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Cat Friends on 2007-06-09

It was a sunny, clear, Saturday in June. The temperature was 72, and still rising. My mom was at work, so I was left home with my dad and the animals. "When you're done with those dishes, why don't you take the critters out in the backyard to play? They could use the exercise; especially that freaky...

My Dog, an Old Friend on 2007-06-03

A few years back, I had a wonderful pet dog. She was a black lab and a very good and loyal friend. If I was sad, she would lay next to me and comfort me. I never felt scared when she was around. Then, at the age of 14 (very old for a dog), she died. I was so lonely after that. I didn't quite kno...

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Date: 2007-06-04
No, it does not mean the ghost is going to kill you. Being scared is just human. If a person doesn't understand something, they are scared of it. All you have to do is learn more about it, then you won't be scared anymore.