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The Shaking Bathroom Door on 2016-06-13

Around one month ago (14th May 2016) I arrived in Philippines for working purposes, to be exact at Makati City. There are two more people who came here with me, we are staying at a condominium in 20th floor. We are working in shift, whereas I work in night shift while the other two work in the mo...

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I think it's fine because I had moved from that room (well even thought I only move 1 floor below). But yeah I only can hear the footsteps that comes to me and the shaking door, while I myself can't hear the whispers. Only my friend that has sixth sense can hear it.
*the shaking door that I record is on the 20th floor, while the 19th floor is clear without anything strange happen
Sorry for late update, I had moved from 20th floor to 19th floor because the disturbance keeps getting more and more annoying. The door shake again (the front door) I even record it on video, the dog from the other tenants keep barking, the door shaked and the worst part in that video is I can hear a foot step that walking to me. Some of my friends who had sixth sense tell me they even can hear a random whispers in the video. Anyone want to see it? And how can I send it to you?
Updated, yesterday another strange things happen.

Around 5 PM I wake up because of a noise that comes out as if someone is jumping on the bed above me. Bothered by it I hear a loud thunderstorm from the outside and it's raining heavily.

But the things that catch my attention is another similar voice, a voice of a door banging. The door that shake so hard this time is the front door instead of the bathroom door (the bathroom door was wide opened). I think there's an earthquake that make the door banging so hard, walking towards the door I look through the peep hole and nobody was in front while the door still shake so hard as if someone is trying to make their way in.

This time I even text my friend asking him is there any earthquake going on. I stare at the door while it still shaking like craze (I begin to get used to this stuff). I stare at it for less than 5 minutes, and since the door still not showing any sign of stopping this crazy things, I leave it and back to sleep.

Did the big thunderstorm had something to do with this poltergeist?
ashar123, It's fine haha. Well I don't think it might be a residual because it really looks like a prank and only happen that day. You're welcome:)

Jennie, the condo built for 10 years and I don't ask about the history, even If I ask the receptionist they will just cover the bad part. The tenants in 20th floor only us at that time.

Tweed, thanks for your advice but I intend to ignore it because I think if the cleansing not going well, I afraid the spirit will turn wild and worse things will happen.

And regarding the shower it had relation with the second prank I had. At that time the 20th floor tenant still only us, and when I just done bathing someone press the room's bell. He is a maintenance to assist the broken shower and asked by the tenants in 20th HS (my room) to come.

With confuse look I said nobody called for maintenance and with upset look he left. Few minutes later the landline in the room rang and its from the receptionist.
R: Hello sir, why you reject the maintenance assist?
Me: Um... Sorry but I don't call for help miss.
R: But we just had a call from you.
Me: *trying to calm down. Whose voice is it miss? Male or female?
R: Male sir.
Me: What did he say?
R: Please help me, the shower in room 20 HS is broken.
Me: When did he call?
R: Around 5 minutes ago when the maintenance come to you.
Me: Okay thanks.

That sums it up, but after that I only heard a faint noise but I try to ignore it.

UlvenNixie, Yes, because I don't want to take things as part of supernatural before confirming it with logic. But few days ago I just found out another method to shake the door, when I am in the bathroom, I push and it shake! Thanks for your concern:)