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I'm a creative realist whom has witnessed a large spectrum of things, spirts of deceased loved ones and things that I am yet to identify.

I am a healer, a shield and I can sometimes see things before they happen. I am also an empath, mind you I do not call myself a witch I was simply born with some gifts that not everyone decides to hold on to.

I can see past lives concerning myself and others but I never look too deep unless asked to do so. I am very sensitive to energy around objects or buildings.

I love listening to an eclectic span of music and writing. I guess you could say that I've always been peculiar to most but that just makes things all the more interesting. I take things seriously and with a splash of humour. Viewing the world with an open mind and extreme curiosity.

While I am no psychic there is little that takes me by suprise. I hope you will enjoy what I have to share with you.
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Is It Her, Another Manipulative Spirit Or My Mind? on 2017-08-31

In the last few months a lot has happened, some good and some horrible. My baby girl was born a few months ago and while it was a rough start things balanced out and she and I are healthy. All things seemed normal for awhile, life was good; a healthy happy baby, Maggie was about to start school,...

Pregnancy And Paranormal Experiences on 2017-04-13

I am currently 7 months pregnant with my second child and while we have almost always had something going on in our home I noticed something different. I was around two months pregnant at the time that we started getting new activity in the house. Of course the prankster still messes with our kitche...

I Got Your Back on 2016-09-15

This experience took place in a darker part of my life when I was seventeen, that is still hard to look back on. At the time my home life was beyond hell. My parents had separated when I was ten and as soon as she walked out the door the abuse began.Dad's excuse in half hearted apologies was that I ...

My Disappearing Friend on 2016-09-13

When I was younger my parents and I tended to move a lot, mainly because my Mom despised staying in one place for too long. As she often said " There are simply too many things to do and see, so why settle?" I was seven when we she got a job offer in Springfield Missouri at the primary school, o...

The Prankster And The Seeker on 2016-08-23

A few months ago my fiancee and I noticed some activity in our house. It started like most situations I've been in, a few by passing shadows and unrecognizable whispers. Until it decided to really try to get our attention. Well specifically mine, which I found interesting though not really shocking ...

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Jubeelee, I am sorry for your loss as well. Losing a child in any circumstance is very difficult indeed. It's like a huge part of You goes with them. I do believe You are right when you mentioned that what Collin saw was our Maggie and what I saw wasn't. It is highly possible that she was attempting to reach out to me with her Kangaroo. I still don't know, I just hope that she has found rest.

Sincerely, Allicatt ❤
Ann4shadow, I can relate to a lot of the things you have mentioned above. The guilt, constantly having to make sure Collin and my baby are ok, and everything feels unreal. Like a haze, the possible spirit in my living room is definitely disturbing. Though I'm still not certain it was a spirit, maybe it was my mind playing tricks on me... I honestly am not sure.

Half the time dreams and reality and what I think is really there or when I think I hear something I honestly am not sure what is real and what isn't. Everything and almost everyone is questionable at the moment. I really don't know if that makes sense or not but it is what it is. I am sorry that you know the pain of losing a child. And I hope you find true peace one day.

Sincerely, Allicatt
Mysteryresearch, I have to agree with a lot of what you had to say. I think part of it is coming out of shock and grief, though I think some of it is her. Like the kangaroo falling, it was one of her favorite stuffed animals and maybe the baby book. The rest now that I go back and forth think on it over the last few days is my mind playing tricks on me. While I am still uncomfortable with therapy I am keeping a journal. Thank you for your kind words and advice.

Sincerely, Allicatt
Rook, I can understand that and to answer your question I really don't think I am ready to let her go but at the same time I don't want to hold her here. It's a very conflicting situation unfortunately. Though I certainly want the best for her... I have a lot of thinking to do.

Rook, I am so sorry for the loss of your baby, even in my loss of Maggie I can not grasp the amount of pain that could have caused. A journal could be a useful tool, I am willing to try. I truly hope that we are not holding her here, neither of us have had a dream of Maggie. It was not a rude statement at all. Mainly eye opening, is there a way that I can help her pass on? I've never been fully successful in helping a spirit move forward. It's as if they get so far and either stuck or seem like they pass on and don't. I have only been successful a few times and by few I mean twice. Thank you for advice and keeping us in your prayers.

Sincerely, Allicatt
valkricry, I am sorry that you know the pain of losing a child, and what you described seeing your son everywhere... It is almost exactly what's going on. Except Maggie doesn't always look the same. Sometimes she is ok and smiling, sometimes she is colorless but only once with blood coming out of her eyes and mouth. Sometimes I swear, I hear her laugh other times it's days of silence. Hugs being sent your way I hope that you have found peace and a new joy. Thank you for explaining that, I feel a little less nuts. And Collin and I are considering counseling... Just a little iffy still.

I have to agree with what you have said as well, and please don't take this as rude but especially as her mother. I gave her life, I was the nurturer, her security, kissed away the owies, her voice the majority of the time seeing she was autistic and mainly nonverbal. I was supposed to calm every fever and sickness... And when Maggie's life was literally in my hands, she was reliant on my very breath until help could come. I do feel that I failed her, I held her when she was warm and pink a brand new baby and I have held her life less body. 😢 Needless to say You are very correct, it very well could be my guilt affecting what I see and hear. Thank you for such kind words and I am so glad your child pulled through, hold them close and value every moment. As to if there is a reason for all this, probably and hopefully one day I will see it. Thank you for your kindness.

Annie, That is very sweet of you thank you and truly appreciated.

Melda, I am sorry that, this is upsetting though I am glad you're child pulled through as well, As I said to Randy maybe one day I will understand the reasoning though for now I just take things as they are. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts, and for being so kind.

Sincerely, Alli ❤
Tace, Thank you I appreciate that very much, one day at a time is all we can do. ❤
AugustaM, Thank you for bringing up that factor, grief can affect the way we see things. And I truly appreciate everyone who is sending positive energy our way. I do know that we will have to clean out Maggie's room eventually though, I don't know how soon I can face that point. It's currently all we have left besides pictures and memories it may sound strange but it's like having a bit of her with us. The cleansing is good idea as well, I will try Rook's and hope it is more effective than my own. As for mold and things of that nature thankfully I know that isn't an issue we had that checked when I found out I was pregnant, I have considered grief counseling, it's just very difficult talking to a stranger about my inner most thoughts and emotions but something we may need to do none the less. Thank you for your kind words, and advice. Maybe a new hobby could be helpful, at this point anything to stop thinking constantly. The mind can be a dangerous place at times.

Sincerely, Allicatt
Date: 2017-09-04
Valkricry, What a great share it makes sense, the abused protecting the abused. Especially considering her estimated time, the older women were to protect and guide the younger women, without interference concerning the relationship of course. It's great that you could help her and in a sense help open her eyes. The supernatural and spiritual gifts are very real. Great job, I am adding this to my favs as well, Keep up the good work.

Sincerely, Allicatt ❤
Rcruskin, and cryssmo Maggie died from what started as a simple sickness that quickly progressed, we went from her having the flu for a few days to being fine but started not eating or drinking much to throwing up again and we took her to get checked out they said it was the flu and sent her home. Two days later, she died on the way to taking her back to the hospital, because she was severely dehydrated. They attempted to save her and she was on life support for about a week but from the lack of oxygen and blood to her brain it did a lot of damage and we were told that she would spend the rest of her life as a vegetable or we could let her go... Needless to say she went through alot.

Roylynx, it didn't happen around those times but rather I saw her in the living room around two and the activity in her bedroom was around 8pm a few nights later. Though I'm not sure what time Collin saw her at work, he didn't specify.

Cryssmo, Yes, we still live in the same house though we hope to move within the year. I'm not sure if it is the same spirit, if it's something else or if it is Maggie. I simply hope to gain an understanding of it all.

Thank you all for your kind words and advice.

Sincerely, Allicatt
Hello Everyone, Sorry I'm just now getting back with all of You. I was having some complications with my pregnancy and so our baby came a little earlier than expected but were both fine now and settled in. As for the little girl that I had written the story about well things have gotten... Interesting since we brought the baby home. She has become more distant and while she hasn't caused any physical harm she is raising hell. Mainly a lot of door slamming, and messing with the baby's things again. I'm not really sure how to handle this situation entirely especially with Maggie readjusting and taking care of a newborn but I will figure it out and any advice is welcome. I'm mainly racking my brain on how to help her pass on and how best to approach her about it. She just seems so angry and sad at the same time. I am trying to find some history on the house that was tied to the property to help make sense of a few things its just currently slow going. Thank you guys for being patient.

Wishing you all the best,
Hi Mack, Please allow me to make a quick announcement and I will come back to answer your questions.

To anyone following this story both commenting and not please note that in the next few weeks I may not be able to answer your questions as quickly as I have been due to some things that I learned concerning my pregnancy and precautions that we are going to have to take, my little one could be here in a matter of weeks and I have quite a bit of preparation left concerning my daughter Maggie's care while I am in the hospital and myself including multiple up coming doctor appointments. I simply didn't want anyone to think that I am ignoring You, I thank each of You in advance for reading this and for being patient and understanding. Depending on how things go after delivery it may still be awhile before I can come back, but I will be returning.

Wishing You all the best,

Alrighty, coming back to You Mack let's see if I can purify this water a little bit rather than throwing in Yet another handful of dirt. Starting with using the EVP recorder.

And before anyone says it yes I know this source of EVP recorder is not highly reliable but one of the recorders used that showed the words being spoken on my screen was an app on my phone. Titled Ghost hunting tools (detector) anyone that has a smartphone can look it up under google play store. I tried it under the suggestion of a friend who said she used it a few times and liked it so curiosity got the better of me. While it is far from fully accurate and you obviously get words that have nothing to do with what's going on I did get a few words that were relevant to the conversation the little girl and I were having but in the long run I ended up deleting the app because honestly while its not really that grand, kind of useful but not enough to keep. I never mentioned this before because I already know that a lot are looking at this as fictional unfortunately but everyone has a right to question it as I know that this site gets a lot of evident contient that is fictional and I didn't want everyone to think that I was an idiot on top of it all. BUT I was also using our original EVP recorder to capture the actual voice recording which is an 8Gb digital Ghost EVP recorder. Definitely not top of the line but a lot more reliable than some that I have had. The majority of the conversation I was using my gifts focusing mostly on hearing and using the EVP recorder and app as a second refrence. As for your question of can You guys hear the recording I honestly am not sure how I can send it.

Its stored on a memory card that is in the Evp recorder of course and right now we do not have a working laptop seeing that Maggie pulled it off our kitchen counter while it was charging and it damaged the screen and the keyboard and the usb cord that goes from my EVP recorder to hook up to a device is too large to be plugged into my phone. I'm not sure how I could get the recording to my phone from the Evp recorder unfortunately... Future refrence to anyone with a toddler four year olds and electronics are not a good combination especially when it has a touchscreen and flimsy plastic hinges that connect the keyboard to the screen. 😕

Secondly thank you for explaining that spirits can only see objects in as You described a shadowy or dark object that is something I did not know and find both sad and interesting I'm going to look into that. Do You know why that's the case? I have never heard of that before, the only logical explanation that I have concerning her being drawn to the toy is I'm pretty sure that she has never had someone actually give her a gift before or actually show her kindness.

I purposley got a horse because I know that she was around animals when she was alive seeing that in the dream I had there were chickens and horses I thought something familiar may actually draw her to it and I got one with the rainbow mane and tail because I thought it would bring her joy because what little girl dosent love something bright and colorful but now knowing that spirits can't see things in color but more shadowy objects I know that won't be the case. I'm not really sure other wise why she would be drawn to it other than the knowing that it is hers alone and possibly that made her feel important or special which was my intent I wanted her to actually feel loved for once.

As for how I try and help spirits cross over which please keep in mind I haven't had a lot of sucess with this. I am still improving my methods and I am completely open to any advice that others may have concerning it.

I always make sure my house has been thoroughly cleansed, that I am fully shielded and protected and I normally use a white candle, incense (usually a calming nature based scent or myrrh) and an amethyst stone that I keep charged with peaceful energy. I then invite the spirit that I have been encountering to step forward and to focus on the place that they are attempting to go. Like you would when You are trying to astral project and to see and feel themself there until they reach their destination. I have only known it to help twice unfortunately and I am still trying to learn better ways to help as it seems through the years I have encountered a lot of spirits that seem to be stuck here and there is little I can normally do to help.

If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask.

Sincerely, Allicatt
Valkricry, Thank you for those points especially the years. I thought about comparing based on clothing and things of that nature I was just having a hard time with the clothing. Honestly, I never would have thought about the insult being a good point as well. Missouri is known for a lot of war history involvment a few more than others. I appreciate your insight.

Sincerely, Alli
Hello Tweed, Let me just take a second to say thank you for your honesty concerning all of this. I would much rather You just out right say it then to continue with the captin planet get up even though you do have a good sense of humor. I would like to say that it is not in my intentions to as you said "garnering attention." That is not why I shared this story at all. I shared this experience because I thought it was something that others could take interest in. I have absolutely nothing to gain from spinning a tale about a little ghost girl who has went through horrific things. I couldn't begin to even make up a story so horrid to draw attention that is absolutely wrong in so many ways. Nor am I attempting to be a damsel in distress, I am sorry if this seems far fetch or false and You have every right to question it, I joined this site because I enjoy other peoples accounts and stories even though I don't comment often I hope that later I can some how be of help even if its just a word of comfort or uunderstanding, being able to give someone else advice in a topic I'm strong in, who knows.

Sincerely, Alli 😊
Hello Mack 😊

Thank you for all of your questions and I do apologize for the delay in response. I will do my best to answer all of your questions.

Your first question why at first Maggie could see her clearly and I could only see her in shadow form. My best explanation is this, while I do have psychic abilities I am by no means an expert. I have noticed through the years that a lot of times I can either see, hear or feel them clearly if I am fully focusing and open to the spirit. A good example would be if I am solely trying to see them then normally I have a harder time hearing them clearly and vice versa. I can almost always feel spirits around me or in my home but I can rarely see and hear a spirit clearly at the same time unless I completely open myself to them. When I was younger that was not the case at all but unfortunately over the years that has changed. For what reason I can't really exsplain. I also believe that at the time the little girl didn't trust me She probably trusted Maggie because she is a child reaching out to another and while I don't believe that she can effect my perception I do believe that in a sense she was trying to hide from me because the little girl has had horrible history with adults in general.

When I said that I rarely have difficulties seeing spirits which I rarely do its because of all my senses I rely on sight the most and usually that is how I first notice that something is around that normally isnt. I hope that makes sense.

Leading to the night that I used my EVP recorder, the night that I set up the Evp recorder I had opened myself up completely to the little girl and while it took her a while to approach the little horse I got her while I was in the room and even longer for her to actually talk to me I was leaning more on trying to hear her that night. She wasn't strictly talking to the recorder but more to me. Later when I went back and actually listened to my Evp recording it was a lot as you said. Only a few words were actually understandable and the rest static. I was able to make out " mine " (when she was referring to the horse) and " Girl" (when I asked her name the first time) .

I rarely rely strictly on equipment because it isn't fully reliable or just my gifts because as I said above they are not as sharp as they use to be, which is my own fault but true none the less. I always like to have a form of confirmation being it another person or equipment when I am trying to help a spirit in some way or another.

Leading to your final three points concerning why I shared this experience here, research and psychics/ Mediums. I originally shared this here not looking for help but rather because one I have posted a few exsperiences before and got interesting insight on things that happened when I was a child and a teenager one that was happening when I shared it and I got some good advice. Secondly because I thought that some of the users may find it interesting I honestly didn't know if the little girl was going to come back or not but she did and I was asked to share anything new that may have happened later on concerning this so I did and in the end I did end up looking for advice because I am having a difficult time helping her pass on. Some spirits its easier to help lead to passing than others.

I haven't been able to get a lot of research done concerning the history of the land because I don't have a lot of information concerning the little girl. I don't have a first or last name to go by or a year unfortunately and concedering this house has been here for years I don't really know where to begin. As for the psychic or medium coming into my home I'm just not comfortable with that there are just to many fakes and allowing someone I don't know into my home is not something I am ok with. Nor can I really afford something like that either. I hope that I have answered all of your questions and that it helps bring some clarity. If you have anymore please feel free to ask.

Sincerely, Alli
Bibilo, Unfortunately that seems to be the case and I feel as if I'm standing on a rickety bridge above a long fall when it comes to her. As ridiculous or dangerous as this may sound I feel as if I am responsible for her. I'm just not sure how to handle it from here, as You said it probably is rage that is keeping her sentient and I am very lucky that she walked away and didn't lash out.

As hard as it may be I think my next best step is trying to help her pass on. Though before I can even begin to do that I have to rebuild the trust that I just tattered. To go from seeing her tiny smile first time ever back to angry and blank in one night is heartwrenching.

Hopefully I can think of the best way of helping her pass on peacefully so she dosent have to live with all that anger and hurt anymore.

Beautinside, She definitely has been through a lot more than any person especially child should ever have to endure. I have dreamed more about what she has went through and seeing that there are younger users on this site I won't be going into detail. I can say she has seen just about every form of abuse there is. Physical, emotional, sexual... Its just beyond brutal. If anyone deserves peace and happiness its this precious little girl.

Sincerely, Alli
AugustaM, Thank you for reading and your comment, You bring up a lot of valid points. While I am not comfortable bringing a psychic or a medium into my home mainly because there are so many phonies and other spiritual hazards that can come with it. You have brought a lot of good research points to my attention.

I haven't really had the chance to look into the actual property history here because I have been busy getting things settled with Maggie and getting ready for my baby who is going to be here sooner than we thought but after things calm down a bit I do plan on seeing what I can find and letting everyone know.

I also do have an update for those who have been following. A few nights ago I was thinking of a way that I could better communicate with the little girl since she wouldn't talk directly with or to me. So I decided to get out my EVP reader and see if I would have any better luck. So I told her that it was a game and that she could tell me anything she wanted with it and nobody else in the house would know.

I set it down in the livingroom next to her pony and waited for anything after about an hour of watching the bars spike and fall between trying to occupy myself with a book I finally got my first word.


I smiled as I watched the horse fall over on its side looked over and saw her running her tiny fingers through the yarn rainbow mane.


Yes, I replied the horse is just for you. You can play with her anytime you want.



I thought she meant was Maggie going to play with her horse, so I told her no that Maggie wouldn't take it.


She can play with You tommrow she is sleeping.

For the first time ever I saw the tinest smile on her face it took everything in me not to tear up. I wanted to know more about her and had the top underlying question her name. I didn't want to chance ruining such a special moment so I tried to approach it carefully.

Can I ask you a question?

There was a long pause and I finally saw yes come across my screen.

Whats your name?

Another long pause followed by the word


I stopped confused wondering if I worded my question in a way she understood.

I know Your a girl sweetie but what's your name what do people call you?

She looked at me hard her eyes once again emotionless and her lips a firm angry line.


After that she stood up and walked out through the wall leading into Maggies room. I went to the door and looked in but she was no where to be found. I hope that I will get the chance to talk with her again but next time I will be more careful. I just hope everything isn't undone.
Date: 2017-04-25
This really pulls at the heart strings, its so hard to let someone You love go.

Though I believe that in a way Your grandpa trusted You to relay the messeage to Your grandmother that he was coming not only to warn her but You as well. It sounds like You were very close to both of them.

I am truly sorry for your loss.

Sincerely, Allicatt
Captain planet, Thank you for the warning though I do know that fresh crib bedding is highly important considering newborns get sick very easily. I plan on washing it before my baby is born. Thank you for your concern 😊

Maggie is my oldest daughter yes, but I do not have a middle child. I am currently pregnant with my second. Maggie rarely actually goes to the sitters house, usually only when I go to the doctor and her dad is working and only long enough for my appointment and then I go get her.

Maggie can definitely pick up words from others, though her vocabulary is limited compared to children her age she can form simple sentences. Social ques are hit and miss but with speech therapy and interactive groups she is doing better.

Good luck with your mullet remember to keep the balance between the party and buisness or things just look funky... And not in a good way. Lol

Mack, I agree Trump could definitely use a visit from captin planet, without causing a political debate here I believe he could use some help cleaning up some messes of his own and others.

Melda, Spotless is definitely the proper wording for it, her I'm pretty sure if I do much more cleaning my house will forever smell of lysol and cleaning supplies. Lol I thought I was OCD before considering Maggie is autistic and has to have structure and order, but add an infant into the equation and my cleaning and organization skills went to a whole new level. I appreciate your kind comments. I try not to let people get the best of me I just let it roll and go with the jokes.

Sincerely, Alli
Bibilo, I'm hoping she will like it last night I set the horse out in the livingroom and let her know that the horse was just for her and told her that such a special girl deserves a beautiful horse and that nobody was going to take it from her, she could play with it anytime she wanted.

She wouldn't approach the horse or me while I was telling her about it she just stared at it from under the desk in the livingroom. (Her second favorite place in the house) but earlier this morning before Maggie got up I checked to see if the horse was still in the up right position I had set it in the two front hooves crossed and it wasnt.

It was laying on its side but in the same spot, so I think she at least checked it out. 😊

Spiritwaiting, I considered giving her a name but I'm not sure if it would be a good or a bad thing. I'm hoping that I will eventually learn her actual name but Your also right in the thinking that she may not have been called by a name very often usually abusers don't bother to call them by a birth given name.

Thank you, I just beileve that every child derserves love from someone. I may not have been there when she needed someone the most but she came to us for a reason. I can't just let her fade into nothing ignoring her. Every kid deserves a chance.