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South Africa
I'm very creative, I love reading and going out.
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Help Me Understand on 2016-08-17

I'm an 18 year old female and I've "BEEN" seeing dead people! I honestly wish I could understand the real reason why this happens to me. If someone very close to me is going to die I can feel it weeks before it happens. I actually have this "Death feeling" that I cannot explain. In 2010 I was 12-...

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Date: 2016-10-01
Thank you all for the positive replies.

I just want to include this very last piece which is very relevant to my last post. The year before my friend "M" died, I had the very same death feeling and spoke to my classmate about it and he told me that "I cannot stop that person from dying BUT I can postpone their death". I prayed about it, the whole thing stopped and
Nobody died.

Then the following year the death feeling returned, I didn't pray since I thought it was going to be my aunt but I was wrong.


I have been having strange dreams where I time travel back to the past and to future at will (I have no idea what this means). Recently something strange occurred.

I will include the experiences that link to my dreams on my next post.