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Is This Paranormal / Ghostly Activity? on 2016-09-13

This is my first story here and I hope it makes sense. It will probably be a bit rambly but I'll do my best to cover the basics and not rant too much. It's also perhaps worth disclosing that as a child I used to sleepwalk and still now I experience sleep paralysis on a regular basis, although I d...

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Thank you for the warm welcome and also for the advice!

To answer your question, we both seen it at the same time, and describe it the same way, however my partner is very closed off to the idea that anything paranormal as been happening and doesn't think it was anything other than our own imaginations.

We live in a small village outside a bigger city. There are no power stations here, and as far as I'm aware there's never been any, but there are pylons in a field very nearby, slightly outside the village. There's also a train line that runs behind the flat complex, I wonder if electricity from this could cause the same thing?

I'm tempted to set up a camera to see if it's myself doing these things whilst I'm asleep but I'm also a little scared of seeing something I don't want to!

Thanks again!