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Few Experiences With Animals Ghosts on 2016-09-13

So, I am 27 years old and I have seen things since I am 11. At least that I am conscious of it. My mother told me, after I reported to her what I have been seen, that I used to play with her brother, my uncle, as a baby, he died before she married my father. She used to see me playing alone, but see...

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Bibliothecarius, yes, I used to do research work in the zoology department at the university for my master degree and I saw it during a experiment. But it is strange because the labs that use white mouses are in other building, which would be the genetic, cytology, physiology and related areas research building. They do not have mouse dissection lessons in the building I worked.

I used to have a lab mouse that was rescued from a dengue research team there. The project that used her to feed the mosquitoes had finished and she had no more use to them. I cared for her for about 6 months until she died at age 2. But she was alive at the time we saw little ghost.