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Green Woode Cemetery Photo Bomb on 2016-09-14

Last weekend, I was visiting a friend who recently moved to Brooklyn, New York. Nearby is Green Woode Cemetery, over a hundred acres of monuments to the rich people of Manhattan dating to the late 19th century. In addition to the fact that most of the mausoleums are bigger and grander than the house...

Miscellany on 2016-08-03

My brushes with the supernatural have been few and far between. Rather than submit several very brief accounts, here are the best of the rest: Projection: When I was a small child, probably no older than five, I noticed that I was standing several feet away from myself, watching myself play with ...

Dark Places on 2016-07-12

I honestly don't know what to make of my childhood experiences. I had a troubled, abusive upbringing and didn't really deal with it until I was in my thirties. I don't know if my experience of dark places was a side effect of that, or if I managed to short-circuit a genuine extrasensory gift along w...

Stomping Around In The Darkness on 2016-07-11

In 1990-1991, I was the superintendent of an apartment complex in Rockville, CT. The "complex" was actually three buildings of varying ages crammed onto what had originally been the stately yard of the 1877 mansion at its corner. This mansion was where I had my apartment, 3 large rooms that had orig...

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First, I assure you all that this is true. And no, I did not at the time, nor have I since, felt in any way possessed. Once the initial freak-out phase had passed, I imagined that whoever that was used the opportunity either to show himself to us and/or play a prank.

Sorry for my delay in responding.
Date: 2016-09-14
Thanks for your input, everyone.

I tried projection once as an adult, but I believe what I witnessed was a lucid dream. As instructed, I concentrated my core into the third, psychic, eye that we're supposed to have in the center of our foreheads, and willed myself out of myself. What I "saw" was like a plane ride on fast-forward, with cities, towns, rivers, etc. Zipping past below me. I willed myself slower and found myself hovering over that most mundane of edifices, a large suburban shopping mall. The sun was just setting and a handful of employees were exiting the back doors into the parking lot.

I believe this was a lucid dream, as it was after 9:00 p.m. In Connecticut in mid-winter, meaning that, even on the West Coast, it would have been after 6:00 and the twilight I "saw" would have ended long before. I never repeated the experiment, as I worried that, if I really was out of my body, I was leaving an unprotected vessel at the mercy of whatever might want to take it for a spin.
Date: 2016-08-08
Hi, shelbyloree.

I lived in Scottsdale for 2 years starting in 2005. The desert around it is both enchanting and enchanted. I used to drive out along the old dirt roads, into the desert beyond the ring of mountains that hems in metro Phoenix, and lay on the roof of my car for hours at night, staring at the millions of stars we never see here in New England due to humidity, air and light pollution.

The week I moved there, I was driving the rental car around the desert in Yavapai County and accidentally ran over a prickly pear cactus. I had a horrible feeling that I'd just ticked off something major, and since then, the run of ridiculously good fortune I'd had through that point in my life immediately evaporated. I'm glad the pottery shard's presence was not your doing, and that whatever was angered (possibly simply by your having stepped over it) has since either been appeased or has identified the real culprit.

Best wishes always,

Date: 2016-08-08
Thanks for the comments, everyone - what a pleasant online community we have here!

Shelbyloree - I actually managed to find samples of the native languages online. They're guttural and choppy (not casting aspersions on the native speakers - English sounds just as discordant to speakers of the world's more melodic modern languages), but whether they're an exact match for what I heard all those years ago, I honestly can't say.

RedWolf and PunkysMama - Thanks for the affirmations. My mother spent most of her life as a firm believer in better living through chemistry... Provided it was prescribed and made in a factory. My father and sister, by contrast, could take or leave a cocktail or glass of wine and never dabbled in anything more adventurous. The path I chose made me who I am today, so I've learned to be grateful for it.
Date: 2016-08-04
Greetings, RCRuskin.

Just my two cents, but since this occurred during your evening prayers, your serenity and connection to a positive force may have attracted a benign entity. Unless this unsolicited visit caused you unease or alarm, you might consider that your prayers comforted or benefited your guest to the point that they wanted to make their presence known to you.

Best wishes,

Date: 2016-08-03
Greetings, JimmyO

Not to discount any next-level origins for your experience, but since this was an isolated incident, you may want to rule out any physiological explanations. Persistent awakening, night thirst and temporary paralysis can all be indicative of neurological maladies, right down to the perceived touch on the ankle, where one of our major nerve intersections is. Please see your physician - diagnosing and correcting neurological problems is least complicated when the problem is detected early.

Best wishes to you,

Date: 2016-08-03
Hi, ChippyCho.

No matter what protection you set up, the Ouija board opens a portal to admit whatever waits beyond. Using it with seasoned, spiritually centered others is risky; using it alone is just asking for trouble.

You may have summoned something that was never human, thus its inability to provide vital statistics. Its embodiment of your grandmother's form, realistically enough to fool you, is not a portent of pleasant things to come. I'd advise a cleansing post haste, followed by the destruction of the Ouija board.

Also, as lady-glow points out, you may want to explore a more regular and longer lasting sleep cycle.

Best wishes,

Date: 2016-08-03
Hi, Mazzmarach, Tweed and Shelbyloree.

I'd had no idea before publishing this that this is such a relatively common occurrence. The malevolence I sensed from these beings may have been entirely subjective - I perceived the physical world around me as threatening, so I may have projected that onto the shadow beings.

As it was a small, tightly knit suburban tract, we kids were in and out of each other's houses on a daily basis. None of the other houses had the activity I observed in ours, though the basement immediately next door, despite having been transformed into living space, felt dim and "wrong", though not otherwise populated.

As far as a possible burial site, when they extended our cul-de-sac in the late 1970's, the builders unearthed some horse skeletons near the base of the far side of the hill. There had been stables there in Colonial times, and I remember being surprised that anything remained of the horses at all after two centuries.
Thanks, Tweed and Biblio.

The house was, when I lived there and still in 2014, the last time I had occasion to drive past it, light blue with cream trim, albeit a fresh coat to replace the peeling remnants from my tenure. I wanted to post a photo I'd taken in 1991, but alas, there doesn't seem to be a way to accomplish that. It was easily the most beautiful apartment I'd ever had, and had Fleet Bank not red-carded the electrical system and insisted upon us leaving (with the involuntary assistance of the county sheriff, if we remained beyond a deadline), I would have stayed on.
Thanks, ashar!

Actually, there's very little in the town archives about the house. It was originally built in 1835 on the current site of a 1970's-era bank, then moved up the hill in 1877 (yes, that's right, a 3-story Victorian with gables and turrets was dragged a block and a half up a steep hill by a team of oxen). The current owner operates an appliance repair business out of the basement offices and appears to inhabit the entire house as a single residence, as the multiple mailboxes and street numbers over each door are gone. There's no mention of the house on the Historical Society's website.

Not wanting to hijack johnboy's thread...I'll post the entire tale separately as soon as the site is accepting more stories. Basically, the phenomena faded as my self-medication increased.

Let me reiterate, in a kinder manner, what previous posters have said about the Ouija board. Although Parker Brothers has been marketing them as toys for almost a century, they are anything but. When you use one, you're opening a portal and allowing whatever waits beyond access to your body. Breaking physical contact with the device doesn't necessarily discourage an opportunistic entity, which was probably unaware of your existence until summoned, from lingering and hoping for another chance.

Unless the phenomena you mentioned have ceased completely, you may want to consult a medium to banish whatever energies you may have stirred. I, too, trifled with a Ouija board when I was young - the experience was unsettling and I count myself very fortunate that the residual effects were nothing more than unpleasant memories. I haven't touched one since, nor will I permit one in my home or be present when one is used.

Best wishes and good luck to you.
In answer to your question, I think we're more open to psychic activity as children. Our minds and opinions are still developing, and we readily accept the existence of magical beings who deliver holiday gifts and reimburse us for lost baby teeth. As we age, we decide what we will and won't accept as reality.

As a child, I saw and heard horrific, shadowy "things" (that's the best that I can describe them) in the basement of the house in which I grew up. The house was just a year older than I, and had never been occupied by anyone other than our family. My parents staunchly refused to entertain my "imaginings." I avoided the basement whenever possible, and when a chore demanded that I go down there, I completed it as hastily as possible and got out. As I got older, I managed to shut it all out completely... Unfortunately with the aid of controlled substances, but that's another discussion entirely.

I'm glad your childhood experience wasn't as terrifying as mine. Do you remember feeling anything malevolent about the apparition?