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Playful Ghosts on 2016-09-07

The house I grew up in was build by my dad in 1989. Its located I a quiet family house area in a small old town in the north of Germany. Strange things started already to happen under the building process. My dad would be at the building area every day, while my mum was back home with me and my si...

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Date: 2016-10-26
In 1634 a storm destroyed the coastland and a flood swept away large amounts of Nordstrand, including complete villages... The land was reclaimed in the 18th century. Our house is build close to an old town, an "old" part of Nordstrand, but the house itself is build on "new/reclaimed" land. Layers and layers of mud... My father found shards of old pottery in the ground when he cleared the area (I called him and asked him to remember). I'm convinced that the spirit is attached to the place where we built the house and I feel it is just one spirit. The dog, the guitar player, the poltergeist, the stalker, it's the same spirit and it seems intelligent and humorous...I'm living in Norway now and I got my own house and family, but I still feel like a scared teenager when I'm visiting my parents and I have problems hiding that from my own children. I don't want them to be scared in their grandparents home... I don't think the spirit would do us any harm but I know it's there and watches us and I'm not able to relax when I'm in the house, especially in my brothers old room... I'm an open person and sometimes I do sense things, feelings and energies most people don't...that makes me probably an attractive victim. But this spirit seems so old, strong and intelligent, it just scares me! I can't even say how I think the spirit looks like or if it does have a's just very unpredictable...
Date: 2016-10-25
My father is an architect and since the house was his personal project he was the first person to arrive the building area and the last person to leave it. The dog appeared when he was alone, and once when my mother was there. And no, I don't think they had to clear the area for old trees. I come from the north, close to Denmark and the land is pretty flat and we got way more grass than trees. It's actually "new land", Nordstrand, if you want to look it up or read about this area. It got swallowed by the north sea and won back by sheep farmers...