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Our Family Home And My Old Workplace on 2016-07-14

I come from a town in the central north island of New Zealand and don't have a scary story as such, just a few things that have happened over the years. Background first... When I was around 8 years old we moved into a big old house (apparently the oldest one in our town). My class mates used ...

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Date: 2016-10-30
Thanks for your story Allicatt! It must be very comforting to know you have Jax when you need him, a true friend. Good on you for pulling yourself up and out of that awful situation with your father. You are clearly a very strong person. Respect to you! Xx:-)
Hi Biblio,

That's a good and inexpensive idea thank you! I will see if I can get hold of one, should be able to get it delivered here through amazon. Next time I go and stay there I will ask to stay in that room and pay particular attention to the corner the smell came from.

I will post anything here worth reporting on:-)
Aw I love animal stories! She must have been very grateful you were looking after her babies 😁

I once had my old cat visit me in a dream a couple of nights after she got hit by a car. It was so real feeling and I believe she was telling me she was ok. She was walking over my head and smootching me like she always used to do to wake me up.

I bet the kittens are bringing you a lot of happiness:-)

I'm so sorry for your loss of your beautiful wee lovey;- (
Hi SDS and Biblio and thanks for taking the time to comment 😊.

The corner of my room where the smell was (maybe still is?) never got any direct sunlight so couldn't be anything to do with that I don't think and there arn't any radiator pipes in the house. I never had any horrible or negative feelings in the house as such but definitely some eerie feelings, however these were usually if I was by myself and it felt like something was behind me but this really could be down to be being a young girl and being a bit of a scaredy- cat back then. I never saw any of the orbs that my sister always said she saw in her room but it was always in her room she saw them not in other rooms in the house.

Next time I go and stay there I will go into my old room and see if that smell still lingers and also pay attention to anything else that goes on. I will keep you posted:)

Bless you both xxx
Date: 2016-07-14
That is a good gift he has there! Once my Mum dreamt there was a human size Weta (a native new zealand Locust/grasshopper - very creepy looking and big!) lying in-between her and my Dad and she woke up, turned the light on and right there in-between them was a Weta! Our intuition can be amazing!