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Quick Visit From My Deceased Grandmother on 2017-03-30

One of my very first experiences of the paranormal was when I was about 11-12 years old. Me and my cousin (his name is Adam, only a year older than me) had gained a lot of interest in the paranormal and decided it would be cool to try and talk to spirits, now before I get further into the story, I n...

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Macknorton, I can honestly say I can't remember at that time what the tuner was set on, it was actually my cousin's idea and I'd have to ask him what it was set on. My cousin's house is also located in a neighborhood far from the city so there was no noise contamination, and once we asked questions we were dead silent, and the room we were in did have great acoustics so there was no echo and bounce back from our voices. And lastly, the reason we picked 2:50 was because we had heard there is sometimes correlation with the number 3 from spirits, mainly bad spirits, but not always, I believe it was just a huge coincidence on how it all happened around that time. Thank you for reading! I will have more stories to share in the near future! 😁