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Hello everyone. Nice to meet you all. I have always been interested in spirituality and been practising witchcraft for a long time. Its In the family and has been passed down to me. I have also studied and practised different types of witchcraft. I can also teach people on how to do things, gain powers and happiness in life i.e both material and spiritual lives. Thanks for visiting my profile. If anyone wants to get in touch with me then please do not hesitate to email me.

Thanks again.
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Witch's Curse on 2016-12-08

It all happened to me a few years ago, I am a trained wizard and the knowledge has been passed down. Few years ago one of my close friend was attacked by something otherworldly. I will refer to my friend as D. D was in serious need of help and was on the verge of life and death. Every time D will go...

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Date: 2016-12-24
Hey Val, just wondering what you said about the consequences, if that is a threat or not. Now in case you're wondering which part of yours was a threat (and I find it hard to believe you could be that dense) this part: " or I'll bet you dollars to Donuts you'll find yourself banned"
Is that a threat in your books? Could you have stood up to without the previous statement?

Thanks for reading and merry Christmas.
Date: 2016-12-23
RC Ruskin, that's what I earlier said that its very unlikely to be dehydration related. So thanks for clearing that out.

Temilicious, you don't know anything about me, nothing really and yet you accuse me of being negative? The things I do tainted me?
Dude, do me a favor and keep your opinion to yourself will you, I can say a lot of other things and DO as well but I am playing nice since I don't want to upset the MOD or the few friends I might have here or potentially could have.
Date: 2016-12-22
Hold on Rook, I didn't say mirage is caused by spirit. But what I said was coming back to the same spot again and again is an unlikely event of heat hallucination. You said about fever causing hallucination, May be it does but was sassy ill? Did she have fever? And as far as mirage goes, a circle hardly calls for it because a circle in india (I have seen it) is very small. You can literally cover the radius in few steps, mirages are usually seen in long distances.
Date: 2016-12-22
Thise tricksters yes but I don't see a motivation to play with 2 random girls? Heat causes hallucination? That would be new. By the way speaking about hallucination, it doesn't really exist. When science cannot explain something it assumes that its all in the mind but that's not the case.
Date: 2016-12-22
Why were you and your friend mislead by that Chakva or whatever you want to call him? Why wasn't the other guy crossing the street and helped you? Why would a ghost confuse people trying to go somewhere? Things like that don't happen ok. Ghosts do attack but in a while different way not like this. However the Monkey God Hanu that you are closely associated to could be behind this.
Date: 2016-12-18
Biblio finally someone here with accepting attitude and respect. Thanks for such a wonderful comment and observation. I see that you are psychic and opened third eye. Does it stay open all the time of can you close it whenever you want? Sometimes its hyper. You have always wondered who you were in your previous life being with wings may be. You know that you do not belong to this plane biblio, I can help you get to your dimension if you want. You are very compassionate as well, almost angelic. I would love to get to know you in person.

I am looking forward to contributing more to this site and have friends and not enemies, I am very friendly and hate violence. I do not claim to have answers to all questions but I do have answers to most because I been through many many battles against witches,demons,ghosts etc and gained some experience. As I read a story, I get the feeling.
You are an empath and you couldn't feel the OP feeling? I felt it very strongly though. Now if you remember our last email when I said I can suck out the power, you said that it sounds like a video game and that the next thing you will say is that I have a sword and if I hit it to someone I get a bit of there power. This is what you said.
Yes I am also waiting for the pics to be posted and you can see it yourself.

Now lastly the sleep paralysis, I can prove that sleep paralysis is anything but science related. How will I prove it is something I cannot write here, I would like to take this conversation into either skype or hangout or something similar. But again I can literally prove that sleep paralysis is nothing related to science and none of those brain chemicals or hormones you said in OPs post.

Date: 2016-12-17
Yes I understand what you are saying with physical/mental etc needs to be ruled out. But as an experienced demonologist and ex wizard yourself, you should be able to vibe the story and rule out any mundane relationship immediately. I am surprised you are not doing that? Why? Are you now in a state where you act extra super logical? Or is it that you cannot vibe cannot project remotely what happened? By the way the science thing you told just now is exactly what I said in the previous comment but in different words. We have emailed a lot and finally you came to a conclusion that my experience was all an elaborate imagination, so I decided not to talk about it but to show it when its needed. So how can I continue this discussion in one of your topic? We have tried that before.
Date: 2016-12-17
Rook, with all due respect, if science hold answer to everything then where is the cure for AIDS? Or Cancer? How long has humanity suffered from this dreadful disease? How long before science has a breakthrough? Science is limited to physical world only, it cannot crossover to astral world and start proving or disproving things. Yes the OP did state it happened once, but is it proven that paranormal experience needs to happen repeatedly in order to qualify as paranormal? Yes paranormal could happen while sleeping doesn't mean it happened or it means it did happen.

The reason why I say it did happen in this case is because the same thing happened to me just 2 weeks ago, the only difference is that I did not lose control over my body nor mind. I was completely aware of what was happening, besides I felt the being walking on my bed and I felt indentation before the attack.
Date: 2016-12-17
The half asleep half awake is the perfect time to get attacked. Sleep paralysis is a term given by science as science cannot really understand what it is. Just as hallucination. If science cannot explain something, it releases a name and assumes it is what it is. When we are half asleep, our astral body floats just over our physical body, susceptible to attacks by astral beings, they are more powerful than us and hence in their presence we cannot move well we cannot move our astral body. There are 4 types of bodies within our body i.e. Physical body, astral body, the soul, the physical body which can be used to bi-locate or multi locate. Ghosts and spirits can only attack our astral body because our astral body is present in the same dimension as them. Your ability to remember and offer prayers is a sign that you have blessings, in most cases we not only lose control over movements but also our thought process.
Date: 2016-12-16
Yes lady glow, that's something I need to work upon haha. Miracles, point taken, understood.
Babygoatpuller, tweed has more back up and in all facet of life than I can shake a stick at, really? I mean really? Is that a challenge or a threat or what is it? I don't mean no threat to no one MOD but if someone wants to pick on me how do you expect me to not react? Babygoat no threat but I been dying for some action in the spiritual realm and would love to have it. I been calling out shadow-man,snowman milk man goat man and no one showing up.
Date: 2016-12-16
Ok let's not make a big issue out here. I don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. I only wrote as tweed didn't believe me. But I get your point. No offence meant in anyway. Thanks for your time.
Date: 2016-12-16
Dont worry tweed, its all good. You can choose to believe what you want, each entitled to their own opinion. But if you want proof of what I say I am ready to give it, I just hope you can handle an astral fight with me. If you cannot then you are free to find a witch who will, I will not be responsible to the consequences however. I want you to admit that in this public forum before you do anything. Thanks
Date: 2016-12-16
I have already sent the pictures, its not published yet. May be it will be done this week I am not sure. If you look at the pic, you can clearly see a face.
Saging won't work if the entities are powerful, saging only works when the entities are petty ghosts. The way you are describing your experience, it seems they are not to be taken lightly. You must pay serious attention to this. Its very likely that they can try to possess you. If you want help then you can decide to get in touch. Thanks.
Date: 2016-12-01
Redwolf, its ok if your father in law visits you every now and again. What I was referring to was a normal spirit hanging about messing with someone. You have no idea the things I have seen and done. I will be posting a story with photographic evidences soon. Just keep an eye out, you will love my experience and its unlike anything anyone on this site has ever seen or experienced. I can guarantee you on that.
Cleansing and other method of getting rid of a spirit is seen by them as a challenge and they usually do not back out of a fight. Although I have never seen a shadow man personally but I been hearing a lot about them and would love to go few rounds with them to see what and who they are.
Date: 2016-11-25
I agree with Rook. By the way Hi Rook, hope you remember me friend. 😁

Your egg and whatever you are offering is nothing alright. I can break and destroy your shield in secs. Dont offer things like this to someone who might be looking for genuine help.
Date: 2016-11-25
This is connected to your previous life and he wants you in this life as well. Half sleep half awake state is when you are most receptive to the other side and hence you can hear him. You were related to him in the previous life. Denying him won't work, you need to get rid of him, having visits from these entities repeatedly is not good at all. It can affect you adversely. They are excellent mind controllers and hence the feeling of love you experience. I don't think a normal cleansing would help in this case, his butt needs to be kicked then and only then he will leave you.
Date: 2016-11-24
Good experience but hanging out with ghost is not a good idea. There are going to be consequences. Health problems, financial losses are some of the petty problems. There is much more to it, they are lonely and want company and will be motivated to take you to the other side. You need to get rid of it, if you don't know how then please ask. Thanks