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The Black Mist Joy Ride on 2016-09-12

After reading a recent story, I've decided to create an account and post a similar (yet not as bad) encounter with an entity. Shortly after my wife and I got married we lived in a two bedroom apartment on the lower of two levels in Roseville, MI. The door to the apartment next to ours was across...

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Date: 2016-10-26
Thanks for the reply and the Star Wars quote was great.

The good thing is that it happened so fast and was gone. I have more stories about this apartment but, not with this thing again. I decided to post this first because of the story below, a part was similar to mine. (the face changing) Hopefully, these guys/things are pretty rare. What makes me wonder about this is that it came so quickly, only slightly changed my mood and was gone. If I didn't "see" it arrive I would've had no idea it was there. I question how often spirit can cause someone to be in a bad mood.

Thanks again for the comment.