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The Strange Lamb Doll on 2016-08-04

My dad and I love going to antique stores. Sometimes I'm just drawn to certain items. Once, we went to a new antique store and I went one way to look at a certain booth while he did his own thing. Usually, I like to look at the old toys, wondering who they used to belong to and such. Well, I came...

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Date: 2016-09-08
Wow, thank you everyone who responded! Isn't it interesting how apparently there is a common theme among lamb dolls? Tweed, I enjoyed your "it should host its own damn show" hahaha.

Ladydarke, you really did well with explaining that. I do think I am sensitive towards certain objects and am open to exploring that. I probably will research it more. I love antique stores but they really take their toll on me.

Lanternspirit, that's so crazy that you'd flashes of that. Out of curiosity, what did it look like?

Thanks everyone:)