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Hi my name is Sharon and I have lived most of my life in Arizona growing up in the Phoenix area but have lived the past couple decades in Northern Arizona including in and around the Navajo Reservation. Superstition abounds on the "Rez" as we locals call it and I have heard many stories of skinwalkers (shape-shifters) witches, Yeibi che', Medicine men and other folklore. I have learned great deal from working with Navajo people or Dine', mostly that one's thoughts and words have power, so it's best to think carefully how a thought or response is expressed, so as not to unwittingly wish harm on another. It's just a very good rule to live by but difficult to implement and takes constant vigilance.
As far as why I joined this site - I've always been intrigued by the ethereal, otherworldly, or paranormal accounts. I know some famous accounts may have been embellished if not completely fabricated, but I also know that there are events and experiences happen to some people that offer no logical explanation. It's especially intriguing in this day and age of technology, where so much video and photographic 'evidence' exists, (yes a lot of computer enhanced and Photoshop effects out there, and you have to approach things with a healthy degree of skepticism). Since I'm not psychic I have had few personal 'ghost' experiences my stories are limited. Mainly I'm here to find out what others have to share and their insight on things of this nature, so hope to get to know some of you.
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Weird Hospital Experience on 2017-01-17

I was working a few years ago in a very small hospital located on the Navajo Reservation. It was pretty old and very outdated, with only about 15 patient rooms arranged down two hallways in an "L" shaped fashion, and the nurse station was located the corner of where the lines of the 'L' met. At the ...

Creepy Shadow Figure on 2016-08-30

As a kid I had often been afraid of things that go bump in the night. I remember this happening ever since my parents had divorced back in 1965 when I was 4 or 5 years old, and my mom was raising my younger brother and I as a single mom. Maybe the divorce made me insecure and frightened of things in...

Shadow Late At Night on 2016-08-23

I'm new to this site and have never been what people call sensitive or psychic and haven't seen or heard much of what would be considered experiences of a paranormal nature. However the subject greatly interests me, and though I know some stories are fabricated I've talked to enough friends and seen...

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Date: 2017-02-02
What a beautiful story, that two people can connect on such a deep level. Love extends beyond boundaries and is so much more than the romantic kind that songs are written about. Proof that we know and sense things beyond our five senses if we are simply open to receiving it and trusting our intuitions.
KikiGirl - maybe it's one of those things kids just do, so there might be a lot of similar stories. Yours is a lot more interesting as it seemed like the holder was being moved by something else and that it spelled out the word "shot" and the way the door slammed shut but wouldn't open. That's pretty scary stuff to happen to a kid. I wasn't scared because I never thought any of it was real. Maybe that kind of puts me in a bubble, versus people who will attribute any strange occurrence as something paranormal. For instance you're home alone and you hear a door slam shut. It's happened to me too many times to count. Usually it's in the summer and it happens when the windows are open, so I don't ever give it a second thought. (If they weren't then I would be a lot more unsettled). But someone else might freak and immediately think it's some kind of activity without thinking it through. But maybe someone might say "how do I know that it was (just the wind) " Because I know how cross breezes can change air pressure enough to slam doors, it's simple physics. And if one of those times it was not the wind, how would I know that anyway? Mostly because my senses, my intuition don't raise any alarm bells that something is "off." I mean I would like to think I would sense it, the way I felt the heaviness in that surgical wing. That felt totally different than anything else I've felt. It didn't feel normal so my senses told me something wasn't quite right. Even the time I saw the shadow of someone walking in our hallway (in my other story) I can't for sure, in my head, admit that it was a "ghost." To me it was an actual person because I could hear their steps but the rest just doesn't make sense I mean where did they go? I simply will never know for sure what I really saw and just leave it that way. So even though I readily believe other people's stories I discredit my own by trying to find a logical explanation.
Oh thank you KikiGirl! When I was eleven or twelve I was at a sleepover at a friend's house for her birthday and she had gotten a ouiji board, so of course we were all trying it out. I was convinced she was moving the plachette - at least I know I wasn't anyway. At one point we asked for a sign from the "spirit" we were supposedly communicating with and right then a gust of wind blew the window shade. The window was open so I didn't think anything of it, especially since I didn't believe for a second we had contacted anything and it was just a stupid coincidence. That was the only time I remember playing around with that kind of thing. Maybe other people claiming to have a lot of stuff happen to them experimented more, or tried messing around with the occult, which I knew you shouldn't ever try, because honestly there are just some things out there that we don't fully understand about the universe and other planes of existence. My mom had read a book about someone who got involved with it and had some horrible things happen to him. I was also raised Christian so I knew it was never a good thing to get involved with. Yes SA is a terribly long way from Arizona USA, but it's wonderful how folks from all over the world can share stories. Mysterious stuff happens everywhere no matter what country or continent one lives!
KikiGirl - I guess you could say I have a fair weather interest in the paranormal. In other words I love to search for videos, photos, hear and read stories and books or watch accounts on cable. I would never dream of going on a ghost hunt, using a spirit board, or do anything to bring any negative energy or "open portals" by buying charms or citing incantations. Because I have no knowledge of such things I just don't go there. It just doesn't feel safe to me. At the same time knowing that something exists that we don't fully understand seems to merit more study, except I prefer to read about others stories who are willing to do the hardcore "studying' I'm too much of a wimp, so to me, famous demonologists like the Warren's, seem to do extremely risky stuff and I figure they know what the hell they are doing and know how to protect themselves. Long post but this is my take on it.
KikiGirl - I did read your story and left you a comment - it's a great read! Thank you!
KikiGirl - Thanks for sharing - what a fascinating account. I think anyone questioning whether there is an afterlife would be pretty convinced if something that significant happened to them. I would not have been able to keep my cool if someone just "appeared" in my car like that. Obviously no harm was meant though. That is so sad someone so young seemed to have tragically died at that spot. If a person's spirit lingers in such a way that they try to get a passers-by's attention I wonder what message they want to convey, or are they in a confused state maybe not aware they are no longer alive? I mean I wonder how it all works? What must it be like from their perspective in a time/space continuum? From a conscious perspective? Are they trying to find their earthly family? It seems so sad that when some people die they still "hang around" so to speak, either not willing or able to move on and being in this perpetual interdimentional state of existence.
Dreyk - Wow that is great insight - I would never have thought of a building as being meant to have a specific purpose energy-wise but I guess that would make sense in some ways. Maybe disappointment was the case because of that untapped potential. I just know I "felt" some kind of vibe I that I wasn't comfortable with so I didn't fight it, nor was I curious to find out more. As far as the unit being shut down, you are right about it being the "last straw", as I am certain that was the case. Without trying to reveal the location, the hospital had a history of poor management, misappropriation of funds and a number of physicians and other providers who came and went. While I didn't know the specifics most of what I had learned were whispered among long term employees while other information was common knowledge. I know management had been turned over several times and rumor was that several years earlier a lot of physicians had suddenly quit, so yes there was as lot of unprofessionalism going on, to put it lightly. I liked working there, though, and the history of the area fascinated me, as well as no shortage of ghost stories experienced and told to me by virtually everyone who had lived or worked there for any length of time (a lot of the houses the staff lived in were also reportedly haunted).
Enlightened - I worked the nightshift at a fairly large hospital for a couple years and was always roaming around and going through endless corridors as the lab, radiology and the cafeteria was all the way on the other end. I admit I wondered how I would respond if I unexpectedly encountered a spirit or ghost coming around one of our many corners, but never saw, felt, heard anything (not that I wanted to!). That must have been terrifying to be pushed only to find no one was there!
Enlightened - thank you so much - I have a few other stories to share, although a couple were not my experiences but from other family members. I wish I had more to offer everyone. I really enjoy reading about everyone else's experiences.
Flowersgrowback - really interesting experience, especially that it involved a child. Working in several hospitals it's really amazing how many different patients staying in one particular room would ask about hearing children, either in their room or in the rooms adjacent to theirs when no children were present at all (I worked nights and often after visiting hours). One of our techs reported hearing a baby cry in another of the rooms on our floor. The strange thing is that this was not a pediatric but an adult floor. I never heard or saw anything but have no explanation as to why some of our patients seemed to hear kids on the unit. It's interesting your child appeared in the adult section. I wonder where else on the floor she was seen by other staff.
KikiGirl - Thank you for your kind words. I think many of us sense things we can't explain, which either may be outside of our 5 senses or part of them, albiet so subtley we receive input that we are not aware on a conscience level. I am really fascinated by the paranormal and others' stories, especially those who claim to have a sensitivity to it. I have no claim to such a gift (or curse depending what one has been through) nor do I wish to. I am in no way psychic either - with the exception of a few interesting things I just have a "normal" life on a day to day basis, which does make ghost stories seem like something of a fairy tale and gives me the tendency to think that kind of stuff doesn't exist. That, however, is self centered thinking and I know intuitively there are things we shouldn't take for granted or mess around with, and that there are plenty of folks out there who have had extremely traumatic experiences - I don't believe for a minute they are making it up or that it's just "in their head." So having encountered this one small thing makes me more aware to approach things cautiously when poking around strange places. The whole compound where I worked was full of history and many of the old buildings are considered to be haunted- in fact our physical therapist used to leave her building to chart at the nurses' station because she was too creeped out being there by herself, especially after dark.
Date: 2016-12-26
brettscharff Thanks for your input, I hadn't realized there was such a high incidence of these kind of reports in the Phoenix area, I have heard EMFs can be linked to this so maybe a possibility. Especially since this was pretty much an isolated event and I don't seem to be psychic or sensitive in any other way.
Date: 2016-12-26
Manofon, my dad was in the military but the home was pretty well constructed and in a suburban neighborhood, well away from any military bases - it was actually some 20 miles away. It was probably one of the first neighborhoods with underground wiring so do know if that made a difference. I was never uncomfortable being alone in the house during the day (I was a latch-key kid) and my mom at least was always there every night with us. It never felt 'haunted'
Date: 2016-12-26
Micasa and Justjess, I didn't know about shadow people in 1974, and I guess most don't make sounds of footsteps, apparently. So as a 14 year old hearing and seeing this I just knew it was an actual, flesh and blood intruder- much scarier than a ghost, believe me, because anyone breaking in doesn't have any good intentions in mind for the occupants. So when it turned out to not be that, I suppose I was relieved, but the term 'ghost' or 'shadow person' didn't even enter my mind. Not until decades later.
Date: 2016-12-26
RedWolf, I like the idea that maybe what I saw, if it was indeed something paranormal had meant no harm, especially since I wasn't having this encounter over and over, and obviously didn't suffer any more harm than just being scared out of my wit's, but that would happen to anyone seeing something out of the ordinary and not understanding the intent behind it, begign or not.
Date: 2016-12-26
Skeptic, the hall wasn't exposed to any exterior windows, so the only kind of movements to be seen in that kind of lighting would be from someone moving about, either in the kitchen or in the hallway itself
Date: 2016-12-26
Tweed, thanks for your input, the bed shaking was at my grandparents house, and my aunt was a teenager who had grown up in the home. The room had been my uncle's room, but was away at college. I always figured I had just rolled off the bed in my sleep since I was a pretty restless sleeper.
Date: 2016-12-26
Manofon, you are correct that this retelling is the same story with added details, since I didn't think the first was ever successfully submitted. I had just always wonder what I had seen, whether paranormal, otherworldly, or an hallucination, whatever it was it was very real to me at the time, but have never seen or experienced anything since, I've lived and stayed in lots of old places throughout my life, some were considered haunted but I am apparently not sensitive nor am I open to things of that nature even though the paranormal fascinates me. I've mentioned to my parents years later about it and they just shrugged their shoulders. They never saw anything and aside from that was never uncomfortable alone in the house, it never felt "haunted" to me. Thanks for all the input, it seems like so many people have had similar experiences.
It sounds like you were badly shocked. My question is, since the source of the light confused you, did you automatically think it may have been something paranormal? If you had known for a fact that it was something of an electrical nature wouldn't you have gotten your parents to get you medical treatment immediately? I feel badly for you that you didn't feel like you could seek immediate help from your parents if you were so badly injured, just because you thought it was paranormal in nature and that you wouldn't have been taken seriously by your parents to justify telling them. I have personally seen ball lightning, once when I was sleeping in my grandparents trailer. It was snowing outside and all of a sudden and out of nowhere this really bright light kind of exploded in my face. I'm glad it didn't touch me in any way or I probably would have had an outcome similar to yours. You didn't say if you have talked to your parents yet, but I would tell them right away, and get some medical attention to make sure there was no permanent damage done. You shouldn't have to deal with this by yourself and you are obviously in a lot of distress over it. Good luck and Godspeed.