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An Animal Growl on 2016-09-06

This experience is something different related to an animal. I can't really say whether it was really an animal but it was an horrible experience for me. The first incident related to animal happened almost 3 years back. That time I was staying in college hostel. It was noon and I was sleeping i...

About My Grandpa on 2016-06-23

This is first time I am going to write here. Well I live in India sorry I can't specify exact cities but still will give a name in order to understand. This story almost date backs to 5 years, that time I was in college in second year. It was December and exams were going on. My Grandpa had been...

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Date: 2017-06-18
Nice story it was good may be related to humanity.

That dream might have lesson to live and let others live in peace than in destruction.

May be not to engage in wars. I hope I got it right.

Welcome to YGS, very interesting story indeed, I can relate with your experience dear. I felt bad about your cousin A and the housekeeper. I wonder your housekeeper commited suicide due to this reason since timing is same.


Very interesting question, but we don't really know. India is home to thousands of culture, language and religion and despite this we all live together. Even though our region, language and culture are different, but still I can relate with this story.

Similar to this story once my maternal aunt got possessed and as far as I know it happened suddenly. She had gone to fields and it seems she entered in some area after that her behaviour changed.

Even whatever stories I have heard until date never showed early signs of possession we directly came to know by change of behaviour, language and many more. Some times to keep them under control they are tied with the help of thik iron chain, but still they manage to escape.

It will be interesting if someone does an research on both US and India for ghosts. I would love to know the experiences and results given by the researcher.
Yeah I have read some articles related to after death and past life that time does not pass quickly for dead ones. Few seconds for dead ones might mean years in case of living.
Date: 2017-03-19
Hi loved your story. Some of my friends also do this stuff. But I have never attended it due to fear.

Your story is similar to one of my friends. She also asked her to be husband's name few years back and few days back she got engaged to him. Soon she will get married to him.

I just wanted to ask you when the ghost told your mom about the runaway girl did he tell it by possessing someone or by moving cup on letters?

Also your mom did this 2 times, so was it same ghost? 😭
Date: 2016-12-21
I loved the way you narrated the whole story. But anyone please let me know what is trailer actually?

When I googled I got movie trailer as major answer. Please clarify.
Date: 2016-12-01
Well in India we don't have basements, but the very idea of basement scares me.

At the same time it creeps me out to think what had "the doctor" done to those victims. It is horrifying because a Doctor knows everything about human body. The very thought a doctor capturing innocent gives a very horrible feeling.

I hope you all understand what I am trying to say. It is something that is difficult for me to express in words.
Very nice one.

You are right very few are gifted. And even if anyone possess such kind of supernatural abilities. Very few realise that it is an nature's or God's gift. They are chosen one.

One thing is clear whenever anyone has near death experience their spiritual sense or third vision whatever you all call it, gets awaken or the wall between physical and spiritual world gets broken for them.
Hi nice one, but I want to know one thing what is shaman exactly? Are they witch or some kind of astrologer?
Date: 2016-09-25

Even I want to vote you, but unable to do so. I agree with you whatever you are saying.

Porsha dear

Don't get depressed dear. Your condition is understandable. You have that "gift" which makes you worried. Try to accept "Everything happens for a reason", "There are no accidents" we don't know why it happens. Just like Biblio has said I will also say the same pray for them whenever you feel something is not right. Pray that their pain becomes less and in peace they pass over.

Be strong.

There is one story similar to yours on this site where a girl had premonitions of her friends death. It was an Indian story. Read it. If I get the story name I will write here for you to there.

I want to share more, but since it happened with my friends, it's not really mine hence can't share.
Date: 2016-09-22
Maggie dear
Time and again it has proved your grandparents are determined to be with you forever. They want to take care of you especially.

You are special dear.

It makes me sad to lose them in such a way. You read my story and yeah you were true it's similar to mine.

By the way why your uncle had accident in such a way? Was it a ghostly prank or what? Its terrifying dear.
Date: 2016-09-15
Meghna dear

Feeling very sorry about your granny's loss. But upon reading your story I realised many thing one I have already commented. Other Death cannot separate our loved ones. Till now I only heard this things, din't have proof, but now it is proved I have felt it. Your story has made me believe they are always with us.

Very sorry for you, but don't feel sad dear. They are united to us in spiritual realm which is full of love. We may not be able to see, hear or feel them, but they are always around us watching over us.

Sometimes trying to help through someone else. Because of this group I have learnt many things do keep publishing.

Priyanka Menon
Date: 2016-09-14
Wow maggie
I love this story, it's great, it's true love. It's good to know that she wants to protect you all forever. Since you all can see and feel her, try talking like a normal person to her, she will definitely feel glad. Even if you don't see her try talking to her photo or in your mind. If I were you I would have talked to her. I am telling you this, because after reading this I have felt an urge to talk to my own grandpa now.
Don't feel scared. Your grandma is determined to protect you all from all kind of harm, it's sheer out of love dear.
Date: 2016-09-09
Your story was simply awesome. I never knew of such kind of little child ghost. I mean trying to seduce young girls and if that girl appears dirty then he will leave her. Lol...

But yeah I am terrified of elves.
Do post more regarding this case I mean different stories. I am fascinated by reading your stories. 😆
Date: 2016-09-09
Well I did not really hear footsteps ever. But there's one famous spot in Ramoji film city where footsteps follow us. If we increase the speed then it also increases and vice versa. When we turn around no one is there. And when we start that time it starts. Its like they are mimicking our walk. Sometimes these ghosts or spirit like to play pranks.
Date: 2016-09-09
wow very few are lucky to be warned in advance. That voice could be some angel who is protecting you.
You should thank that angel.
Date: 2016-09-07
wow that was freaky, but that spirit wanted to help your mom lol...
I agree with you Redwolf about residual haunting.
Hence voted to give you +1 karma.
And as stated by others try to find history of your house.
This was truely frightening. I can't imagine about it creeps me out to think whatever she was doing. A ghost frantically trying to find something in your room. If you ever feel scared due to unknown reasons try chanting your God's name, pray to them for your safety. I am telling you this because it has worked for me whenever I am scared I chant God's name and it stops sometimes it so happens that you may not be able to speak in that situation, that time you can just think of God and mentally pray to him. Don't worry.
Date: 2016-08-29
yoyomma very nice story I like it. I mean an angel came to save you. Very few are lucky to have an angel to save you and you are one of them. Those around you were baffled the way you recovered fast.
Oh dear sorry chaoscontroller
I wanted to write 'its good that you shared "your" story ', but I typed our story instead of your story, I hope you understand. It was typos mistake.