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I'd like to know of anyone can help explain the experiences I've had.
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I'm Sure I Never Locked The Door on 2017-06-15

This story will be short, but it freaked me out quite a bit. I'll start off by saying I'm off work for the Summer (I am a classroom assistant) and recently had surgery, so I've been spending quite a bit of time in my bed. The way my room is laid out, I can see everything from my bed; the closet door...

I Think My Cat Still Visits Me on 2017-02-20

A few days from the day I'm writing this (February 25th) marks the one year anniversary of the passing my beloved Bermin cat, Petra. Petra was homeless and wondering a busy highway when my mom and I saw her and took her home; I was seventeen or eighteen at the time. For six years, I had this beautif...

Unexplainable Noises on 2016-12-29

As some background information, I'm going to explain my house a bit. I live in an old Cape Cod style house (my family knows a woman in her mid to late sixties who lived in our house as a child) though the house has been changed quite a bit through the years; the signature windows that make a Cape Co...

Do Children Attract Spirits? on 2016-09-08

For several months, I worked at a preschool. When I first started working there, another teacher-lets call her Annie-told me the school was haunted. At first, I thought she was just messing with the new girl and brushed it off. I now realize that I should have listened to Annie when she warned me. ...

Can Objects Actually Become Haunted? on 2016-08-04

Throughout my teenage years, I lived in a haunted house out in the country. So when I was 20 and we moved to a house in the city, I was thrilled. For six months, everything was normal, until my dad decided to surprise my mom by buying her an antique China cabinet. My maternal great-grandmother colle...

The Shadow Man And Phantom Knocks on 2016-07-27

I was born in Northern Ohio, where I lived until I was around ten (when my family moved to Kentucky) and had never had a paranormal experience until that time. The drive from my home town to our new house (a small house that was roughly a century old) took roughly six hours, and it was late at night...

The Shadow In The Doorway on 2016-07-14

At the age of 21, I was living with my parents and younger brother (who, at the time, was a high school junior) who depended on me to wake him up for school because he could sleep through an alarm clock. Being off work this one morning, I decided to go back to bed after I was certain he was awake...

The Man In The Snow on 2016-07-07

Shortly after my 21st birthday, I was in my bedroom, simply lying on my bed watching TV and relaxing after a long day when I heard my dad's dog (a Teacup Chihuahua) barking. Being used to this, I ignored her for several minutes, though I eventually became annoyed with how loud she was and walked dow...

My Home's Other Residents. What Was Their Purpose? on 2016-07-07

From the time I was 12 until I was 19, I lived in a house that was fairly far out in the country; our closest neighbors were over a mile away and most of our backyard consisted of a heavily wooded mountain. That being said, when I first moved there I wasn't afraid to stay home alone when my mom ...

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Funeralmass The snake was just what pushed my mom to move (not something we considered paranormal) because my mother and I are both terrified of snakes. The house honestly just had a very hostile and unwelcoming feeling, but I can't remember everything that happened because it was fifteen years ago. I can tell you one thing, though; I have never been more thankful for one of my phobias to be less than ten feet from me, because it got me out of that house.
Grim_reaper107, it was a twist lock on the doorknob (which doesn't move unless you squeeze it on two sides and push in as you turn it) and the curtains were blowing out from the closed window, which has no gaps or vents near it.
Melda, I have had experiences and have posted several of them, here. Argette, the door was not stuck, the lock was turned. It is not loose and takes a bit of effort to turn, and I know I didn't lock it. I felt like I was paranoid, but after posting it the curtains have stopped moving the way they were and I could never close the door in a way that would cause the lock to turn on it's own.
RANDYM I'm sorry about your dog, it really is awful to know you have limited time. Roylynx, I actually meant she passed away on the 25th, though re-reading the story, I realized it looked as if I were saying I wrote the story on the 25th.
CCKitty I'm sorry about your Beany. It's hard to lose an animal who has become such an important part of your life, and twenty years is a long time to have one in your family and lose them. RANDYM I truly hope you're right, because we loved her, dearly.
Date: 2017-01-30
Bibliothecarious Thank you for letting me know! I defiantly will be looking into that.
Date: 2017-01-03
BrokenTree We have woodpeckers, but not this time of year and they've never come to our porch. Tretinray, nothing significant was going on that I can think of, but thanks for the advice.
Date: 2017-01-02
Trentinray that entire wall of my house was rebuilt just before we moved in; also, the frame is aluminum. And our neighborhood is quiet with no renuvations or construction going on.
ShadowFire that is the most helpful information I've recieved thank you so much for the help and I'll be sure to keep my emotions in check around the cabinet. I thankfully haven't had any more expierences related to it, so you may be right and it may have been triggered by my worrying about my dad.
roylynx That actually makes a lot of sense, so thank you for explaining it to me!
Shelbeyloree All of the hauntings have been at two houses, and my family moves alot, but at one point I did wonder if it was me and not the houses. However, nothing has happened where I currently live, and I've been here for nearly two years. As for my father's accident, I don't think it had anything to do with the cabinet, really; that was just back story to explain why I was home alone (my mother decided when my brother and I were younger to be a stay-at-home mom) when I had that experience.
Tweed I've come to realize that I might be a bit of a sensitive, and hadn't felt anything in the house. I was also on high-alert after living in a haunted house, but what you said makes sense. I've always wanted to do some sort of paranormal investigation, so I loved your story from your comment!
Sanchez_92 The guy bought and sold antique furniture for a living.
sds This happened only once. I had another experience in this house, but it didn't seem connected to this.
Date: 2016-08-02
x77, there would be no way for someone to walk backwards off my porch. As for other recent comments, the only trees in my yard, the branches were roughly 8 feet off the ground, so no one could have brushed them and left a mound of snow. My house was very close to the road (maybe 20 feet of front yard space and there were no trees on the sides of my road, or tracks from a car (the majority of my neighbors were elderly and would not drive when there was fresh snow) anywhere on the road.
Sds The man we were renting off of had owned the house the whole time it had been there and he was a good friend of my dad's, nothing had happened in the house. And to clarify, I was not waking up from a nightmare when I was grabbed, I simply woke up during the power outage with something holding my wrist. I shook it, but it felt as if whatever was holding me couldn't see my eyes open in the darkness, so I got the idea to talk to my dog as a way of letting whatever it was know I was awake, which resulted in it letting go. I was trying not to seem scared by saying I was going to the kitchen, hoping if I didn't seem afraid it would let me go.
Date: 2016-07-30
Sds the house was not very old, only about 8 years older than I am, and no I moved away. We had no other neighbors with houses in the same direction as us, so the footprints would have had to move away from our yard. We did look to see if there were any cars broken down in the area of our house (which was near a police station, so anyone would have went to an officer of the law rather than walking to a house in the middle of the night) but there was nothing explainable.
Date: 2016-07-29
Shelbyloree No, just to the door from the center of our front yard in fairly powdery snow where tracks would've changed shape if he had taken the same path or he would have left more.
Date: 2016-07-29
Shlebyloree sadly no, or it may have made more sense; this was a completely different house in a different town, and this man was much larger and obviously younger.
Date: 2016-07-27
Miracles51031 Thank you for your comment and sharing your experience with me! I hope you someday get an explination.