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The Selvidge Ghost on 2016-09-01

It was my first day in middle school. I remember being super eager to talk to everyone and make as many new friends as possible. As a result I met a ton of new people including some of the older kids which was a "super" big deal back then. At one point someone had mentioned to me that there had been...

My Best Friends Ghost on 2016-08-31

Let me start off by saying I am not particularly a scaredy cat however, when it comes to my best friends old house I now turn in to a clinger who can't step foot in the basement without another human being by my side. Back in middle school my friend Christina invited some friends over to play with h...

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Date: 2016-10-27
Omg! I am so sorry the layout of the school is so difficult to discribe! It's like they built the school around the gym and the cafeteria and instead of the two sharing a wall they had a stage that separated them with curtains. And yes the girls bathroom opened up into the hall not the lobby. I will go back and edit the story and hopefully use better description.
Date: 2016-10-27
I wanted to answer some questions but would first like to apologize. When trying to hit the "like" arrow on comments my phone kept acting up and clicking the red one! OOPS! Hopefully I have fixed it because I appreciate everyone's incite. Now, to those of you asking if I told the owners of the house and my friend about my experiences, yes I did. Christina is a very heavy sleeper and does not creep out easily so she never really noticed anything. However, several other people have came forward and said they didn't feel comfortable alone in the basement either.
The "door handle incident". I do believe that something could have been faulty with the handle. It was very old and probably installed improperly, I just find it very strange that with how many times people were in and out of there I was the only person to report being locked in.