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Pushed To The Side Of The Pool? on 2016-07-05

I live in the UK but this story happened when I was on holiday in 2001, aged 11, in Gran Canaria (a Spanish island off the Moroccan Coast). Being 11 and it being summer, I remember spending a lot of time in the apartment complex outdoor pool. My parents bought me a child's snorkel and eye mask se...

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Love this account! Interesting to see it is now a Holiday Inn (hotel). Mistyy - bet you wouldn't stay there even if someone paid you?! 😆
I think you should - after all, it is almost August 17th! Look forward to the update.
Thanks for your reply! Yes, I looked at the links posted by another member - very interesting. I wonder if the now restaurant has any spooky goings on.
Hi Manafon - First of all, I love this story. I have a question as I'm curious. What makes you think the man you and Jim saw was more likely to be Edwin Heinemann and not Louis Balgemann? As you mentioned the sound of metal objects being dropped, wouldn't this make it more likely to be Balgemann (or a blacksmith employee) dropping tools? Was it because the figure looked like the picture you saw of Heinemann with the wiry hair? Are there any pictures of Balgemann in existence that we know about? I guess butchers also have tools for preparing meat so it could equally have been Heinemann dropping them?
Thanks everyone for your comments! I am now more convinced I didn't swim to the side and some "force" helped us.
Thanks for your reply! I'm sure they didn't want to mention any strange goings on in case you scarpered like Lori and didn't come back!
Great story! Did the owners ever divulge anything that had happened to them whilst they had lived there?