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I'm a man in my 30's who enjoy's the trades program's, and being married. I did work in the oil patch as a pipeline welder for many years, before things got very slow. I also enjoy being a mechanic in my personal free time, and just recently got my class 1. I enjoy going to church, researching religions, and investigating supernatural occurance's. My whole life basically revolves around my beautiful wife and our 2 kids, as well as trying hard to live for Jesus Christ. We as a family enjoy going camping in the mountains, and getting very muddy with our dirt bikes, and quads.
As a child, I was constantly tormented by spiritual beings that would haunt me when I went to bed. Now older and mature in my faith, I have grown to hate the devil and all he stands for. You tend to resent something if it makes you miserable for long enough.
With saying that, I want to help people get free from demonic oppression. It may seem a bit weird to some, but I can feel it in my soul that I could be pretty good at this. Almost like God is saying to me, a lot of people have problems with this, and you could really do some good. Show them that I'm alive and love them tremendously. Take care eh.
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Drips, Steps, And Hold On on 2016-06-02

Where do I begin... I guess it all started at the age of 5ish with me chasing an invisible entity out of my house. I heard something in the other room and I figured I'd surprise it. In a moment, I jumped out of bed and took off toward the sounds I heard. I saw the front door open by itself and slam ...

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Hey there! It's really neat to read everyone's comments, the negative and positive, thanks. I just want to say that everything I wrote is true, and there was no fudging in any way in any part.
I believe I did what I did through my own relationship with Christ. You can choose to believe it or not, that is up to you. Free will is a beautiful thing. If one has faith the size of a mustard seed, you can move mountains. Faith in what? CHRIST. Take care!
Hey everyone this is tradesman88.
The bible talks about whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatever you loosed on earth shall be loosed in heaven.
God through Jesus Christ, the way the truth the life, has given his saints, his people who are born again, washed in the redeeming blood of Christ, the power over the devil and his demonic army.
Roman Catholics for the longest time were the only people and religion performing exorcisms, and I am telling you it isn't exclusive to just Catholicism, not by a long shot!
The way Jesus did it is the way we can do it. The same authority Jesus had/has, is the same authority his church can have. This is done by the works of the holy spirit through faith in Jesus Christ through the process of being born again. The cross and the resurrection is total freedom.
I know i'm sounding like a preacher man preaching, by it kind of has to sound this way to explain how and why. I'm just an ordinary man who knows and loves Jesus, that's all. The bible has all the answers you need for every aspect of your life.
So if your looking for an answer to one of life's hard questions, don't look to some self help book, or to some curious people with cameras claiming they can help, or by incense, herbs, potions or spells. Those kinds of actions could actually turn your situation much worse, than do any kind of good. How do I know this you may ask, read the bible and see what it says, it'll surprise you I think.
Don't be fooled! Just turn yourself over to the love of Jesus, and start living out your life excepting God's love, and his promises, and watch him be there for you.
Date: 2016-06-02
When I was years younger, I had a friend who explained his experience to me with great detail, and its sounded a lot like your experience. He told me that he saw a dark figure over him, pinning him down to the bed, not allowing him to move nor speak. He explained that it was something very hevy, and feeling completely helpless. After what felt like forever, he could finally move again. Prior to this incident, his father had the same experience. What they did was hang a cross on their bedroom doors. Then I guess what happened next was, that the cross's that they hung on the door, it would swing and hit the door almost like someone was using it to knock. I guess it eventually stopped, but he told me that he always felt watched, and hated living there.
My thoughts are that, you were not imagining anything. You had a demon in your house, that could of been attached to some particular person, or was assigned to your family to make your family miserable. The enemy wishes that we all live in fear.