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Does It Come From The Attic? on 2016-09-06

Before I get on with the story, I will tell that now I am in high school and these have been happening ever since we moved to our new house. This is a fairly old house with two floors, basement and an attic next to my room. The door is in my sister's room. My sister and I live in the upstairs and re...

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This house wasn't owned by any relatives. We moved to a neighboring town to the countryside so that us kids could go out without folks having to panic about busy roads and stuff and that makes it even more odd.
As of the fan I don't think that they did anything that should've triggered it to go on, but I wasn't there myself, so I can't be 100% sure. It has now had more malfunctioning. It doesn't always turn off when the button is pushed so you often need to try again. Still it never has turned on or off without any buttons being pushed after that incident.

In the attic we have all kinds of stuff. Old toys, clothes, decorative pieces and mattresses. It is very small for an attic and the ceiling is diagonal there too so there really isn't room for any furniture. I am not sure do we have anything that was left from my dad's grandparents, but I talked about this incident of my brother's with my mom few weeks ago.

She said that it was especially creepy because the first 3 siblings my mom had with my stepdad (I called him dad) and the 1st and 2nd were born so that the other was born the same day my dad's granddad had been born and the other the day that he had died and "Ed's" name is the granddad's name. It may not mean much but you got to admit that it is fairly odd.

I was only 8yo when we moved in here but I remember that in upstairs here lived a pair of Siblings, a girl and a boy. They were in high school by that time and they left us with two desks and chairs to keep in the house. I highly doubt that the attic has been used as a bedroom, because the floor there is made of fairly old wood that has splinters. It also is very cold.

(The house in itself is in the Southern part of Finland)

I gratefully accept the tea. I'm quite relieved that here hasn't been happening anything weird after the latest phenomenon but one cannot assume that every day there's something odd going on:)

I'm actually very happy that you found the time to red this and I'm sorry if the explanations were a bit hard to understand at some points. English isn't my first language, as you see.