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Luke Clifford
United States
Hello i'm Luke! I'm a blonde guy who often interest the topic of the paranormal. I've only experienced a ghost haunting in the sports center I work in but it's a big story! Please read it!
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Province House Hauntings on 2016-06-01

My name is Luke. I live in a big house with my girlfriend Madison at Los Angeles. I often believed in the paranormal activity because of this one big story when me and Madison visited her grandma's house at Tacloban, Philippines. When me and my girlfriend entered her Grandma's house, it was reall...

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I know your scared, EllasMommy? Don't worry, I have been experiencing the same hauntings except it was on my girlfriend's grandma's house. You know, you should get a small notebook and write all the scary activities and lost items. Soon enough, when you think the activities are already wild enough, you should call the nearest paranormal investigator team!

P.S do not do any Ouija board, seances or Queen of Spades or anything that could harm you.