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The Red Lady Is Staring At Me on 2016-08-01

I'm a lurker in this page for years, but it's only today that I had the confidence to actually submit a story. Anyway, a short background. I am a "sensitive". I can feel and sometimes see things that normal people don't feel or see, since childhood. My grandmother said it's because of my lineage....

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Date: 2016-08-01
That urban legend is really familiar. Pray tell, is that dormitory the same one next to CPAR?
I personally think the demon is a hallucination due to sleep paralysis. I had the same episode for a long time now, years now actually. The same phenomenon have been subjected to studies which show that the "entities" we see while in a state of sleep paralysis are mere hallucinations. However, hallucinations or not, I think, given my Christian background, as long as it strengthened your faith, then at least your belief in Him was strengthened.