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Could They Be Pixies Or Sprites on 2016-09-13

We used to live in a remote farm up in the highlands of Tanjay, Negros Oriental (Visayas Region). I was young about 6+ years old. One day, we were harvesting peanuts with my mom and siblings. It was Sunday. This is also the day where by father and big brother went to Amio, Sta. Catalina to buy some ...

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The pit is natural hole in the ground because the rocks around it were igneous rocks where rainwaters carved its way down. I think it's about 4 yards in diameter more or less and surrounded with trees. The shade made it look dark all the time in there.
No, Mack. We never discovered how the pig really died. A span of 30minutes could not have killed it right away from when we heard her squeals noting that a there is a good slack of rope from where its body lay dead. I still don't have answers up to this day 😢