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Sheryl Yuhanis
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I am Sheryl. I was born with third eye. So I have been seeing a lot of stuff out there, and I can heal people when they got possessed.
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Disturbance In The House on 2016-11-24

This happens to me last year 2015. It happen 3 nights straight. |First Night| As usual my grandmother, my sister and I were in the our room. It was around 11.30pm, my parents already asleep in their rooms, except for me, my sister and my grandmother. We were still chatting while listening to s...

My Grandmother's Village on 2016-09-08

This story take place when I went to my grandmother's house Kota Tinggi, Semenchu at Malaysia. It was a December Holiday, so my family and I make a plan to go to my grandmother place since we never been there foe quite long. My siblings and I were excited to go to the Kampung (Village). So we goi...