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Backseat Driver on 2016-07-04

Hey guys! I'm really happy that I stumbled upon this site. This is my first entry. I have so many stories to share and they collect more and more every day. I'm excited to learn about what everyone else has experienced as well I wanted to share one of my experiences on a car ride home alone one n...

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Date: 2016-10-15
Hi Bibliothecarius!

I stated that because what was spoken through my speakers was so intense, so coated. It sounded ancient but modern. I don't know how to describe it. At the same time, it sounded like several voices in one. You really would of had to be there to understand what I heard. These groups of people you name are no where near where I live, or where I had driven. I did the history on this stretch of road and found that many dead bodies were found by one serial killers doing. He dumped their bodies on this road. I'm not comfortable stating exactly where I am from. But regardless this experience I had was evil in every way and I believe it to had been demonic.

Thank you!
Hi JohnBoy1964 - I have had a similiar experience but its crazy how we just shrug things off when we are kids!

Thanks for sharing

Hi SomeCallMeTim - I'd really like to know more about the things that you experienced in your basement? As you got older did you just completely ignore experiences you had down there or did they just stop entirely when you put your walls up?

Thank you! 😁