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Based in Huntsville, Alabama. Professional musician (studio & touring), Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Video Producer/Editor, Writer, Educator, Musicologist. Happily married since 1999. Christian.
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What Happened On Alabama Highway 36 on 2016-08-22

This story took place in the summer of 1996, on rural Highway 36 near Lacey's Spring, Alabama, which is a small community located between Huntsville and Hartselle. I was living in Birmingham, Alabama at the time, and my girlfriend then (now my wife) was with me for this experience. I am a profess...

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Thanks, again, [at] Maggie, for that kind explanation of another kind of experience you have regularly had.

I guess I'm also curious about the "shove" you receive when you encounter the "evil" of which you spoke. You said not "sin" or "anger," but rather a feeling of evil. What sort of evil? That the person giving you that feeling is possibly an earthly criminal/predator/etc, or something beyond that, or both?

I cannot speak for anyone else on here, but I'd think that being especially enlightened to recognize possibly undetected "evil" would be something I would cherish.

That said, from time to time, some individuals have actually creeped me out so much just by their "vibe" that I actually physically moved away from them, after not even exchanging a word, but just by sight. Is this the same kind of feeling you receive from this sort of thing?

Thank you so much for patiently answering questions. Greatly appreciated. Best to you.
Thanks, [at] Maggie.

I appreciate your kind response to my and the others' comments. Have you had other experiences of this nature? I'd sure love to read them. Thank you again, and best wishes to you.
I am fascinated by this story, because I've had some similar experiences in the past, one in particular being especially vivid and otherworldly.

Please do relate any more information you feel relevant from this experience if anything comes to mind.

I am especially tickled at your feeling that this experience was somehow orchestrated by a "Creator," because that was the only explanation I could find for my own experience. Thank you for sharing this!
Date: 2017-11-27
Hi, [at] Iceball3,

I am sorry for your unusual experiences. It's quite obvious that these apparitions, feelings, and "touches" are bothering you immensely. My sympathies to you.

Others on this forum are better equipped to advise you on how to most effectively deal with this situation, but I think most of them would agree with me that inviting this spirit or spirits to somehow take control of you would likely not be wise.

If it were me, I'd not employ the use of a pendulum, ouija board, or the life, as those seem to create more havoc and unrest than they would help.

I feel confident that someone on here would be happy to assist you in finding some answers, or at least help you to ward off some of these conflicted feelings you've been having, and get you closer to ridding your psyche of this nuisance.

Hang in there. You're among friends.
Date: 2017-11-21
Hi, Cups! Great story, for a number of reasons for me.

I'd like to contact you about your experience, please shoot me an email at mkdrum67 [at] I feel like I have met you and your husband before at an X gig in Portland around 2014 or 2015. I totally feel like you told me this story in person. Hope you are well. Keep writing!
Hi, all.

This is sort of an example of the kind of thing I saw, but this video is of a crab migration. Had this had been frogs at 3am, this was roughly what I witnessed.

Hi, [at] IsabelleVanP!

I appreciate your kind note. Yes, it was an extremely scary encounter. Still no rational explanation whatsoever. Cool that you're an X/rockabilly fangirl. I like all that stuff as well. Feel free to contact me with any questions. Be well. MK
[at] LouSlips,

Thanks for your comments. The area in question has no significant bodies of water. Swamps and marshland are almost entirely confined to the southern portion of the state of Alabama. There are a few swamps in north Alabama, but nowhere near my sighting.

An earlier commenter said that a body of water doesn't have to be large in size to produce a good bit of reptilian life, but as I said, in the immediate vicinity of my sighting, there were no bodies of water other than some tiny ponds and creeks many miles away. Hard to believe that many amphibians would have made a trek of that length.

As for the automobiles... My car's headlights were on "bright," and the "wrecked" automobiles both had their lights on. The area around both "wrecks" were clearly visible, as were the cars themselves. The rain was light, merely a sprinkle if at all. Visibility was quite good.

I'm certain all you have seen a rollover car accident in your time, and if you haven't, they are all over YouTube... There is ALWAYS debris (broken glass, oil, fluids, sometimes bits of metal) around a crash. There was NONE at the scene of either "wreck."
[at] micasa,

To be perfectly honest, the whole thing seemed extraterrestrial to me, from the very moment that we saw the first automobile. Nothing looked right. At all.

Didn't look anything like a "normal" rollover accident. (There was enough light from my headlights and their headlights to see the immediate area around us.) I'm telling you that there were no human beings in the vicinity of that "wreck."

Sorry if you misunderstood. In my initial story, I related that I talked with local media (meteorologists, etc). I did not contact the local police, in Birmingham, Alabama, where I resided. I did, however, reach out to news media there and had them check with affiliates and police contacts in the area of my sightings to see if anything had been reported, and nothing had been reported, or seen or investigated by local sheriffs of Limestone County, which was the area in question.

As for your "that's not a Good Samaritan" accusation... Read the other comments, and you will see where this has already been covered. I don't make a habit of blindly walking into situations which give me an uneasy feeling, especially at 2:30 in the morning in the dark on a deserted stretch of road. Something just didn't feel right, so... I would imagine that most of you would have felt the same caution.

I reported my story the best I could, as I'm certain that everyone who posts a story here could not possibly get EVERYTHING across.

Seeing my story as a whole reminds me of details I may have missed, so I included them in the comments... Which means I'm keeping with the agreed policy that I would "read the comments and participate in the discussion."

I did not have the privilege of six months of writing that story, nor an editor to ask questions or "poke holes" in the narrative. I just related the story the best I could. Again, I will reassure any naysayers that this story is 100% truth, and witnessed by my wife of nearly 20 years, as she was the "girlfriend" in the story.

Thanks for your comments.:-)
[at] MysteryResearch, thanks for the very kind reply. Believe me when I say that I would love to debunk my "experience" with some good, solid science. Nothing would make me feel better! So thanks for a reasonably believable explanation.:-)

But the vehicles and the frogs together was just a bit much for a 30 minute drive!

And, by the way, you were super-close with the Black Flag reference... I don't know if you would have been familiar with the band I worked with, but it was X. We know all those Flag guys and that whole LA thing.
[at] MysteryResearch, you make a good point. I certainly don't doubt that there could have been some sort of mass amphibian exodus. Not beyond the realm of possibility, by any means.

The things, though, that don't make sense, are that my friends and contacts in the media and nature experts would have probably seen or gotten reports from others about such sightings, because as I've said, the frogs were EVERYWHERE, and there were no bodies of water in a 10-20 mile radius that would have been capable of containing the sheer number of frogs that we witnessed.

Perhaps it was simply a once-in-a-lifetime experience of nature, and for that I feel fortunate to have seen it. But local professional and private citizens were at a loss to explain just how that would have been possible.
Allow me to address a couple of the recent comments.

[at] DandK:

You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but you are dead wrong here, on many levels.

If you read carefully, you will notice that cellphone use was not possible, and really the only traffic on the road at night is the occasional sheriff. There are no public payphones anywhere on the route, to my knowledge. So, stopping a making a call to report an accident was simply not an option.

Second, perhaps I wasn't clear, but when I reached my turn off point and stopped at a gas station, I reported what I'd seen to the clerk on duty there, and he just shrugged. He was a good ol' boy, and he just said something to the effect of, "Sheriff will be along there in a bit, he'll check it out." The man did not seem to believe me, and sort of blew me off.

Being a musician, I don't look exactly "normal," as I'm 6'1", 210 pounds and regularly sport a black leather jacket. Perhaps I seemed like some insane traveler who was just weird-looking and therefore crazy. I assure you that I am reasonable and level-headed in the worst of situations.

Frankly, I was pretty damn frightened about the frogs and the entire incident to know what to do!

Third, [at] DandK, as a Christian first and a Good Samaritan second, I NEVER hesitate to help out anyone in crisis, especially a car accident. I have pulled a few people out of wrecked cars, and even run across 4 lanes of traffic to help a motorcyclist who had a horrific crash just in front of us. So please, do not assume anything about my character until you find yourself in a similar situation.

Fourth, [at] DandK, I did not "wait to read about it in the news." If you'd read my story, you'd see that, at that time, I was a member of the media, and I consulted local news media reporters and police contacts and meterorologists. There were no reports of accidents on that road for that time period, and no reports of any storm damage or serious inclement weather in that general area.

Finally, I did not exit my vehicle at either of the "crash sites" because something just didn't seem right about either of them. With my headlights, the immediate area around both vehicles was very flat land, and there was no one visible around either wreck.

Couple that with no visible indicators of an actual accident (i.e. Shattered glass, oil spill, tire skid marks, miscellaneous debris) and those two "wrecks" just didn't make any sense, and I got a sort of weird and sinister feeling about them... To which the average human being would perceive to be beyond his/her understanding and probably cause fear and alarm... Which is precisely what happened.

[at] Matrix hit the nail on the head... We didn't know what was going to happen if we exited the vehicle... Both "wrecks" just didn't look right, and I wasn't about to subject myself or my wife to a feigned "accident" just to get robbed or killed. If I had been carrying a handgun, I might have possibly felt a bit safer actually getting out and investigating further.

To all, I will say that I am not the kind of person who is self-absorbed, narcissistic or the like. I don't have to make up stories to get attention, or seek any sort of fame for relating this experience.

A bit more of my background... I am a professional musician by trade and have toured the country more times than I care to count. Until recently, I was a touring member of one of the most legendary and influential Los Angeles punk rock bands of all time. I have had plenty of adventure in my life (cancer survivor, etc) and I need more "adventure" like I need a hole in the head.

So rest assured, everything I have related in my story and posts are true to the best of my knowledge, and are corroborated by a witness... My wife of 20 years who is the "girlfriend" in the story.

Thanks for your comments.
Thanks, [at] Biblio... I appreciate the kind welcome!

Crazy what your family ran across... Must have been a tad bewildering to see that many lizards in migration. Thanks for sharing that story!

Frogs? Baffling, for certain. I'd entertain any reasonable explanation, as I feel I have exhausted all leads on my end.
[at] matrix899,
Thanks for the kind comments and opinion. You raise a valid point.

Seeing the overturned SUVs with no visible reason for them to be like that was baffling to say the least. The first one was strange enough, since the vehicle clearly had a driver at some point, but seeing the second one left abandoned in the same manner was just insane. 2 new-looking vehicles just sitting there.

And the idea of an alternate dimension is something that could very well have happened. It was quite surreal and frightening to see the SUVs, and then the frogs?!?! I wondered aloud if we were seeing the Apocalypse.

I still often use that same stretch of highway in my travels, and the road still seems strange and just plain spooky at night. What I would give to have had a camera that evening...
Hey, [at] tweed,
Thanks for the kind comments. Allow me to address your points:

1) I have no explanation for the SUV sitting on its side, or the other one which was upside down. I've worked in film and television on and off for 30 years, and I'd know a film set if I saw it, guaranteed.

Even an indie-film-budget shoot would not have been out in weather of that severity. No way. I understand the need to "get the shot," but in no way would anyone have been literally out in that weather.

Furthermore, I would have already known about a location shoot since I remain close to all of the usual suspects in the area, and this would have been a Hollywood budget to pull off the "scattered vehicles" look.

2) These frogs were not replicas, nor were they dead. These were actual living creatures, and there must have been a million of them or more. Read closely, this blanket of frogs went on for at least three miles!

They were EVERYWHERE... Hopping around at random, in the road, on the shoulder, in the ditches next to the road, the fields and land off each side of the road. There was a small living, hopping frog roughly every 3-5 inches apart.

Even a Hollywood budget would not have allowed for an allotment of millions of frogs...I'm quite sure a director would opt for adding digital replicas of the real thing in post-production.

3) I had rolled my window down and actually leaned outside my vehicle to confirm what I was seeing. The rain had largely stopped at the point where I saw the frogs. Absolutely no way the frogs were not real... When we stopped we actually heard them jumping against the car. They were real.

4) "Magnolia" is a film I am not familiar with, nor do I know of a town by that name. I have heard many urban legends, but I have never heard one (around here) about a plague of frogs. Everyone to whom I have told this story has been baffled...

Anyway...thanks for pondering aloud, Tweed! 😁