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-Every year I get obsessed with ghost stories for a few months. It's horrible.

-I have sleep paralysis often. I would like to talk about this but I don't want to confirm and thus enable anything. Someday I hope it stops.

-Other than that I am just your Average Joe.
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She Couldn't Make It. She's Sorry. on 2016-08-08

This is a story my father told me and my sisters when we were still kids. It was his own experience as a child back in Nueva Ecija in the 1960s. My grandmother's father died. Unfortunately she could not attend the funeral for whatever reason. I don't remember why, either work or something about ...

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illumi_zoldyck: They're from San Jose!

I like to believe he forgave her for not attending...

Pats2: That's actually very interesting. She had to be scared first in order to let go, huh.