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Ghost Engraving Words 3 on 2016-12-07

Hey guys! I'm sorry about my last ghost experience, I left out a few details that you respectfully told me in the comments. Yes, I told Connor about the ghost in my house AFTER part one, and BEFORE part two. He apparently thought we were supposed to get RID of the ghost during the seance, that's ...

Ghost Engraving Words Part 2 on 2016-12-05

Guys, things just got real. If you haven't seen it already, part one was basically normal ghost things, such as things moving on their own and whatnot. But I have a very... Unusual update. I decided to hold a seance, to try to actually talk to the ghost. I was really scared to do it alone, so I conv...

Ghost Engraving Words on 2016-09-15

The following story happened, no lie. It is a bit disturbing but 100% real. I never told anyone about this. 2016. This is the weirdest year ever for me, because I have had multiple paranormal experiences. The first one was when my dad was on a walk and I was home alone, when I walked into the kit...