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lilpeachyghost's pictureHello, lovelies. I'm Natalie, a short, blonde, 23-year-old bookworm with an addiction to coffee and a keen interest in the paranormal. I'm also happily engaged and a mummy to a beautiful little kitten.

I have quite a few paranormal experiences of my own that I'm excited to share, as well as one of my mum's experiences, and maybe even a few others from other family members as one of my cousin's hosts ghost hunts of his own!
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Phantom Phone Ringing on 2017-10-13

I can't specifically say how long this has been going on but I do know that I'm the only person to hear it. Oftentimes I will be sat watching tv or working on my laptop and out of nowhere, I'll suddenly hear a very old-fashioned phone ringing. I know it's old-fashioned because it sounds exactly l...

Woman In The Window on 2017-08-16

This happened a good month or so ago and hasn't happened again since but it's definitely something that keeps playing on my mind and I keep coming back to. I have no idea if it was paranormal or just someone being a creep but it felt... Wrong. So, I was sitting on the floor in front of the elect...

Ghost In The School on 2017-01-18

The high school I attended was said to be haunted by a girl who had been pushed off of the bell tower and broke her neck causing her to pass away. Before it was turned into a modern day high school, I believe it was an all girls boarding school which would have been around the time that this unfortu...

Shadow Encounters on 2017-01-09

This happened around 8 or so years ago as I was still in school or maybe I was in college, I'm not sure but anyway, it happened in the same house as I'm in today (the one I've lived in my whole life). I was sleeping one night, having a bad dream, when I all of a sudden woke up for absolutely no ...

Partial Apparition on 2017-01-03

Quite a while ago, maybe a good few months ago, both me and my fiance saw the same thing on separate occasions. It was during the day so it wasn't dark and no one else was in the house besides us. I was in the bathroom which, from the doorway, looks down the landing and into my mum's bedroom. Fr...

Ghostly Cat on 2016-12-27

In September of this year, my fiance and I adopted a beautiful female kitten. She's black, white, and ginger. I believe she's a Calico and Rag Doll mix. She has the most playful and loving personalities in a cat I've ever seen and is basically just a little bundle of pure joy. Anyway, after a few...

Mommy on 2016-05-24

Just for some background info, I'm only 22, I have no children and I have no younger siblings that live with me. It used to be just me and my mum who lived together while I save up some money to find my own place and move out. My fiance has also just moved in with us but at the time this story took ...

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Date: 2017-10-28
Thanks for replying everyone, I just want to clear some things up.

Firstly, I don't have tinnitus, the ringing is not constant and it's not a ringing as in a bell ringing or a high pitched sound in my head. It's very hard to explain but I know 100% that it's outside of my head in the real waking world. I just can't find the source of it. Also, each time I hear it, it's exactly the same. It rings twice and then stops abruptly and I don't hear it again for another few days/weeks or even months.

Secondly, I know for a fact that none of my neighbours have home phones anymore and even if they did, the walls are far too thick for me to be able to hear it ringing especially when we have the tv on and such.

There's no landline/house phone in my house anymore as everyone in my household has a mobile and I know what they all sound like and which ringtone belongs to which phone, and they sound nothing like an old-fashioned cord house phone (the ones you see in movies when they hold the phone between their ear and their shoulder and twirl the cord around their finger or pace up and down but can't move far because it's attached). So even when I hear the old-fashioned phone ringing, there's no landline for me to pick up and "answer".

Maybe the next time I hear it I should try and see if my cat hears it too because it's obvious none of my human family members can.
Date: 2017-01-18
I read this and couldn't help but think of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell but on the other hand, maybe the little boy was the little ball of light too, like his aura or energy? Awesome story!
Date: 2017-01-18
Hi sds, apart from me and my fiance, no one else has had a sighting in the house whether that be a shadow person or a partial or full apparition. I really don't know about the history of the house and I'm not sure how to go about researching it either. I do know that it's very old, though!
Date: 2017-01-12
Hello, Myrealityisunreal.

To answer your question, no one has seen the male shadow figure expect me. But in another encounter I posted on here, both my fiance and I have seen a female partial apparition on separate occasions!
Date: 2017-01-07
Hi KikiGirl and jewelre,

I will definitely keep you all updated on this lady if me or my fiance ever happen to see her again! And oddly enough jewelre, I couldn't tell what colour this ladies clothes were at all, it's as if there weren't any!

Hello Manafon1,

What a wonderful sight it would be to catch a glimpse of an apparition dancing! I'm not sure what this particular lady would be trying to convey by only showing the bottom part of her long skirt or dress but I can say that she moved very elegantly and I can imagine she was a very beautiful woman. I just hope that she is at peace and I wish her all the best, wherever she may be.
Hello lovely, I have aspergers which is a form of autism and have always been told I'm a sensitive. Like someone else commented on your story, I think autistic people have higher vibrations and are much more sensitive to paranormal happenings.

I've also on many occasions heard my mother's voice calling or even screaming my name only to find that she's either asleep or not even in the house at all.

If these experiences frighten you or make you feel uneasy, try to do things that comfort you and make you feel safe or go and sit with one or both of your parents, just so that you're in a room with someone else.

Keep smiling and stay positive ❤
Date: 2017-01-07
Hello matrix899 & babygoatpuller,

I'm not sure why it was only a partial apparition, not enough energy maybe? Also, the house has been modified heavily, some rooms are no longer the rooms they used to be, and the stairs have also been moved from where they originally were. But, the room we saw the apparition in has not been changed at all. Weird huh?

To answer babygoatpuller's question, yes we both saw the woman's partial apparition in the exact same room, in the exact same place doing the exact same thing - walking around the foot of the bed, and around to the other side towards the window where she disappeared rather quickly. Also, we both saw the apparition from the same place as well (looking from the bathroom doorway into my mum's room across the landing)! To me this sort of hints at residual haunting rather than an intelligent one because it seemed to be replayed to both of us and nothing happened differently.

I've always felt that there was an woman and two or three children in this home at some point. I think two were girls and one was a little boy. Which I believe I saw in my mind's eye as a child.
Date: 2017-01-03
Hi BrokenTree, we haven't seen or heard or felt anything of this other ghostly kitty since those few incidents. My mum has had several cats in the past, one being completely white. We thought maybe it was him just coming to check out his new sister and see how she's doing and how she's settling in. Just a guess.

Hello mythem, oops I'm not good with cat/dog breeds haha! Yeah, you could be right, it could be one of my mum's other cats that passed on years ago coming to say hi. It could be a spirit quite but I'm not sure why it would appear to both of us. I really hope it's not any of our kitten's siblings that passed away, that would be really sad. And you're not wrong there, a nice ghost cat is always welcome.:)
Date: 2016-06-26
Hey everyone, thank you for replying it really means a lot! First and foremost, the house is a terraced house and it's over 100 years old so it's a strong possibility a child or children have passed in this house over the years and they either visit occasionally or they are sadly stuck here. I honestly don't plan on ever trying to contact them or anything else that may be in this house, I don't want to open that door so to speak. I'll just observe quietly from a distance lol

Secondly, I'm sure it's only two small children as I've never heard any more children's voices other than the giggles.

I have however heard my name being called in my mother's voice, except she'd either be fast asleep or not even in the house at the time. I once heard her yell so loud I thought there was something truly wrong and that she'd hurt herself but she said she hadn't even opened her mouth and was sat quietly reading her book when I rushed to find her.

My fiance now lives with us but while my mum was away in hospital last year we both saw what looked like a woman's old fashioned heavy dress swishing past and around the foot of my mum's bed towards the other side of the room near the window. I can't explain this one as we both saw it on separate occasions and I didn't say anything about my experience until he told me about his and we both described the exact same thing. Weird huh?