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It Came From The Ouija Board on 2016-06-22

Some people will tell me it's all in my head, others will say I'm just plain crazy, but I still stand by what I saw, what I felt and what I experienced on a Halloween night in 2008, nearly eight years ago when I, a fun loving 14 year old, and my friend decided to play a nice friendly game of Ouija. ...

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Hi everyone, I've read your comments, even the negative ones. I definitely know how to use a Ouija board properly, but as I stated in the story I was only 14 years of age when this took place in 2008 and wasn't thinking logically, mostly just out of fear.

To answer a few of your questions:

1. No one from my family lives in that house now. We sold it in 2009 and moved away from it. The person who bought it from us sold it a few years later and now I do not know who currently resides there. I do not even live in that city anymore, I live 3 hours away from it.

2. Yes, we did Google how to use it properly. I am very well aware that you must say Goodbye but I think due to us being spooked, we just didn't do it for some reason. We did however, say Goodbye the first session.

3. I have contacted mediums before, as I am very interested in Paranormal. I have also done quite a few Ouija sessions since 2008, none of them negative.

Thank you for your comments! ❤