going to discuss is my crazy theory: the "cry" could been a cat. I know lame but hang with me; one time I was being a "rebellious teenager" and staying up late. Out of nowhere I hear a baby cry, and it was such a heartrending cry, it spooked me out so much like, how does a baby ends up outside so late in the night? Then the cat crossed through the window and I knew that was the source of the cry. To this day, if I haven't seen the frigging cat I would be sure there was a baby out my window. Now, for this theory to hold your friend must be a heavy sleeper and there should be a window (or some input from the outside world) near her since you're so sure the cry was near her. Anyway I'm not saying it was that but it could be! 😜

The other thing this reminds me (and the reason why I get so freaked out by babies cries) is a legend in Puerto Rico. In one of the towns there's walking bridge where supposedly you can hear a baby cry. In the legend, a drunken man was going through the bridge and heard the cry and of course, went down to find the baby and help him. Yes he found the baby and thought he might be hungry and gave him some of the bread he was carrying. He wets the bread a little, you know because no teeth, but he saw that the baby indeed had teeth... Fangs! And he threw the baby and ran away thinking it was the devil. And no one knows why you hear a cry... Maybe is some cats getting at it 😜 (my husband lived with cats all his life and he tells me that cats sound like that when they're at it 😜)

Well maybe I'm trying to not be spooked here, is all cats! Take care and thanks for sharing!
Hi there!
Did she opened the door? What happened if she did so?
Date: 2017-03-03
Hi there! Kinda glad that you didn't opened your eyes, I would have done the same. Do you live with your dad or on your own? I ask to discard something targeting your family or just a bad vibe got on your home. Either way I would take precautions to protect the home or family.
Date: 2017-02-16
about your "Ghost Cat", if you smelled a floral scent is ok, it wasn't a bad "spirit cat"; bad smells are the ones you should be wary of like in my story.
Reading how your brother has deal with depression to the point of drug use and a meltdown, I think this girl has been influencing your brother's mood or eating out his positive energy? The fact that she noticed that someone could see her and her attitude changed to a more agressive one is no good and I agree with Twilight1011, something must be done about this girl.
Date: 2017-01-16
hey there! I was about to say the same thing as Myst said: maybe you were at the right place at the right time! You mentioned that you didn't feel scared, no goosebumps, nothing; so it wasn't bad at all. I also agree with KikiGirl, maybe he had not processed yet that he was dead and was visiting his sister like normal and you just happened to see him there.
Hello everyone! Thanks for reading!

Shout out the words! Not just in your head, don't show that you are scared. I think what worked with me is that until they stopped bothering me. I have one more story but is going to be hard to explain, so you'll have to be patient 😜.

I never saw it that way! Maybe the Lechuzas were trying to warn me about bad spirits (?). Sorry about your brother, maybe the Raven wanted to communicate that he is fine in heaven πŸ˜‰
Date: 2016-08-25
I made this account like 3 months ago just to reply to this story because I had a nightmare about this the very day I made the account. In between not remembering the story name and having a hard time deciding if it was worth sharing or not I never found the right words to reply until now. Sorry for the lengthy comment ahead.

I've known this site for quite a while but only visit it occasionally when there's nothing left to do (that's why I never had an account). This story is one I may have read at least twice in the past maybe because I find it believable and scary on the different outcomes this could have take. Never the less this story is not something that I'm thinking about every day of my life, is now stored in the back of my head. I found it super random that I had a nightmare about the elf-like creature in this story.

In the dream my husband and I were looking apartments to move out (sill looking 😭), an agent was showing us one that awfully looked (perhaps it was πŸ˜†) the same one we're living in now. I go ahead and check the bathroom, is all the same except the wall has an opening like the 'door' you describe here; like a vertical version maybe? As soon as I notice this oddity I also notice the creature just poking out a little bit. He would be the same description as in here except I was almost looking at a silhouette, since everything got darker at that point in my dream.

Everything was like a cheap jump scare in a movie, once I see him I wake up but it was not the last time I would see at least his figure. When I woke up with a jump the first thing I do is turn to face my husband which was happily sleeping in his stomach. His long hair was covering his head and face only his quite long ears poking out making him look exactly like the silhouette I just saw in dreamland. All this happened too fast I thought I was seeing an apparition of the aforementioned elf so I screamed and pushed my poor husband. Of course he woke up very startled as well...

Never in my life I had woken up screaming and kicking but this image made it (I guess that I was still seeing the image in real life was a factor) and I had way more worse nightmares than this. But believe me this dream and now this story are things that I will never forget; I even bought a dreamcatcher after this.
Date: 2016-06-28
You first say that when he awakes he never sees the entity but later you say that every night he say a different entity; which is true?