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Knocking On Bedroom Door on 2016-11-21

I am 18 years old and have lived in the same house for all my life, I have noticed strange happenings for as long as I can remember. I live in a three storey house, and my bedroom is on the top floor, along with one other room which is directly across from my bedroom. When I was around 9 or 10 years...

Trickling Water Phenomena on 2016-09-15

I've been experiencing activity in my house for as long as I can remember, but within the past year something new has been happening and I was wondering if anyone would be able to shed some light on it. In my kitchen I sometimes have the feeling that water has just dripped on me from the ceiling...

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My nana had no allergy to water or anything like that, she just had a phobia of water, such as ponds, rivers, oceans etc, that stemmed from when she was a child and almost drowned in a pond.

Thanks everyone for commenting with your advice and opinions:)

Other experiences I've had are hearing footsteps when no one is there, hair being flicked, shadows, doors opening on their own with no reason for them to open and more things like that. I plan to write separate posts on them as soon as I can.

We've had our ceiling checked and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it whatsoever, and the feeling of the water happens in different parts of the kitchen. I know the feeling of water that isn't there isn't just my body playing up as my boyfriend has felt the same thing too, again in my kitchen.

(Sorry, I don't know if you can tag people who have commented directly, this is my first post on this site and I'm still trying to get to grips with it)

Thanks again:)