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Carolyn Earsom
United States
After a 38 year career in the Healthcare Industry, I have retired. For fun I paint in oils and do acrylic Tole painting. Married for 50 years, my husband is retired too. We have one genius Son who keeps our computers going.

Insight as to my YGS name, we have had many Beagles throughout the years. And I currently am down to one at the present time! Shiloh figures prominently in our lives.

Between my husband and I, he is the Psychic one. I have always been fascinated by parapsychology and ghosts, hauntings and serendipitous behavior of inanimate objects!
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F St. Victorian, Eureka, California on 2017-02-15

When we were first married in 1966, we moved to Eureka for college. Our apartment was on the ground floor, (front 4 rooms) of a Victorian "mansion". I always called it a Victorian tract house because of there being a short row of them, all alike, on F street. The house was stately in its day, and wa...

My Dad Returned! on 2016-12-29

I have submitted this story years ago to the's ghost story site. It seems to have gone defunct, so since I landed here, I have decided to share it with YGS crew! My Father was a remarkable carpenter and talented builder of custom homes. My husband and I bought a lot near Mom & Dads, as ...

Disappearing And Reappearing Diamond Pendant on 2016-09-29

This is really not a ghost story, but rather an unbelievable occurrence. I received a diamond and white gold pendant from my husband to celebrate our first wedding anniversary back in 1967. Years later, while my hubby was deployed to Guam during the Vietnam "Conflict", I had it on and was shoppi...

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Hi Melda!

Late as usual, me not you! I so enjoy your submissions! We had a neighbor who had the same kind of clotheslines when I was growing up. What a time we had with the laundry on wash day! Their line was always spinning in the breeze, or by the hand of one or another of us kids. Yes the dogs went wild as well. I can just see the "man" playfully biting your pants to get a rise out of Craig. I bet he roared at the sight! I too dream about past residences!

I will be off of this site for about a month as we leave for our trip to the UK on Sunday! I will really have lots of reading to do once we return!

Mother of Beagles
Carolyn E.
Date: 2017-05-25
Hi Melda!

I learned something from you today. May I quote you? "I think many people experience these flash images but simply discard them as having no meaning. I too tend to discard them but when they keep recurring, they tend to become more meaningful.
So take more note of what flashes through your mind!"

I always just push these "flashes" of insight aside. I get lots of them, mostly inconsequential. But afterward, I think, Oh Yeah! I KNEW this or that was going to happen. I just figure I am a good guesser. Maybe not! Who am I receiving this wisdom from? God? My deceased parents? A spirit guide? Just wondering if you've got any insight.

Friend Husband and I are preparing for our "Holiday" in London and Ireland. I don't get to this sight as often as I'd like. Don't give up on me, I will be back!

Mother of Beagles

I enjoyed reading your post. As a retired medical professional, I always urge a visit to the family doctor. They will be able to refer you to the type of therapist that would suit your needs.

I assume your psychic healer did cleanse your home and was able to rid you of the attachments. I sincerely hope you are coming out of your depression. The reason I suggest seeing a doctor is that sometimes we need a little medication to help us resolve these matters. I also recommend Rook's cleansing for your home, if your psychic didn't do a cleansing for you.

Wishing you the best!

Mother of Beagles
Date: 2017-05-14
Thank you so much for sharing your story! I too have loved animals like my own children, it is horrible when one passes on. It is a comfort to me to know that someone else is as close to their animals as I am. I keep saying I am not psychic, that my hubby is. I never have had the pleasure of a visit from a dog or cat who has passed through the veil. I do know that one of my Beagles has amazing gifts of discernment and is quite psychic in her own way! That dog has even taken "Gifts" to the grave of one of her "brothers" (in the guise of a dead critter). A tribute? Who knows how the minds of Beagles work? Other than, they always want to play and have unlimited treats!
Thank you again for your story. It warms my heart to know about your love for your"Babies"!

Mother of Beagles
Date: 2017-05-07

Well you have succeeded in your account worming itself into my favorites! Enjoyed your narrative immensely. I am a romantic at heart and a lover of good stories. So, of course, I really liked it. Rather well told.

This story just slays me because I am the type to plot out a trip and know weeks in advance where I will be and stay. I find, even in the 80's, it hard to believe anyone would just leave to chance something as important as where to spend the night! Of course, I am no camper, as my poor hubby will attest to. But I can imagine there are people who live the sort of life where "chance" is an attractive prospect! I mean no disrespect.

Thanks for sharing your story,

Mother of Beagles
Date: 2017-05-04
Amyjad ❤

Isn't it just the most baffling thing to have something like that happen? Please read my post about my Diamond Pendant! It has bugged the heck out of me forever! I guess we are the victims of a jewelry loving spirit, or (GULP) demon!

Here is the link:

Glad your pendant and chain are safe! Thanks for your story and Welcome to YGS!

Mother of Beagles
Date: 2017-04-30

What a fascinating account. It kept reminding me of an old movie I had watched or a dream I had. Can't quite put my finger on it.

Then I got down to the Lilly Pillys and stopped dead! I had to Google them. I thought you had made them up. Then it hit me, you live in Australia... Your flora and fauna are much different from California. I think I better take myself off to bed. Must need to sleep!

Well, when you get to be over 60 years old, I am sure you might agree with me that old age has its downfalls!

Mother of Beagles
Hi Melda!

Well Good heavens! I have told you that you are a brave soul and this account proves it. I would have had friend husband with me every time I went there, even before the occurrence!

How unsettling to think that the ghostie might be the thief the cops dispatched! Shot dead you say? Well that would explain how he made a perfect mess at Em's house. Poor bird, they're sensitive you know.

Thanks for such a great account of an incident that would have caused me to rush to the nearest spa for some soothing!

Mother of Beagles
Date: 2017-04-28
Sorry Tweed,

I just had to tell Melda how much she cracked me up! Bra, indeed!

Mother of Beagles
Date: 2017-04-27

This tomb is going into my Favorites! Lord knows I usually can't stick with a long read here at YGS but your story captivated me and sent shivers down my spine. Not just the footsteps, the duck, or the feeling you got on the grounds. The house itself is a veritable Aladdin's Cave of delights!

I had a thought, when reading about the dogs going off, when just before, they were asleep. My old Beagle Penny was amazing. She would be snug in her bed, snoring even! Then be instantly awake and baying like one of the Hounds of the Baskervilles. Turns out that her sense of smell was at work. In our bedroom (where her bed was) we have french doors. Out the doors in the back yard, we have a koi pond, a hill behind it and a block wall at the top of the hill which runs the whole length of the property. You know Beagles have good noses, (but when they are out cold?) My Hubby happened to be on the back deck stargazing when he noticed an opossum running along the back wall. All he could see was its silhouette, but there was no doubt that he saw it. Simultaneous to the opossum using the wall as a highway, Penny was instantly awake and howling up a storm! Could it be those dogs in the Kitchen smelled something in the yard? Penny would wake us up with that blood curdling yelp with great regularity, we must have had lots of opossums! Just a thought!

I must say I will buy a ticket to be next to Melda on her week long investigative jaunt! What a delightful time we would have! I will leave the dog at home, but will pack a toothbrush, just in case!

Mother of Beagles
Date: 2017-04-26
Ok! I'm slow to join in, but I'm a card carrying toothbrush wielder! Works on the Beagle!


Mother of Beagles
As usual, I am late with my remarks. I like to stretch out reading submitted ghost stories because they are like dessert! A treat to be savored!

Your tale is going to my Favorites! I found it well written and found myself standing there with you imagining what my own reactions would be if I were in your place.

I must say, I have lived in a haunted house, and never was I ever tempted to communicate with the spirit! Let sleeping dogs lie! We (hubby and I) were able to move out of our haunted property, but ended up living there a second time! Someone wanted us there, I always quip! If you are bound by circumstance to live there for the time being, I would hope you could lead as normal lives as you can. I am a born chicken, and I would never "stir things up", so to say. If you are the adventuresome type, please do a cleansing before attempting to start a conversation.

Wishing you the Best!

Mother of Beagles
Hi Melda!

Congrats on the new set of Baby Legs! My only child, a son (unmarried and pushing 39) just rolls his eyes when I muse out loud about grandchildren... 'nuff said!

Mother of Beagles

Having a ghost crash your PC with important court transcriptions on it is akin to having my Shiloh (sweet Beagle) "Eat your Homework". Loved your story! Just today I noticed everything that I have saved in my"Flagged" file on email has gone. Don't know where. I know I didn't delete it! They are all things I needed to keep handy in regards to an upcoming UK vacation. Hopefully Friend Husband has hard copies somewhere!

Still having a good laugh at your story!

Mother of Beagles
Date: 2017-04-11
lady-glow, Melda,Manafon1, zzsgranny,Macknorton,rookdygin, spiritwaiting,valkricry,JustAnotherPerson andTrondheimjente,

I, for one, can attest to the power of a toothbrush! My Beagle runs away if I ever even show her a toothbrush! Powerful mojo must reside therein!

Hope some of you see this, I just got to this story today. I know, I'm slow! Too bad that ghostsandglasses won't be reading. Might get a kick out of this silliness!

As Ever,

Mother of Beagles
I too, like Spiritwaiting, was with you every second of your discourse! You really have a way of telling a tale!
Thankful that I was safe in my office, I was right there with you in that cold dark place. I for one am grateful for the sweet Beagle at my feet. She was most comforting to me as I read and reread your story.
Many thanks for sharing with us and welcome to YGS!

Mother of Beagles
Date: 2017-04-05
Dear Moondog,

I have a similar thing happen with a pendant coming off a chain. Both were perfectly intact and nothing was broken.
Please read my story, Disappearing And Reappearing Diamond Pendant. Heres a link:

It boggles the mind that two linked items can separate without damaging each other.
Glad things have settled down for you.
Thanks for the interesting read!

Mother of Beagles
Date: 2017-04-03
Yep, Me too. I read it yesterday and I just reread it. Hard to say, but I am always so gullible, to my detriment! Only If I'm going to sit on the fence, I want a Coke Zero and the forbidden Cheetos!
Date: 2017-03-30
Hi Tweed,
Laying in my bed, as a child in Southern California, I could see the Eucalyptus trees across the street. From my vantage, I could see the top 1/3 of the row of 7 or 8. I would stare at them during the Santa Ana winds that frequented my town. I was fascinated by the shapes of the tops and the branches hanging down as 'Eucs are won't to do. They would bend low and spring back in the wind and I was sure they were persons in their own right. They would bring their "Heads" together in quiet secret talks, then bend back into the air and shake off the "conversation" as it were. I could watch these friends forever. Always telling secrets and then pretending to just be trees again. To this day, I have the tendency to personify trees. I think with good reason!

Thank You for your story Tweed! It brought back a special time in my childhood.

Mother of Beagles
Date: 2017-03-25
Oh! I forgot to tell you that I put your tale into my "Favorites"

Mother of Beagles