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My Life Of Hell on 2016-06-06

My story began at the age of 12. I was lying in my bed and had fallen asleep. I remember waking up, or assuming I was awake, to the smell of something like a burning camp fire. In front of me was an 8 1/2 foot tall static figure. Like static on a TV screen, the inside of the figure moved with static...

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Date: 2016-07-18
[at] AugustaM Since you seem interested in the science and history aspect of paranormal, I'll tell you some things I've been thinking about in regard to paranormal experience. I have been going back to the park, about 10 times now. I experienced nothing 8/10 times. The two times I saw/experienced something paranormal was when it was very windy and before a storm. I wonder if the atmosphere, weather, EMF, static electricity (something like that) combined with altered states of consciousness produces paranormal experience. Since I easily experience alter states, it seems that atmospheric changes combined with that state are producing these paranormal anomalies in this particular area.
The problem is I am not a scientist, but I would love to talk to someone that knows more about this.
Date: 2016-07-18
Thanks everyone for your replies, I didn't know my story posted.

[at] AugustaM I did look up the history of the area/park. The area's history begins in 1885 or so, and anything before that is vague. In the 1700's the area had Indians and English settlers who engaged in war, so it cannot be confirmed, but it is possible there was fire and war there, especially since the Indians in that area attacked by burning down buildings and structures.

[at] RANDYM Thank you for the kind words.

[at] annie16 I am no longer suicidal, I am not sure how it got that bad. I did consider the visions coming from something like a tumor, so I had an MRI scan done around that time and I did not have any visible tumors or anything else wrong with my brain scan. I do not have any type of seizures either, according to the doctors. My best guess is that I am narcoleptic, 50% of them have sleep paralysis, and aside from cataplexy narcolepsy is a REM disorder and a chronic sleep deprived state. I think what I am in part experiencing most closely resembles this, I am frequently experiencing altered states of consciousness. I do not have insurance for a sleep doctor though.

[at] Tweed I appreciate your reply, especially coming from a background like mine. I have obsessed over many of the things you mentioned, and it drives me crazy. I was raised super religious, so I assumed maybe I developed some sort of guilt complex and imagined 'demonic like' beings in my sleep. I am not sure, the mind is capable of things beyond my comprehension. At this point in time, I feel much better. I think what is happening (as I posted above) is something wrong with my brain that creates altered states of consciousness more than the average person.
I think the best thing I am doing now is accepting the altered states for what they are, maybe partial imagination, maybe it is possible for the mind to reach some sort of multi dimensional space in altered states of consciousness. Really, now I am fascinated, but I am not presumptuous about it.
I cannot figure out my nightmares, but I do draw pictures often (I am an artist) of what I feel I am unconsciously perceiving. If nothing else, it helps me emotionally. I am trying not to be so cynical about what is 'possible,' I just don't want to be a crazy person, either.
I recently had a vision of an alien. It was as though I was standing 5 feet from it, overcome with frozen fear. It was as though it really was right next to me, and the moment was actually happening. It was about 5 feet tall with huge black eyes, and I can't even begin to describe the detail in every aspect of the vision. I don't believe this is just my imagination, deep down.
If it is my imagination though, I am glad I can experience it all the same.