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The Dark Orb And The Tall Shadow Man on 2017-04-28

In April 2013, I was pregnant and about to have a baby. My husband had 2 kids from a previous marriage and we decided we needed a bigger home. We found an older home for rent that was in our price range and had enough bedrooms for everyone. The house had a creepy vibe to it. It was an older house...

My Step Dad Passing And Picture on 2016-09-15

3 years ago I remember I was on my way to costco and I couldn't shake this feeling I was having. It was as if something horrible happened but nothing had happened. I kept telling myself that everything is fine. My anxiety was through the roof. The next day I received a phone call from my brother he ...

Little Boy With Red Hair on 2016-07-27

I am new to this site, but I have always wanted to tell my story to a larger crowd. I have not told many people this story. It took me a year to even bring it up for the first time. It just seems so insane and farfetched that I figured no one would believe me! Please give me your thoughts. I am ...

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Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing. I believe my father visits my kids. They wake up smiling saying papa papa and they don't have a papa that is living. He also came to me in a dream to tell me he is around us not missing a thing. So sorry for youe loss. The most beautiful part of believing in the afterlife is knowing that we will one day be together with our loved ones. ❤
The video you discribe is simular to one I had seen a few months ago after my naighbor passed away unexpectedly. Her husband saw a flying ball of light in his home the day she passed, he pulled his cell phone out and it was all caught on video. I like to imagine this to be a ball of energy and the way spirt travels. Pretty cool if you think of it like that! I want to fly around and mess with my loved ones. Lol

I want to add, my stepfather was really into the afterlife and was the type that would want me to know the afterlife is real! He came to me in a dream and I asked him, "what is the afterlife like?" He said he couldn't tell me, said that I will find out soon enough. I found this dream to be real because we talked through our minds not with voice. It was a very real and strange. Something that I will never forget.
I also want to add, this picture is much more distorted than the original. The original is clear as day. I believe up loading it has distorted the color and made it a little less clear. Also, the reason I was not able to add the other pictures I have is because they are on my old phone. I need to uplaod onto a computer and right now I don't have a working laptop to do so. I will try to soon! Or add them to another story. Thanks everyone.
Thank you for considering this to be real. I was really hoping people would not just chop this out as a fake. Mostly, because I was seeing this with my eyes, not just in pictures. The speed of this light was insane! At one point it followed me around the house and I could not get away from it. The backround of this picture is a flag, his ashes, and a picture of him. He served 20 years in the army. The picture of my stepdad looks to be turned in the direction of the window and that pictire looks to be reflecting light.

Assuming picture is authentic, would you consider this to be an orb? When I look up pictures of orbs, I have trouble finding pictures like this. I did watch a documentary recently called the paranormal investigations on netflix. Anyone who has not watched this needs to. It is one of the best paranormal documentaries I have ever seen. In this, they discribe what I was seeing. The ball of light seperating, going through their body and moving very quickly. They also claim one man was healed after this light went through his body. I found that to be interesting because the light went through my body (stomach) and it was a feeling I can't put into words. Thanks again for all the input!
Rook, Thanks for you comment. In the picture no flash was used. The camera was an iphone. The attic is located upstairs. The office that this picture was taken in, is located down stairs. The natural light in the room is coming from a window on the left hand side of the room. I am assuming no light was turned on because of how bright the room was with natural light. I could be wrong. I have 2 other pictures that also show the same ball of light followed by a trail of light. When I would see this ball of light with my eyes, it did not have a trail following it. I just assumed because of the speed of the light, it left a trail on the picture. The speed of this light was fast. No words to describe how fast it was.
Date: 2016-08-30
Thanks for reading. To answer your question, the people that lived in that house actually took part in raising me. There was no one there other then the people that lived there when this happened. Drugs were not a factor in that home. My friend has had plenty of experiences as well. Hearing kids play and much more. About a month after my expiriance, I saw a old mans refletion in the mirror. It was very vivid. He walked away and I could see him moving away from me. I could not see him outside of the mirror, just the reflection but the mirror was a big and I could see all but his waist down. This seemed to be the same discription that my friends younger brother described, when he saw a man walking into the basement. He came running in the room saying "a man walked into the basement!" Later discribing the same features that I saw without knowing about my experience. We searched basement and nothing. The paranormal storys go on and on at the house and in my life. The creep vibe I mentioned is just an eerie feeling I would get in that home. I would feel a charge of electricity sometimes. Everytime I feel I am around spirt or I have an experience, I get the same electric feeling through my body. I got it really intense when I saw the boy. At the time it felt creepy, but I now believe it to be spirit based on all of the many experiences I have had following the out of body experience. Let me know if you have anymore questions. Thanks. 😁
Date: 2016-08-28
I appreciate all of you insight into my experience. Thank you.
Date: 2016-08-28
Also, my family is very religious so they have never been into anythung supernatural. In fact, I grew up believing that there was only demons and no such thing of spirts. That's according to my grandma and other family members, based on the bible.
Date: 2016-08-28
Thank you for your intrest in my story. To awnswer your question, no. Before this incident, I had no paranormal experiences. I was not into quiji boreds, tarot or anything of the supernatural. I hadn't even watched shows containing storys of the paranormal. It is safe to say I was a skeptic. However after this, I did all of the above. I also started having a lot of experience that I believe to be real. I can't wait to share them. Waiting on some to be aproved. The next one has a picture that I would love your opinion on. It should be approved in the next week or so. If you have anymore questions please let me know. I am more then willing to share my experiences.
Date: 2016-08-25
I am pretty sure a 16 year old can have a out of body experience without trying because I was that 16 year old. I still can recal the fibers in the curtain, and how it looked as if I was seeing through a microscope for a second, when I was going through it. After that, yes it absolutely opened my mind to the afterlife. I started to be able to sense and see ghost. This ability has never gone away. This was the first of many encounters, I can't wait to share and get insight on. Thanks to all who read. I appreciate any and all comments or thoughts.
Date: 2016-08-25
Great read. Thanks for sharing. I have read other stories by you and they are all equally good. 😁
Date: 2016-08-24
That last prt if my comment was supposed to be at shelby. Accidentally put wrong name in.
Date: 2016-08-24
To Everyone who has left a comment,
Thank you for reading. To awnswer some of your questions. This was the one and only time I have had an out of body experience. Also, I had no control of what I did when my spirt left my body. Going in front of the boy and stopping to look at him, was the exact opposite of what I would have done if I was in control. I was however very aware of what I was doing at the time it was happening, I just had no control over it. I know I will not get any forsure awnswers from here, but it is nice to share and hear opionions. Seems like some are as confused as I am. Trust me when I say this, I would not have believed it if it did not happen to me. I can not sit here and pretend to explain what happened. I honestly just don't know.

Best comment I think I have ever read on any story. Thanks. Absolutely true what you say about doubt. I have tried to come up with a realistic explanation of what happened that night, and I come to a dead end everytime.