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The Lady Never Left The House on 2017-10-19

My sister Sandy was pregnant with their first baby and for that reason she and her hubby decided to move from their small apartment. They purchased their first home, a modest three bedroom house. Shortly after they moved in they made some renovations. A wall between the living room and dining r...

The Stunned Nun on 2017-09-24

I had an aunt named Dolly. The name suited her, as she was small and petite. When Dolly was about eighteen years old she got engaged to a young man named Tom. Tom's father was very fond of Dolly and he was thrilled at the idea that Dolly would be his daughter-in-law. A few months into their en...

My Brother Was Innocent on 2017-09-17

Shortly after my brother and his wife were married they rented an apartment on the 2nd floor. When their first child was six months old they did not want to take any chances with the little one accidently crawling out the door and falling from the balcony to the ground below. The summer had just ...

Vincent's Midnight Encounter on 2017-09-15

My cousin Vincent enjoyed life to the fullest. He was a very jovial kind of person who always saw the humorous side of every incident. He could turn a bad story into something that would leave everyone around him in stitches! Vincent didn't believe in ghosts and if told about a ghostly encounter...

He Couldn't Run That Fast! on 2017-09-04

My parents were married for about two years at the time of this incident. The two-bedroom house they stayed in used to belong to my mother's step-father who left it to her in his will. It was known as a semi-detached house. The piece of land next to the house was large enough to build a second hou...

Lifted Off His Feet on 2017-08-29

This happened to my Dad some years back. The house my parents were living in was a two bedroom house. There was a small patch of grass in the front of the house and the veranda was just two steps from the front gate. When visitors arrived during the day, they always walked to the back of the house a...

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Date: 2018-01-02
I couldn't agree with you more! But as I see things across the globe... Its not long now.
Hi MarvinScott. I meant to add something in my previous message to you. My (now deceased) mother used to say that we should be afraid of the living, because the dead cannot do us any harm. She relayed many stories of her personal encounters with the paranormal, and would offer to sit in a cemetary alone at night because "nobody was home." However if she had met you, I think she would have changed her mind.😃
Hi MarvinScott. I suppose I should be thankful that I reside on the other side of the earth. If I was living in your area, I would probably embarrass myself by inviting you for a bottomless cup of coffee and encourage you to tell me about all your experiences! Your stories are amazing and you should really consider writing that book. The mere fact that you never once bolted directly after any of your experiences boggles the mind. Please continue with your story-telling. I look forward to reading them. Kind regards.
Date: 2017-12-11
Hi Fergie.
Due to the fact that the french family and the other neighbour refused to communicate with my brother again, he never found out what happened that night. But I am quite sure that the entity could make itself look like my brother. (Doppelganger?). That's why the one neighbour said "I actually saw you do it." And that's why the french girls mother accused him of scaring the teenage girls... They probably saw what 'looked' like my brother.
Date: 2017-12-11
Hi Fergie.
Looking forward to it!
I don't have many friends who share my interest in ghost stories.
Date: 2017-12-11
Hi Fergie.
Thanks for the very interesting story! I live in Honeydew (Roodepoort), very near to the Wilgeheuwel hospital. 😊
Hi roylynx.
Background of the story: The teenager son came home after school one day to find his mother had committed suicide in the living room of their house. His father found out that his mother was having an affair. The father wanted a divorce and the mother couldn't handle that so she took her own life. The house was then sold to unsuspecting buyers who were awakened by the ghost of the woman during nights. They couldn't find peace in the house and sold it to my sister without warning her of their reason for selling the house. My sister continuously experienced various strange occurrences in the house so she and her husband also sold the house. I feel sorry for whoever stays there now.
Hi Fergie.
I recall reading about your uncle's experience. Spooky! 😨
Hi roylynx.
The strange haunting began shortly after the renovations were completed. It carried on until they sold up a few years later.
Date: 2017-11-04
A wonderful story Emmaline. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. 😊
Hi Jubeele,
Yes I agree with you. The change in decor was not what the lady wanted and her way of getting attention was to knock over the dirtbin. Scary!
Date: 2017-10-07
Hi Jubeele
I don't think Doris visited often enough to notice the extent of Dollys illness. If she did, she didn't mention anything. Also, being a nun, I doubt Doris would believe the theory that Tom and his father could actually have been the cause of Dollys illness. I do believe however that Dolly and Bernard are finally both at rest.
Date: 2017-10-06
Hi Jubeele
Very interesting question! You know the strange thing is that Bernard ended up having to deal with a wife who was so severely depressed that he probably regretted marrying her. That is why I think that Tom and his father did something to make sure that Dolly's marriage was not a happy one. To try make her happy Bernard would rush off to the jeweller store to buy her a ring or a watch or a bracelate each time she went into a state of deep depression. She ended up with more rings than fingers! The doctor told her to keep herself busy by sewing or knitting, etc and she ended up with two sewing machines and a knitting machine. She couldn't work any of them and didn't really bother trying. By the time they were really elderly (70s) he left her in the capable hands of their eldest son and went on a 4-5 month well-deserved holiday. Not long after his return he became ill and passed away. I'm sure Tom was happy (wherever he was then). Dolly passed away some years later. I always felt terribly sorry for Bernard.
Date: 2017-10-05
Hi AugustaM
I don't think it crossed her mind to seek any sort of help. Pity she didn't because I think she would have lived a much happier life had she gone to see someone who could help her.
Date: 2017-09-29
Hi lady-glow.

I'm not sure when Tom's father passed but I've always felt that there was a strong connection between Tom, his father and Dolly.
I was told that Tom was really angry when Dolly broke the engagement. I may be wrong but I believe that Tom had something to do with Dolly's depression. He threatened her to the extent that he meant exactly what he said.
Date: 2017-09-22
Hi tace
Due to the many tenants complaining about strange/paranormal activities on the two properties, the owners of the properties made some enquiries. They found out that the houses were built ontop of an old cemetary. Many years ago that area belonged to a farmer and the farmer had a small section where family members were buried when they passed away.
Date: 2017-09-15
Hi Fergie. I re-read your question. You asked me where I am from. I live in Honeydew Roodepoort (close to Wilgeheuwel Hospital). Not too far from Randfontein. 😊
Hi Anno_Domini. It could be. I'm not sure.

Hi AugustaM. The house is not very big. It was built around 1900. My parents had one small son (my eldest brother) at the time. Many people used to employ domestic workers who helped with cleaning etc. A lot of domestic workers had the name 'Miriam' so in all probability this 'Miriam' could have been a worker in this home before. My parents never had any helpers at the time so I strongly suspect that this gentleman had some previous connection to the house. Miriam was likely also connected to this house in some way. As for his attire, my mom's eyes were glued to the face of a man who was standing so far from the door and yet he was so tall! I don't think the property could be researched as all new owners would dismiss any mention of 'ghostly activity' and refuse to have their property 'investigated'. It would be great if they would tell of any experiences they have had.
Date: 2017-09-08
Hi Anno_Domini. Unfortunately my dad passed on. I would love to sit with him and hear the story (and other experiences he had) once again.
Date: 2017-09-07
Hi there Cloudy. I often wonder about that night and what exactly did the 'negative' spirit want. Was there more than one 'negative' spirit? Who was the 'caring' spirit that stopped my dad from harm's way? I would certainly love to know. I have since posted another story that happened to my parents in this house. It will hopefully appear soon. It's also a very interesting story. Thanks for reading Cloudy. Cheers!