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Was I Asleep? on 2016-09-08

During 2001 I was living in a two bedroom unit with my then partner. During this time he was doing night shift and I was working early mornings. These experiences happened over five nights. I would go to bed quiet early and my partner had already left for work, I would fall asleep and after a few ho...

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Date: 2016-10-29
One thing I do know is that for many years I had many odd things happen such as the tv turning on many times late at night and being as loud as it could be, ornamental pieces of an old clock flying up and out when talking about a passed relative, vcr turning onto high speed rewind when no one was around ect. After the sleep problems I spoke to one of my sisters and discussed if I could have anything in my home that could have bought into the house many years before when things started to happen. We spoke about the old clock but I had this before anything started, she then asked about a clairvoyant I had seen when in Darwin and if I had kept anything from her. I had kept a handwritten note and a stone that she had given me, the note was about my so called past life. She didn't like the idea of me keeping these so I put them in the bin. From that day on I never had any dreams or anything that appears supernatural.