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Our Family's Protector Or Something Else Entirely? on 2016-09-15

After reading stories on this site for a long time I finally made an account for myself and submitted my own story and questions that have been bugging me. It's going to be a really long story, but it thinks it will be necessary for the background. First of all, I want to apologize in advance...

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Thanks for reading and responding Augusta and Red.

Im glad that both of you think the entity isn't evil, and besides the uneasy feeling of being watched we have never experienced anything supernatural or anything besides maybe dumb luck on the side of my parents welfare. Not until my girlfriend shared her insight

I do wonder though why it expresses so much interest in me particularly. As my girlfriend describes it that it would stand solely in front of my door and besides my bed.

Does anyone have more insight on what kind of entity actually it is? I've tried looking for more info on it but I've come up empty. It doesn't seem like a guardian angel or anything

Thanks again all